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"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Brandon Bryant Jailed and Charged with Threatening Mass Murder

Running Updates Updated 01 July 21

This blog post will now include a "Running Updates" section at the end that will show new information as it becomes available.  For the latest, please scroll down to that section.  The latest update is a look at the proposed jury instructions and other recent court filings including an alternative charge of Intimidation - felony that carries up to ten years in prison. Bryant's jury trial has concluded and I blogged about it here.

"The people that are in charge of these companies and these governments that just destroy other people's lives for profit and for money, they deserve to be taken into the middle of the street and publicly executed in front of everybody. I would line up all these politicians, and if somebody gave me a gun that had infinite bullets, 9mm, and if they were standing in front of me... They all deserve to fucking die, all of them, all of them. Because look at what they've done, they've destroyed millions of people's lives. And they're like 'well it's illegal, you know, I'm protected.' No, fuck, the law is fucking shit."

-  Brandon Bryant

First, a disclaimer on this blog post.   

Of all the videos embedded in this post, the one above is the most important


The intent of this blog post isn't to make a moral judgement, but to expose a mental health problem and threat.  Brandon Bryant isn't evil.  He has a mental health problem that presents a threat to himself and to others.  While it has nothing to do with the military despite his false claims of PTSD, his mental illness is still not his fault.  It's really not.  But that is irrelevant.  What people must not lose sight of during this moment, is that whatever has affected him must be *honestly* diagnosed if it is to be fixed, and his condition cannot be minimized if helping him, and those around him, is the true goal.  It won't be easy, however, as Dale Archer said:

'Pathological liar' is absolutely the toughest individual to deal with as a psychiatrist.  Because you can't take anything they say at face value.  And you can't, you know, fill in their personality.  You don't know what's real and what's not.

Brandon Bryant the so-called "peace activist" has been arrested and charged with a felony for threatening mass murder (click here for the Montana statute that makes it a felony when one "threatens harm to any public servant... with the purpose to influence the public servant's decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, or other exercise of discretion in a judicial or administrative proceeding") and for specifically targeting the Missoula City Council in this video he created and uploaded to YouTube (that was then downloaded and re-uploaded by this blogger to preserve access).

Bryant pleaded not guilty.  A copy of the current court documents can be found here.

Those who read this blog as well as my guest blog posts at This Ain't Hell are no doubt familiar with my many blog posts exposing Brandon Bryant as a mentally ill liar.  My motivation was simple.  He was lying about the drone program and about his part in it to the entire world with his appearances in and on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, GQ, The Young Turks, Democracy Now, RT, and many other media outlets.  I knew he was lying.  Further, I knew he was being used by foreign and domestic handlers to create propaganda for their own ends.  I knew that he was a threat through his mental illness and I was worried that the myth being fabricated by his domestic partisan and foreign media handlers would elevate him to a position to do real harm, including the degradation of a much needed discussion of how to use drone warfare properly in accordance with the law to make America safer rather than more vulnerable.

When I retired from the military I stopped blogging about Bryant.  But I did keep tabs on him as I saw his mental illness and his threats of violence against myself and others escalate.  I learned from his public videos that he had a son with a Norwegian girl, that while defending himself from her he hit her, that the girl called the police on him saying she feared Mr. Bryant would harm her or their child, and that a SWAT team (as the video in the link has been made private, please see here) had responded and arrested and jailed Mr. Bryant and I learned that he was kicked out of Norway.

Mr. Bryant has deep mental issues.  The unfortunate reality is that Bryant is so convinced of the mythical and fictional self identity and character created by himself, which he is predisposed to believe based on his intense internalization of fiction and comic books, and that has been powerfully reinforced by his handlers (Jesselyn Radack being chief among them), that he has no desire to live a normal life, with a normal job, and to normally exist in the world.  He believes he should be paid by the U.S. government and should be taken care of and he proclaims that jobs are mere slavery and explains that he is not one of those kinds of people who goes out and labors for money.  As a result, as time goes on, he lives the life that such a worldview naturally provides, a life of poverty.  Poverty leads to frustration and anger.  Combined with mental delusion and an intense victimology, it leads to threats.  Threats often lead to violence.  Every day Brandon exists is another day older, another day poorer, as the frustration of his reality not matching the myth in his head increases.

It is my belief that Brandon Bryant is a legitimate threat.  As time passes, as he makes more videos espousing his "truth" and "The Way" and foretelling messiahs and heroes rising up and "doing something" about the evil world we live in, he is more likely to decide he no longer wishes to live.  And in so doing, he will be increasingly tempted to make one final bid for attention that will drive people to finally watch his videos and to see his regular statements about killing himself and killing others.

Then comes the familiar "why didn't people see this coming?"

The reality is some did see the threat.  This blogger has made that threat clear over the years. 



In our Republic where people have rights and we cannot, nor should we, restrict their rights simply because some are in "fear" of others, speech is important for identifying threats to the community.  My citizen journalism has attempted to do just that, and to plea with lawyers, activists, and journalists to stop bolstering the myth in Brandon Bryant's head.  Here is the trilogy of documentaries from this blogger about the threat that Brandon Bryant poses, presented in reverse order from the most recent video to the earliest.

February 2020:

I demonstrated that Brandon Bryant's mental illness had increased post-military along with multiple threats to kill multiple people (including this blogger) and frequent expressions of hope for the death of every person on the planet.  This video shows just some of his threats of violence against others, deliberating on whether or not his son's mother deserved to be decapitated, along with Mr. Bryant's claim that he would be justified in going "on a bloody fucking killing spree."

May 2016:

I took a much deeper look into Brandon Bryant's mental illness, showing that Bryant literally believes himself to be a fictional hero, a leader of a group, a prophet or messenger of God, or a messiah.  In this video I made a personal plea to Jesselyn Radack who was instrumental in helping the mentally ill Brandon Bryant construct a false narrative and self identity.  I specifically warned Jesselyn Radack that she would be in part responsible for any tragedy that predictably unfolded and I sent her this documentary in 2016.  This documentary is only intelligible after watching the first documentary, "Brandon Bryant the Documentary: Drones & Deceptions."  Viewers should be warned, "God, Death, and Kids" is extremely graphic and extremely disturbing.

April 2016:

I demonstrated that Brandon Bryant is a perpetual liar, a professional victim, and hinted at his mental illness.  I make the case that his PTSD diagnosis for looking at video screens across the world from any battlefield is more likely a false diagnosis of PTSD, malingered or factitious PTSD, which is a very common phenomenon.  I show that Brandon Bryant is not a whistle blower, but rather a person willing to give propaganda sound bites in exchange for that fabricated title.  This documentary also shows that Brandon Bryant committed literal treason, as defined by our Constitution, by making war against the United States.

Brandon Bryant is not a singular figure in today's world.  The values of victimology increasingly taught in our society and a lack of value for truth held by many across the social and political spectrum, have met with economic realities and mixed to create a great deal of anger and frustration in our world that is eagerly leveraged by partisan hacks and political machines.

There are thousands upon thousands of Brandon Bryants today and people need to start paying attention to the mental illness that passes off as normal and even fashionable in our current society and that is celebrated in Oscar-winning movies like Joker.

As to Brandon Bryant, I sincerely hope that he gets the professional mental help he requires before he achieves the ultimate attention he fantasizes about.  Jail will likely not be helpful for his development (despite Bryant's vocal desire to have government provide him food and shelter at taxpayer expense so that he can spend time learning about himself) and will only lead to further delusions of persecution that he will add to his myth.  Indeed, he wasted no time shoehorning his most recent arrest into his fictional status as whistleblower while falsely claiming there were no charges.


There is a real free speech debate to be had regarding whether his threats amounted to constitutionally unprotected "true threats," and the question will require some deliberation in court.  It is my feeling that his speech does amount to true threats as a video (especially when live streamed) is made to be viewed by others (as opposed to making private videos), Bryant has stated he makes his YouTube videos specifically to get responses from viewers, and the internet is the ultimate public bulletin board.  This is especially so for somebody like Bryant who touts his "international celebrity" as people are more apt to look him up online to learn more about him, thereby encountering his media.  Further, while my gut feeling is that Brandon did not make his threats with any real intent to carry them out (he is a mythomaniac in every sense of the term and my non-existent crystal ball seems to indicate it's still too early in his downward spiral for him to commit actual violence), that intention is not relevant to the legal determination of a "true threat" as I understand it.  That being said, it would appear that this is not a slam dunk legal issue one way or another given the robust protection of speech, and the court will have its work cut out for it.

I wish the best for litigators, judges, and jurors who will have to wrestle with this question.  I feel awful for Brandon's mother who made this heart wrenching video pleading for her son's freedom.  It's a sad situation all around and no mother should have to suffer like that.  For those who share my view that jail is not the proper solution for this complicated problem, Brandon's mother has set up a GoFundMe to try to raise the bail to release Brandon.  This blogger will not be donating (on advice of counsel) but hopes that others might consider doing so. We hope the system is strong enough in Missoula Montana to get Brandon Bryant the serious professional mental help he requires.  Legal questions aside, Brandon Bryant's mental illness and fantasies of violence are undeniable.  It is my opinion that the threat he presents to himself and to others is also equally undeniable.


Note:  Upon his release from jail, Brandon Bryant appears to have deleted his YouTube comment and made his channel private (while apparently deleting some of his videos) so his comment made above is no longer visible.

We sincerely hope that, if the Missoula community cares at all about one of their own, they will help Mr. Bryant get the help he desperately needs before tragedy strikes.

The images above, originally posted publicly to Facebook, have now been redacted at the request of the Missoulian who fears being targeted by Brandon Bryant for his speech.


Running Updates

01 Jul 21:
The most recent court filings are shown here as the lawyers prepare for the jury trial on Tuesday.  The biggest developments are the added charge in the alternative of intimidation, also a felony, which the jury can consider.  They can find Bryant guilty of the original felony charge, or alternatively, the new charge of intimidation but they can't find him guilty of both.

Proposed jury instructions have been offered and the two legal sides are asking for certain city council members to not be allowed as witnesses (they differ on which ones).  The defense also wants any "edited" video to not be allowed as evidence (if the prosecution failed to get videos from YouTube directly, I would imagine they will use the unedited full videos which comprised this video compilation given that they are mirrored but are not edited).  Those unedited videos that can be used as evidence should the judge grant the defense's request are available and labeled as full and unedited here.

There is also some important back and forth between the two legal sides on just how "threat" should be defined in the jury instructions.
28 Jun 21:

Brandon Bryant should follow his lawyer's advice, which is almost certainly going to be to remain silent and to not take the stand.  This is good advice although it's a bit complicated with his situation.  First, the evidence is so overwhelmingly against him that it seems highly unlikely that two legal teams going back and forth would result in anything other than conviction.  Second, current events including the Chauvin trial have energized a populism that Bryant might tap into where "the people" can be motivated to a defendant's side.  While the normal advice is for the defendant to remain silent and not take the stand, in this case an argument could be made that Bryant's only chance to win is to ignore his lawyer's advice and exercise his right to speak in his own defense.

I think Bryant's best move would be to listen to his lawyers and to follow their advice, but I acknowledge there is another perspective.  It will be interesting to see what decision Brandon Bryant makes in just over a week.
26 Jun 21:

It will be interesting to see just how much Bryant's public social media plays into his jury trial.  Some things will not be admissible to the jury, but much more will be admissible for sentencing should he be found guilty.  While the evidence that will primarily be on display will be his specific threats against specific individuals, Bryant also frequently wishes for the death and destruction of all humanity or, as in this case, devastation visited on his neighbors and it will be interesting to see if these frequent comments are used to inform the judge about his mindset.  That seems likely.
20 Jun 21:
Bryant's trial will begin in just over two weeks.  It has been a long time coming given COVID and multiple requests for delay by Bryant's lawyers.  In that time both sides have had ample opportunity to review the many public videos from Bryant, attain information from YouTube, and to craft their arguments.

I remain curious to see whether Brandon Bryant will choose to take the stand in his own defense or whether he will listen to his lawyers almost certain advice that he remain silent.  The facts are not in his favor.  His threats are numerous, public, and spread out over years.  He has admitted to police that he made the videos and admitted he did so hoping to get a reaction.  I don't think his lawyers will be able to make a persuasive argument that he didn't threaten Missoula officials with intent to influence their decision making.  There is an argument to be made that Bryant's threat wasn't a "true threat" but I don't think it will win the day given that his words were followed by bringing a wooden sword to a council meeting and given that his threats had specificity with regard to timing (ie "over the next year").

As such, I would imagine Bryant is considering taking the stand to speak in his own defense and to inform the jury of information that the legal proceeding likely won't introduce to them.  Rather than sit and watch it play out in front of him with his liberty in the balance and given his intense identification as some kind of prophet of God, the urge to speak to the jury directly with his own words will be significant.  For somebody like Bryant, who considers himself a sage and a teacher and a wise man living in a world of corrupt government with corrupt lawyers and corrupt judges, it only makes sense that he would wish to speak to his peers in the jury box directly to convince them about the significance of this process they find themselves a part of.  It is difficult to imagine Bryant allowing government lawyers to speak on his behalf with so much on the line.

Then again, Bryant may choose in his greatest hour of need to lay his fate solely in the hands of government public defenders and hope for the best.  At least were he to do that and lose his trial, he could still maintain his victim status and rail at the corruption and betrayal of those around him.

But the question will remain....why didn't Brandon Bryant exercise his right to speak to his countrymen deciding his fate at this incredibly important point in his life?  Why did the man who proclaimed "I will not go quietly" and "I will rage against my injustices" do the exact opposite when he had a chance to speak out on his own behalf in the belly of the beast?

This is what I imagine is going through Bryant's head as his trial looms.  For his sake, he should follow the advice of his lawyers to remain silent and I'm curious to see whether or not he makes that smart choice.
21 May 21:

7 May 21:

I have noticed that in a growing segment of the population, which Mr. Bryant personifies, using references to karma and it "having its way" and such is a euphemism for a general threat.  It's utilized as a safe way to threaten others (although it clearly isn't a true threat that is unprotected by the First Amendment).  While some are discussing the use of the karma trope as a threat, others discuss how those who add the term to their vocabulary are people who are generally morally lacking.  I tend to agree.
It's an interesting discussion and not surprising to this blogger that a person who makes clear true threats also is a fan of using the karma trope in emotional hate-filled outburts about all his enemies and all who have betrayed him (a group that frequently encompasses all of humanity).  Given these lamentations and arguably threatening language against humanity as a whole, it's easy to see the threat a person presents to himself and others.
5 May 21:

Bryant's jury trial is set to begin in two months.  Bryant's latest profession may prove prophetic as the jury considers his public statements and tries to determine who he is from his many public displays that he took down from public view when he was released from jail.  While court may not prove the proper avenue, hopefully Missoula will come to the conclusion that Bryant's display is one of serious mental illness that must be seriously dealt with before Bryant hurts himself or somebody else.

10 Apr 21:

Bryant posted a quote from a jailed freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, and attempted to equate his jailing in Missoula as somehow similar.  He does not mention how he was arrested and jailed years ago in Norway.  Interestingly Bryant makes this new effort with a Captain America image as his avatar, which hearkens back to Bryant's habit of plagiarizing that comic book to audiences around the world.  In a similar fictional fashion, Bryant attempts to use a real figure (Mandela) or actual whistleblowers like Daniel Hale or Edward Snowden, to somehow claim some kind of heroism for himself rightfully getting arrested after threatening to murder people.
04 Apr 21:

As predicted, Bryant claimed the local once-allies have "stolen from" and "betrayed" him.  He expands his tongue lashing from Rembrandt Miller to also include Matt Wardel, Brian West, Brandon Zimmer, and other individuals.  This is a pattern for Bryant.

Given Bryant's several false claims that I set him up to get arrested, I suspect Bryant's claim that Rembrandt set him up to be arrested is likewise false. 
29 Mar 21:

Bryant recently posted that Rembrandt Miller can die in a fire and said he would piss on Miller's grave.  Miller was previously an ally of Bryant at city council meetings as well as in local activism.  They did some local media together and Miller was a producer for the local Outer Limits rag.

This is a repeating pattern for Bryant.  His "allies" are never long for his good graces before he accuses them of betraying him or stealing from him or lying to him.
12 Mar 21: 

Bryant has posted on his social media that he "... may wish for others to die of natural causes and/or fire..." (an understatement given his many public professions wishing for the death of others or threatening to kill others) while repeating his defamation that your humble blogger has instigated violence against him.  I have done no such thing and Bryant has always declined any invitation to provide evidence for that false claim.  Bryant also introduces a new claim by stating that I have been reporting his posts on social media to get him banned.  I have done no such thing.  I fully support Bryant's right to free speech (which does not, of course, include defamation and true threats).  The correct response to the kind of bad speech that Bryant engages in is not to ban his speech, rather it is to respond with better speech.

Hence this blog post and my journalistic response to his many media professions.

3 Feb 21:

Yesterday Brandon Bryant contacted me on a Reddit thread.  I have no particular desire to communicate with Bryant because I strongly believe his mental illness has incapacitated him from any kind of actual discussion.  He does not operate in reality and he has no concern for what is true, or what is false, but rather he operates in a fictional world where truth is simply anything he says it to be.  It doesn't matter if moments before he claims the opposite, and demonstrating to him that he has professed two diametrically opposed assertions simply does not factor for him.  Like so many other Americans we witness today, Bryant exists outside reality and truth has no value to him.  That's not an insult, it's a statement about a remarkable psychological shift and cultural phenomenon that exists in the United States in large measure.
Bryant can give the impression to those who don't know him, that he is a rational individual.  Bryant is much like a periwinkle, the juvenile larvae of the Caddisfly, which lives under water and grabs grains of sand and small rocks to form its shell.  Depending on its environment, it will even grab bits of glass or sticks.  Similarly, Bryant grabs bits and pieces of phrases or ideas and glues them into a hodge podge for his discussions.  He will parrot things he has read or heard, and present them as his own ideas if he thinks they will resonate with others (one example being his frequent plagiarizing of comic books) and he will do the same in a discussion where he "defends" himself.  He will take people telling him that he's a narcissist who projects his actions onto others, and use those terms to describe others.  Most recently he has, like the larvae on the river floor, grabbed up pieces of terms like "Q Anon" and "insurrectionist" and such to put into his arsenal.

These terms and ideas have no depth or consistency or actual substance in the mind of Brandon Bryant.  That isn't how his mind operates.  They are mere sound bytes he uses, like his frequent outlandish claims and defamatory assertions, easily picked up and easily put down like material found on a riverbed.  Bryant is like the Caddisfly larvae, soft and insecure and developmentally stuck and which arms itself with words and undigested phrases to craft a sandy cocoon to defend itself from the reality that surrounds it.

Those interested can click here if interested in Bryant's recent comments wishing for my death, accusing the Missoula City Council, expressing his intense hatred for me, inviting me to travel to Missoula to fight him, and projecting his own actions onto me while being unable to back up or provide evidence for his false assertions.  If you wish to view the equivalent of a periwinkle shell, that Reddit thread is for you.
There is no utility in a discussion with Bryant.  Like discussing the presence of a copperhead with neighbors, the goal isn't to have a conversation with the snake as that won't prove useful.  Rather, my goal is to point out a serious threat to my neighbors.  It's not the fault of the copperhead that it is what it is, but that doesn't change the need to let neighbors know it's under the porch.

Bryant needs to talk to a mental health professional in a serious setting if he is going to talk to anybody, and I am certainly not that person.  The internet likewise is not the facility he requires.  That being said, Bryant has a right to express his voice in the digital public square.  Unfortunately I fear the internet will continue to prove a poor place for his issues to be resolved and will instead only further radicalize him, increase his hatred for those who do not lavish him with living expenses and fund his whims, and it will only further hasten incredibly predictable tragedy that threatens those around him.

1 Feb 21:

Every once in awhile, Bryant is able to find somebody other than Russia Times that hasn't done their research and so is willing to interview him.  One such podcast called Koncrete recently did just that, and in that podcast Bryant made his typical false mentions of your blogger but he added some novelty.  He has also used the Koncrete platform to increase his severe defamation against me.  That is troubling to say the least.  But first, the silly stuff...

He describes this blogger as a stalker and repeats his bizarre and unsupported claim that I somehow said that he's a person who takes power from the dead and is part of a death cult (I have never said such a thing and don't even know what this means).  At an hour and five minutes into the interview Bryant also goes into his typical narrative about Top Gun (yes, the movie) and spells out this dynamic between Maverick and Ice Man that he finds to be very important and he claims, wrongly, that the movie is somehow really important for members of the drone program.  I think the movie is really important to Bryant because he lives his life in fantasy with fictional heroes, but given my two decades in the Air Force and my time in the drone program, I strongly suspect this is simple projection from a mentally ill individual.

A new strange claim from Bryant along those lines is "my stalker, Rick Rynearson, wants to be Maverick.  He wants to be Maverick.  In fact, he labels himself as Django from Django Unchained, like he wants to be Django, like he has this idea of this egocentric great personality that he wants to be but essentially they're just wannabes."

Journalism Bryant doesn't agree with is not "stalking" even though that is how he uses the term.  Outside of Brandon Bryant comparing me to the fictional Maverick character, nobody has claimed that I "want to be" Maverick nor have I.  It's a movie.  Tom Cruise's character was fiction and, in my opinion, not a particularly good fictional character.  Whatever Bryant's fascination with that made up character, I simply don't share it.  But beyond Bryant's intense identification with fantasy and fiction and his challenges separating reality from made up stories, what I find more interesting is this new claim about Django.  How did that particular fictional hero get attached to me in Bryant's mental expanse, and how does the Django character relate to Top Gun?  While it's easy to see how Bryant would equate a fictional pilot character with me, I have no clue what is going on in Bryant's mind by now linking me to the character of a freed slave or how that somehow would be evidence of me wanting to be Maverick.  I will admit I like the Jamie Foxx character much more than Tom Cruise's character though.

Bryant makes some serious claims in the video without evidence, including claiming Trump ordered the killing of a female American citizen teen, and he claims that the murderer (and ex-cop) Chris Dorner was killed by a drone from the California Air National Guard.  Bryant claims an American citizen has been killed by an American drone on American soil.  And yet he provides no evidence and this "whistle blower" apparently sees no reason to blow that whistle in a meangingful way despite the fact that would be incredibly concerning to the American people.  Why is this?  Almost certainly, it's because Brandon Bryant is lying about it.

At 1:22:00 in the video Bryant brings up Missoula police tracking him and mentions the mayor of Missoula and the Missoula City Council being perpetrators of fraud with taxpayer money. 

After dishonestly claiming he was jailed for yelling at the mayor over "fraud, waste, and abuse," Bryant makes the claim that right now in Missoula there are only 17 homes for sale for less than a million dollars.  A simple search shows that's not true, there are almost 400 homes for sale in Missoula that are asking less than a million dollars.  Bryant also claims the median income in Missoula is less than $40,000.  That's easily shown not true, with a median income of almost $60,000.  Bryant has no concern for truth.  He lies like he breathes.

At just before 1:30:00 in the video Bryant complains that he won't get his trial until after a year and a half has gone by, not mentioning that Bryant (and his lawyers) have been asking the court to keep pushing his trial back.  They have been asking for the delay.

At 1:30:45 Bryant claims he was "set up" by some guy from Missoula who got him to start talking to the city council and who Bryant claims was a "government agent."  He doesn't name the guy, but Bryant is more than likely referring to Matt Wardell or perhaps Gabrielle Lafayette.
An interesting statement from Bryant is at 1:33:45 where Bryant claims that council member Gwenn Jones is known to look up people on the internet and research them if they speak at city council meetings.  This statement could prove interesting for Bryant's trial given that he has admitted he made his YouTube videos to "get a reaction" but that is now reinforced by his admission that he knew that city council members would look him up online after he spoke.  He even goes so far as to claim that Jones and Brian Vonlossberger found his video threat to "eliminate" the Missoula City Council in this fashion.  Bryant's claim that his videos were simply digital diaries was already dead on arrival should he try to make it legally, but it's even more deceased with this latest admission.

Bryant then continues to falsely claim that I have incited violence against him, and that I have tried to get veterans to kill him and his family.  He's made this false claim several times in the past, varying the details in his false story depending on when he tells it (sometimes it's Army Rangers that are sent, and at other times it's Marines who are sent).  Bryant then names me for a second or third time, names this blog, and then discusses my wife and her past one off representation of Raytheon in her career, because she represented that company in a suit at one time and because Bryant wants to tie that into his narrative as if it means something.  Of course any lawyer will represent clients who some people do not like (rightly or wrongly), that's really kind of unavoidable.  And whenever dealing with a corporation of any size, sometimes they will be right in their litigation and sometimes they will be wrong.  That's the real world.  Bryant mentions my wife with his odd demonization attempt only because she is connected to me and he's angry that I expose him for the fraud that he is.  And of course, Bryant claims that I am probably being paid by somebody to criticize him online.  Let me save you the drama.  I'm not being paid by anybody to criticize and expose you.  I do it for free and always have.

At 1:36:00 Bryant tells his interviewer that I am a person who "claims" to have been in the drone program and who claims to have refused to assassinate an American citizen.  He doesn't tell the interviewer that Bryant has publicly stated that I should have been his ally and that he knows I refused to assassinate an American citizen.

While I thought the interviewer might have some sense, at 1:55:00 he decides to interject that I sound like a QAnon person who stormed the Capitol and Bryant says, of course, that I am a QAnon person and a Trump supporter.

I have nothing to do with QAnon and barely know what that is.  I was not at the Capitol protests and I have never voted for Trump and have never supported Trump.  Quite the opposite.

Bryant then immediately adds that he found out those in Missoula who got him to speak out at the Missoula City Council were QAnon and Trump supporters and "conspiracy theorists."  This is very likley not true, but who knows.  I'm not from Missoula.

Bryant's attempts (assisted by his interviewer) to paint me as a radical Trumper insurrectionist are fascinating given Bryant's long track record of commentary about killing politicians, including this comment and share from the "Guillotine Party" with hammer and sickle just two hours ago...

Interestingly, Bryant plugs the Drone documentary that used to be on Netflix in favorable terms, and doesn't mention that he has claimed Tonye Hessen Schei is his enemy as is the "whistle blower community."  Bryant doesn't seem to realize it was pulled from Netflix (at least in the United States).

Much of this is silly stuff (discussion of movie characters and such) but I do think it highlights the most important fact in Bryant's situation.  He is severely mentally ill.  His defamation of me on this platform also shows that he has no moral lines that he won't cross to get back at those he thinks have wronged him (which is everybody).  I hope that fact isn't lost on his neighbors in Missoula and I sincerely hope they are able to get him the help he needs before he hurts himself or somebody else.
24 Jan 21:

This recent comment from Bryant is interesting for a few reasons.  First, he uses similar language (parasitic worms, bullies, stolen, eliminate) to discuss what amounts to wealthy people and politicians and then states his wish for "nothing but death and destruction to them."  Second, he lays blame to this group and charges them with the alleged destruction of his life.  Third, he again uses divine language and claims he will send these people to the Lake of Fire as if he sees himself as more than mortal.

Lastly, Bryant has a habit of swearing or claiming "I promise" in his several professions about killing people in the future.  Jurors in his upcoming trial for threatening mass murder may wrestle with the question, "how many times does somebody have to promise to kill others before you believe them?"

If Bryant's claims can be believed, the Missoula police are keeping a close eye on him which is not surprising.  Bryant gives no evidence that police "threatened" him as he claims, just as he didn't provide any evidence that USSOCOM was dressing up as members of the "Crips" gang and threatening him in Missoula of all places.

14 Jan 20:

Bryant recently expressed more anger toward the Missoula City Council and managed to provide some defamatory comments about your humble blogger.  I was not at the Capitol and have never voted for Donald Trump.  Likewise, I have had no communication with Bryant's mother and have made no death threats to anybody.  Lastly, commenting on a blog about a public figure who appears frequently in the press is not stalking, rather it is First Amendment protected citizen journalism which is starkly different from unprotected death threats like those that led to Bryant's arrest and to his upcoming jury trial.

It is interesting that Bryant draws a connection between thieves in the Capitol (presumably he is referring to Congressmen) and the Missoula City Council.  Obviously those two groups are not the same people although it's very possible that they are in the mind of Bryant.
30 Dec 20:
According to the latest court document, Bryant's lawyers requested to push his jury trial until next summer which was granted.  Bryant's trial is now set for 6 July 2021.  This further delay provides the prosecution a great deal more time to prepare their case, attain any videos they may not yet have access to, and sift through the many hours of Bryant's video statements.  It also gives the defense more time to prepare their own argument.
29 Dec 20:
Recently Bryant claimed that he only threatened investigation and public shame, rather than threatening physical harm.  His jury trial is less than three weeks away and it will be interesting to see if Bryant's claim that he was only threatening investigation and ridicule is an argument that is presented to the jury.  Will his lawyers try to make that argument to the jury?  It will be difficult to do so given that the central video threat against the Missoula City Council shows that Bryant never once mentions the word "shame" or "expose" or "ridicule" or "investigate" or "voting" or anything like that.  It does mention, however, "hunt" and "die" and "eliminate" and "exterminate."  It would be fascinating to see his lawyers attempt to make the argument that what he actually meant was investigation and shaming.  The video has Bryant discussing how the entire Missoula City Council will be "eliminated" before immediately saying that he wonders if they even knew what they were creating when they created men like Bryant.  Is the jury to believe that Bryant meant "men like Bryant" to refer to people who investigate and shame others?  When Bryant claims his life is similar to the Joker movie, is the jury expected to believe that Joaquin Phoenix' character was a man in makeup who investigated and shamed people rather than a man who felt poor and abused by the rich and powerful who then acquired a gun and murdered people?  This argument seems unlikely to be persuasive but Bryant's lawyers will have to make an argument of some kind, so perhaps that is the one they will make.  That will take the argument into the land of "context" where it seems destined to go.

Bryant knows his many video statements demonstrate the actual context.  That's why as soon as he got out of jail he took them down from public view.  The police and prosecution likely already downloaded his many live streamed and public videos before he took them down from public view.  And those hours upon hours of videos make perfectly clear what Bryant means when he threatens to eliminate and remove and exterminate politicians, parasites, "bullies," and people who have "harmed" him or "taken from" him or who "attack" him or "destroy lives."  (All of those descriptors Bryant uses refer to people who simply refuse to give Bryant money, or who criticize him).

The prosecution has stated in court documents that it may introduce other videos into evidence showing threats and no doubt to provide more clarity to the context issue.  And there are many videos and a great deal of context to choose from.  Bryant has a habit of saying polar opposite things, sometimes in the same sentence, and so this may prove the best course of action for Bryant's lawyers.  I am not sure such an argument from the defense will be convincing if the prosecution introduces several other videos where Bryant makes it clear that he thinks "rich" people and those in charge of government and politicians are parasites (a term he uses to describe the entire Missoula City Council and a term he frequently uses to describe those who need to be "removed" violently).  If the prosecution plays the half dozen different videos of Bryant claiming that politicians need to be executed (he alternates between by bullet or by sword) the context of the threats Bryant made is quite clear.  Videos where Bryant claims that politicians think they are safe because certain action is "illegal" and explaining that the law is "shit" and won't "protect" them as he muses about being justified in going on a "bloody fucking killing spree," and another video claiming he would "line up all these politicians" makes clear that his threats are to be taken literally.  It may certainly be the case that Bryant didn't actually intend to carry out the threats he made, but that is a different question from whether he actually made threats to physically harm others.  Investigating and shaming people is not illegal so no laws exist to protect people from that.  The videos also give context to the reason Bryant brought a wooden sword to the council and began talking about it being carved in a tool for taking somebody's life.  Him bringing the wooden sword to the meeting, viewed in light of his remarks about how politicians should be lined up and have their throats slit with a sword, appears to be him putting a punctuation mark on his threats.

If his lawyers cherry pick some of the opposite professions from his past videos, they might be able to argue that Bryant was just being hyperbolic.  But if the prosecution does the same and shows his many threats and his reasoning offered for those threats, it becomes undeniably clear that the reason Bryant doesn't mention investigation or shaming in any of his videos, while he does mention lining up and murdering politicians, is because his threats were to be taken literally.  It seems likely that his lawyers will show some clips of Bryant saying something about non-violence, and the prosecution will overwhelmingly counter with several clips of Bryant threatening to kill politicians and explaining that he say such things to people (and they respond by telling him he shouldn't say those things) before Bryant explains that he would kill a bully and makes clear that by "bully" he is really referring to rich people and politicians who are not giving free money to people.  The jury will have to decide whether the one or two instances of Bryant professing non-violence are more persuasive than the dozens of instances of Bryant claiming he will kill people, murder politicians, cut off people' genitals, kill cops, stab people and watch them bleed out, etc.

Perhaps Bryant will exercise his right to take the stand and to testify in his own defense in order to convince the jury that his couple of claims of non-violence were what he meant since the record itself formed from his video statements leans heavily toward his threats of violence being literal threats of violence.  That would be a wildcard and such testimony could go either way.  I would imagine that decision would not go in Bryant's favor but a jury comprised of people is complicated and Bryant's explanation could resonate with them.  I think that's doubtful though and would guess Bryant's lawyers will emphatically recommend he not testify in his own defense.
4 Dec 20:

Brandon Bryant wrote an open letter to Judge Vannatta on his blog recently that strikes a far more respectful tone than his normal discussion of judges or government officials.  Although it is not remorseful and doesn't say anything substantial, it is yet another indicator that Brandon Bryant deeply wishes to exercise his right to take the stand and speak in his own defense at his trial.  Judge Vannatta is likely not allowed to surf the blogs of defendants in his court while they are awaiting trial, and so unless the prosecution or defense submits this open letter as evidence (which seems extremely unlikely) it stands to reason that this open letter will not be read by the judge.  Still, Bryant wants to explain things to the judge (and no doubt the jury which will be far more important than the judge in the outcome of his hearing).  For Bryant to be heard by the judge and jury, he will have to take the stand and testify in his own defense.

But as previously discussed, it's very likely Bryant's lawyers will not want him to speak at his trial.  And that is good advice.  But will Bryant take it?

Bryant considers himself a scholar, a teacher, a speaker and enlightened.  He has spoken on many stages and has been interviewed many times.  He is facing up to ten years behind bars and nobody can explain his words and actions like he can, so he will almost certainly want to testify so that the jury of peers (who will decide his fate) can understand what he thinks they should understand.  Will he ignore his lawyer's likely advice to remain silent as he did when he interrupted Judge Vannatta in court once already?

This is a real possibility.  Bryant's lawyers are government officials.  Bryant doesn't trust or like government.  He doesn't trust or like the legal system and while he has specifically referred to judges as knowing nothing other than "some rules" to keep people in line, he likely extends that attitude to government lawyers appointed to defend him.  He is likely suspicious of his lawyers for these reasons alone, and probably sees ill intent in their actions legitimately taken on his behalf.  Perhaps he wonders why his lawyers continue to extend his trial which gives the prosecution more time to research evidence against him, for example, rather than accepting that they have done so in order to better prepare his defense.  He is likely wondering why they don't talk more about him being a "whistleblower" as his latest blog post seems intent to explain to the judge.  While it's the "one thing" he wants the judge to know, his lawyers no doubt realize his military narrative is irrelevant to Bryant's trial.  The disconnect between how Bryant sees the world (and thus this trial) and how his lawyers and others see it, may result in him not trusting his own lawyers and may feed into his conspiracy that he is being "set up" and "manipulated."  This is frequently how he sees his interactions with others with him being a victim and others being manipulators, so it's very possible he may view his lawyers' advice as being given in bad faith.
Further, Bryant has publicly stated that court systems are not "innocent until proven guilty" but rather operate such that those who can afford it can get away with "shit."  That isn't a vote of confidence for public defenders.  Bryant thinks there is no justice in a court room, so he is likely thinking the best that can happen at his trial is for him to at least take the opportunity to explain the "truth" to the judge, jury, and the entire courtroom and to all the journalists who may be watching.  As such, Bryant may well ignore any advice his lawyers give him to remain silent.

In the likely case that he loses at trial, he will most certainly blame his lawyers as he blames just about everybody in his life who tries to help him.  But will he blame himself?  Will he beat himself up for not taking the stand and speaking up in his own defense?  My guess is the idea of remaining silent at such an important moment would be painful to him and likely adds to his desire to speak up and stand up for himself in court.  While it is his right to do so, no matter what his lawyers recommend, that would likely prove a poor choice.

It's obvious that Bryant wants to speak in his own defense with so much on the line.  His lawyers are likely to have a difficult time convincing him to remain silent but hopefully (for his sake) Bryant will make the smart decision and listen to professionals who know the law and who are paid to represent him.
2 Dec 20:
The video Brandon Bryant: Laws Aren't Going to Protect You has been updated to include more context to Bryant's threats and his understanding of law being a futile attempt by politicians to protect themselves from his idea of accountability.  The new content has all been added within the first thirteen minutes of the video.  The updated video can be viewed here.
1 Dec 20:
In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Alchemy Gnosis and Understanding" live streamed on or about 06 February 2019:
At 01:58 Bryant references this blogger calling him a liar and Bryant explains that his memory is faulty.  He mentions that he tried to make a video honoring this blogger.

At 05:50 Bryant explains how the whistleblower community used and manipulated him worse than the miiitary did.

At 06:30 Bryant states his belief that the military tried to set him up and kill him while he was in the military.

At 08:03 Bryant states:

The entire whistleblower community degraded me and told me that my son didn't matter, that my life didn't matter, that this is for a greater cause.

At 10:52 he states:

I hate this world so much. I hate the people in it. I hate the people who run it.

At 12:12 he continues  "I'm fucking sick of this world.  I'm fucking sick of these people..." and then goes on to talk about Trump and the Covington Kid wearing the MAGA hat in the infamous "smirk" video.

At 14:54 Bryant claims, as he has before:

I know that this life isn't my first life.  But I do know that it's my last life here.  

This repeated admission that this is his last life gives interesting context to his frequent claims that he will kill his enemies "in this life or the next."

At 47:47 Bryant mentions his rich Christian family who have money and could help him but are not going to.

At 51:38 he makes the odd statement that "Men like Donald Trump and Rick Rynearson are just beasts, the people of Norway are just beasts in slavery."

At 53:52 he states:

And I'm gonna say there are right reasons to kill people, there are completely right reasons to kill people just like there are right reasons to fight and it's the people that do the wrong things and harm others that create these fake laws so that they can protect themselves while they continue destroying people's lives and these people who are in charge of the government and everything, the corporations, they deserve to be publicly executed.  And it's probably going to, unless they can turn themselves around and start giving and be beneficial, then it will be time for people to rise up and actually take them to the street.  And now we have video cameras and everything to watch this.  These people should be lined up in front of the White House and, with a sword, not a bullet, just one by one, have their throats slit.  Because these people have made their life's blood off of the suffering of others and according to every sacred scripture that I've ever read, and I've read all of them almost, these are the types of people that are one hundred percent okay to slice off the tree of life and throw into the fires of dissolution because it's like pruning a plant...and these people who are in these high places, they perpetuate suffering, they live off it, they make the human species suffer so they can get power and those are the people who should be removed.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  And people say that I'm crazy for thinking like that.  Okay.  I'm crazy for thinking that justice should be met.

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Alchemy Experiment Self and Love" live streamed on or about 14 February 2019.  Bryant explains that he smoked a joint earlier and then continues to explain how he wants to make a video concentrating on love rather than bitterness.  At 03:25 he states:

Kind doesn't mean nice.  I think people mistake kindness for niceness.  Doing a kindness for someone is revealing the truth to them, pointing out their stupidity, pointing out their actions when they do something wrong.

At 08:30 Bryant gives an emotional description of his dog and states "After they stole my first dog and I know the military stole it, or my friends stole him, someone did."

At 28:05 Bryant references his alleged accident in SERE training as a student stating:

And I know the military dropped that fucking log on me on purpose.  It doesn't make sense otherwise, everything that has gone on.  And when I was laying at home I had my 9mm and I put the gun in my mouth...and I had modified my gun to have a hair trigger so that if I even just touched it, it would go off.  And it didn't...  And that was my last memory of that because, all I remember was the gun didn't fire, wouldn't fire, and I was looking at it like 'what the fuck?'

At 35:40 Bryant explains he was about to kill himself by committing Seppuku on Statue Mountain in Norway.  The location in this account differs from his normal claim that he was going to commit Seppuku on the front lawn of the White House.

At 38:10 Bryant discusses how he almost killed himself using a dagger.
30 Nov 20:
In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Alchemy and the Immortal Soul" live streamed on or about 27 February 2019:
At 04:34 Bryant states "I don't dabble in anything...as soon as I find something that I can do and accomplish I put everything of myself into it regardless of the consequences."
At 06:14 Bryant discusses Nietzsche's idea of the Superman and how we have people who can achieve that status and who are "somehow superior to the rest of their fellow men in just their normal way of thinking."  He goes on to discuss the idea of "self deification."
At 22:15 Bryant mentions:
My soul is old and according to some of my shamanic journeys that I've taken this is my last life so I won't ever have to come back to this blasted reality ever again.
This is an interesting admission given the context of Bryant's regular threats to kill his enemies "in this life or the next."
At 46:40 Bryant states "And I don't know what to do other than talk about it and it's funny because I got word the other day that the viewpoint on me around the world, around certain circles, is that I'm mentally unstable."
Bryant concludes with 'thank you for being here, bye.'
21 Nov 20:

19 Nov 20:
In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Sun Day Veteran's Day and Norway" live streamed on or about 11 November 2018, Bryant brings up the "government" attempting to take away his "pension" and says:
Hopefully I'm going to share this video with a few media outlets and see if I can get some fucking answers.
He continues at 03:30 saying "I'm going to explain the entire thing in this story in this video and hopefully someone can do something with this."

At 06:10 Bryant discusses a confrontation with another dog owner over the interaction between their two dogs and how he was "gonna beat this guy's ass" before the guy left, called the police, and a warrant for Bryant's arrest was issued for "animal abuse."  Bryant explains the Missoula police were doing this to try to stop him from testifying in Germany.  In other renditions of this story, Bryant claims it was the United States government that "attacked" his dog, rather than his claim here that it was a man walking down the street who allegedly did so.

Bryant then describes how he told the Missoula judge:

Uh, excuse me, I'll be referred to as Staff Sergeant Brandon Bryant in the court of law because I earned my ranking with an honorable discharge, thank you.

Bryant doesn't mention that he was falsely claiming, as is his habit, a rank he does not hold.  Bryant admits here that he holds no rank.
At 12:45 Bryant describes his suicide letter and plan to kill himself on the White House front lawn.

At 26:37 he discusses how his baby mama told him he was worthless and nobody would love him (while Bryant's mother walks behind him in the kitchen) and how he decided he was going to kill himself yet again.  He then describes how he almost killed himself using a 'dagger" from the 3d Special Operations Squadron (SOS) until he heard a voice, which he admits was his own voice.  He then explains he walked back to his home and:

I didn't know what to do and I open the door and I said I was sorry and the next thing I know Melissa is jumping up and she's attacking me and, of course, I'm a combatives trained soldier, and the first thing that I do, because I was caught off guard, is I hit her in the chest and I knock her away.

At 30:35 he describes Norwegian police arresting him outside his baby mama's apartment. 

At 34:30 Bryant says he will be sending this video out to all the media that he can and says Norway exiled him from the country.

He concludes the video with "thank you for listening and happy Veterans Day."

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Armistice Day" live streamed on or about 11 November 2018, Bryant states at 11:00 that after he left the drone program and had joined the Reserves as a survival instructor student that he was "devoted" to Mars (ie the God of War) and the military.  He makes comments like these from time to time which cut against his whistleblower narrative of being tormented by his time in the drone program.
He describes a SMSgt SERE instructor named Liz who he was fond of, but who was instrumental in him not getting the "help" he needed for his injury he claims he sustained during training.  He says she "hurt" him.
At 15:14 he says:
And when Rick Rynearson was coming at me and calling me a liar, I didn't want to turn away from that, I couldn't turn away from that.  He should have been on my side.  He was a military officer that refused an order.  We should have been high fiving each other as we fucking marched across the fucking country and gathered a bunch of veterans to take back Washington.  I mean I could have seen a lot of potential in that... I didn't know him I had never met him in real life.  He only knows what he's read online and what he's got from hearsay but I'm not in jail for what I've said...

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Alchemy Post Traumatic Stress" live streamed on or about 13 November 2018, Bryant at 00:35 states that he has been exiled from the drone community.  At 01:53 he gets somewhat close to admitting the truth about his claimed PTSD when he states:

I'm not even sure how much of my PTSD is military trauma...

He goes on to describe women who have manipulated him and how veterans have become his enemy while the people he "fought against" (apparently referring to enemies in the Middle East) have shown him the most kindness.

He says of his baby mama in Norway:

One of the things that always get brought up to mind for me, when I was in Norway and I first met my son's mother, who is a clinical psychologist who specializes in humiliation and audiatory hallucinations, so that should be a clue, and she likes witchcraft specifically black witchcraft, mind control, dominance, pain, hate.

I am skeptical of Bryant's claim that his ex girlfriend and mother of his son was a clinical psychologist.

At 10:30 Bryant refers to the disability check he gets for his claim of PTSD as being his "pension."  By falsely claiming to hold rank and using the term "pension" Bryant seems to have deluded himself into believing that he retired from the military (which he did not) which may help explain why the Outer Limits rag falsely referred to him as "retired" from the military.  Bryant only served five years and change in the military and twenty years of service is needed for retirement although during times of manning challenges the services may authorize those with at least fifteen years of service to apply for retirement.

At 11:30 he plagiarizes Captain America as he freqently does, delivering comic book remarks as though his own.

At 15:30 Bryant states:

And then the Montana state sheriff's department calls me, basically tells me they're going to fuck me up because they're just doing their, oh they're just doing their job, I don't know what this issue is that is I'm ordering, I'm just doing my job.  Mother fucker the Nazis just did their job, you're no different than a Nazi.  And if I resist they're going to fucking arrest me because their authority is absolute.  No, it's not.  You're supposed to protect and serve and if you, I mean I guess they are they're protecting and serving the establishment.  But you know what?  I'm an American fighting in the forces which guard our freedom and protect our way of life, I am willing to give up my life in its defense.

 At 22:46 Bryant continues:

I'm going to go back to my deal with the Montana state sheriff's department... the sheriff's department should be the highest legal authority in each county and shouldn't just be doing shit based off of what they've been told.  If my rights have been violated it is the sheriff's rights to protect me as a citizen of this country, as a citizen of this county.  They have more jurisdication than Washington as far as legal authority goes and yet the guy who they're trying...A, they're coming after disabled veteran with an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant who has a clean and clear perfect military record.  Almost, I mean I did fuck up a few times but I didn't do so maliciously it was mostly because I have a soft fucking heart.  Honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant, highly decorated, disabled veteran with physical injuries, sick, dying and they're coming to take my pension from me...that just goes to show I can't trust any authority figure in our country.

He continues at 26:59 with:

Why should I trust the sheriff's department for anything other than they're just SS, American SS, as far as I'm concerned.  But as far as I'm concerned as well I feel like at this point I'm ready to just die....I'd rather be fucking killed by the police and let them show just how fucking terrible and horrible shit has gotten and end my fucking misery than continue living feeling like my life is being leeched from me by some kind of parasite.

At 28:36 he says:

I fucking hate bullies. I would kill a bully.  I tell people this and they be like 'you should watch what you say' no, like, mother fucker, we have eight billion people on this planet and most of them don't even know where their food comes from, most of them are struggling to survive and so yes I would fucking, those people who have bullied and taken from others and harmed others and destroyed lives, I would end them without a question.

At 30:20 he states:

So yeah, I would rather die than live in this fucking shit hole of a planet, shit hole of a world.

AT 32:34 he continues:

I'm isolated.  I have no friends or family that I can really rely on.  I have my mother but I feel guilty that she's had to take care of me, my mother has basically watched me die slowly over the last six years.

He says at 37:48;

I believe I am fucked.  I believe this is the end of my life and that the United States has finally found an excuse to kill me, they're finally going to do it.  And you know what I'm not afraid.  I haven't been afraid of my own death for a long time, I've been waiting for it patiently.  And maybe now I'll fucking finally get it and all this stupid fucking misery will finally end and curse all you who left me to this bitter fate.

At 42:50 Bryant expresses anger over the fact that he couldn't make any money on his Go Fund me campaign as a 'struggling whistleblower" who:
...can't even make money to help pay his fucking bills.  No one wants to pay me for my insight, people just want to take it.  Take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take.

This is a key admission.  When Bryant uses terms like "take from me" or "stole from me" he really means "refuse to give to me."  A huge part of the "wrongs" done to him is simply not giving him money and providing him with a life where he doesn't have to work.  Bryant has an extreme sense of entitlement which has become popular among a large segment of the population (who also share many of Bryant's other views and values) where they should not have to work to provide for themselves, and others should provide for them instead, because [insert victimology].  Many of Bryant's videos seem designed to try to guilt family members, who he likely reasons are watching his videos, into providing him with money.  While Bryant talks, accurately, of being manipulated he also tries to use emotional arguments to get others to open up their wallets to him.  As his comment about the Missoula government giving him land to live on (if they don't, he says, he'll just claim it for his own) when he talks about others destroying lives, take, take, taking, stealing, etc he really means those people are not giving him something that he wants but hasn't earned.  Similarly, when he says somebody has "attacked" him he means they have expressed a view about him that he does not like, another mental distortion that is very popular among a large segment of our population today.
Bryant immediately turns to trauma coming back on people.  He concludes his video with "I'm sorry that it ends this way, if this is the ending."

18 Nov 20:

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Alchemy on Love" live streamed on or about 29 October 2018, Bryant discusses multiple relationships with women including the rape allegations from Karen.  His stories mostly involve women cheating on him or using him to make other men jealous.
At 44:53 Bryant describes a relationship with a woman who was cheating on him and says:
...this is one of the first instances where I cut myself, from intimacy and love.

At 49:20 Bryant discusses washing out of SERE school and says he felt like he didn't give enough and if he had just given a little bit more for another week, he could have graduated.  In this rendition of the story there is no mention of the squadron injuring him on purpose as he professes at other times.

At 01:13:00 Bryant explains how he was planning to kill himself and had made that decision before his plan fell apart.

Bryant concludes the video by saying he doesn't think love is for him, at least not in this life.

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "The Greatest Battle is One That Isn't Fought" live streamed on or about 2 February 2020, Bryant gives a familar story about being approached by men.  In this rendition the men are Marines (in his most recent blog rendition they have become Army Rangers).  Bryant at 1:20 states:

In 2016 I was approached by a few men who were part of the United States Marine Corps.  And they said out of respect for my grandfather, who they wrestled for, they weren't going to do anyting to me but I should shut up if I'm lying.  And I told them that I wasn't.  So what did they do?  They killed one of the Marines that stood up for me.  His name is JC Witticum.  They burnt him down in his house.  You can look it up...  Because of that my mom felt threatened, my family felt unsafe.  Come to find out Rick Rynearson was also in league with the people who took my son from me.

I have nothing to do with anybody who took his son and have never been in contact with any such people or with his baby mama.  I had nothing to do with Marines or Army Rangers or anybody else approaching Bryant.

Bryant likewise changes his familar story about being injured as a SERE student by adding that it wasn't an accident or the result of him pushing himself, as he says in other renditions, but at 04:45 becomes rather:

The United States military fucking injured me because I started to talk about the PTSD and the trouble that I was having and they didn't want anyone to do about it.  So what did they do?  During training they tried to fucking kill me.  And I survived.  And they've been waiting for me to die ever since.

He continues at 5:42:

Things are really dark in Missoula and no one's talking about it.  And okay, I admit it, I've had a mental break down.  Several...I was outsted from my church, I was excommunicated from my family, I lost my job, I lost my son, I lost my health.

In the blog post he's reading from he adds, but leaves out here, "...of course I've lost my mind."

At 08:10 he says:

I'm not a politician.  I'm a warrior.  I'm a scholar.  I don't want their fucking job, but I will make sure they do it right.  And if not, they will be eliminated.  They'll go somewhere else but it won't be in my community.  And anyone who wants to enter my commuity will have to have my permission.  Simple as that.  And I will go to the city council meetings...

It will be interesting to see if this statement and others like it in this video, don't translate into the prosecution using the third part of the felony law that Bryant is accused of breaking.  The current court documents seem to indicate the prosecution is focusing on:

(ii) threatens harm to any public servant, to the public servant's spouse, child, parent, or sibling, or to the public servant's property with the purpose to influence the public servant's decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, or other exercise of discretion in a judicial or administrative proceeding;

Given Bryant's admission that his intent is to "run them out of town" and make them leave "his" community (which would arguably prevent them from holding public office in that community they were forced from), Bryant's reasoning in this video could potentially also implicate section three below:

(iii) threatens harm to any public servant or party official, the person's spouse, child, parent, or sibling, or the person's property with the purpose to influence the person to violate the person's duty or to prevent the public servant or party official from accepting or holding any public office;
At 09:40 Bryant states he can't pay his child support because he has no job.

At 10:05 Bryant claims I started a Go Fund Me account to pay for defamation suits that I dodge.  This claim is false.  There have been no defamation suits filed against me.

At 11:25 Bryant states, "I hate human beings."

At 15:51 Bryant states, "So let's face it.  Most people are too fucking stupid to govern their own finances.  And one reason that I am a big fan of universal income is simply because of that."

At 24:12 Bryant says "There is no one who loves me.  There is no one who will probably ever love me.  And I'm okay with that.  I've got my duty."

At 26:00 Bryant mentions a Star Trek character and refers to it as a "real person."

At 27:35 Bryant states:

I'm tired of fighting against corrupt politicians who are so obviously corrupt that it makes me sick.  And talking about eliminating them from their position because they do not meet the standards that are required of them and running them out of town, like, those people will not live in my town.  They're an embarassment.  I want them driven out of my town.  I was born here, I was raised here, I fought and killed and murdered for these people.  This is my home.  If they're not going to allot me a plot of land I'm going to come to my home and claim it as mine.
At 31:40 Bryant says "I look at my life, and fucking hate it."

At 38:25 he says "I'm tired of garbage human beings.  And like, of course, what I said, karma will have her way."

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "The Garden of Eden" live streamed on or about 4 January 2020, Bryant tells his familar story about a girl (who he refers to as Karen in other videos) who he flew drones with and dated.  It is interesting to note how in his renditions of the story he relates, as he does in this video around 12:10, that he "gave her the choice" of whether or not she wanted to be with him.  This is an interesting phrase when compared with another rendition of the story in a different video where he says that he tells her "I let you go, I let you do your own thing." (link here).  He later discusses that she was telling people that Bryant had raped her.

At 14:25 he tells the story of him trying to talk to Karen in a car while out on the town with a group of people, but instead of Karen simply telling Bryant that she never loved him and instead hated him and was using him to get over her ex (as Bryant explains in other renditions of the story) in this version Karen also tells Bryant that she wanted him to die.

At 19:40 Bryant states:

People don't need jobs.  People just need to be a part of a community where they can live.  And 'jobs' is just another word for enslaving people to occupy their time so they can't learn about themselves and develop themselves.

At 21:55 Bryant appears to wrongly think there was a draft under President George W. Bush as he says Republicans "literally stole young men from their home towns and sent them to kill and die in a foreign country so they could get money."

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "Talking Spirituality and Exploration", live streamed on or about 2 February 2020 Bryant mentions at 30 minutes in that he took a lot of psychedelics "mostly because I wanted to try to drive myself insane or kill myself or do something stupid."  He goes on to say that he committed himself several times and describes his experience with DMT and LSD and says that he used "black magic sorcery to hurt" himself.
In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled "In the Beginning", live streamed on or about 23 December 2019 Bryant discusses how there are so many homeless people and yet "we" have enough homes, enough food, and enough technology for people to communicate yet he says "they" are:

...trying to create a situation where someone is probably desperate enough to believe themselves the messiah and do something really fucked up.  And we see those types of people....we'll take the Unibomber, for example....

At 07:02 he says "imagine someone who does something like that and instead of knowing that they're human and what the spirit is, they believe themselves to be god and go around killing people."

At 13:57 he talks of his baby mama and how she did the worst thing to him and then states:

And according to any of those ancient traditions, any ancient traditions, the woman would be fucking hung.  But when I look at the things written on my heart, love dictates she go free.  I played it out in my mind many, many, many times.  Death.  But when I came to my heart it could never be so.  But those people that have stolen from me, who have hurt others purposefully and stolen from them, I have no issue with that.  Either they step aside or every step I take toward my son is going to be on another person's skull.

At 20:29 Bryant says 'if someone wants to be the messiah, they can be the messiah... I don't want to be, I wouldn't want to be that person."
In a newly re-published full and unedited video with an unknown title, live streamed on or about 9 May 2019 Bryant starts by stating "I wasn't going to do one of these for awhile because I've been depressed" and then mentions social media and describes Twitter discussion where he is called a "libtard" and equates that with him being "attacked."  Bryant then states in the context of an NRA discussion:
You can't take someone's right to defend themselves away.  It's done.  You want to take someone's right to defend themselves away, even if they are fucking crazy?  Done. Can't do it.

At 20:00 Bryant states:

And I'm not backing down on the fact that I believe that Hillary Clintion, Barack Obama, George W Bush, Henry Kissinger, and all those mother fuckers, Trump, they all should be brought out to the Lincoln Memorial where a gallows has been set up and systematically hung in front the public until they die, until the life leaves their body.
At 23:00 Bryant discusses a disagreement he has with government over money and entitlements and states:

And they're not going to jail me, because I would fight back.  With my fists.  And I would be completely unruly, but the Montana government says I owe that money back.
At 28:15 he mentions that he was helping the coach with a high school wrestling team until:

A Christian fucking woman who got kicked out of her last school district came to our school district and told the administration, after I had been coaching there for four years, that she was afraid of the safety of her children because I wasn't Christian and the administration, including my own family, asked me not to come back and help out.

He then says she did this because Bryant was trying to help her sister out and he didn't know that it was her sister.

At 45:45 Bryant mentions a book he is writing and says:

When I finish writing this book and I got a forward, or a payment for the selling of it, I'm going to use that money, I'm going to sue the United States government, I'm going to sue my Reserve Squadron, I'm going to sue the Norwegian government, I'm going to sue the fucking police that beat the fuck out of me, I'm going to make Rick Rynearson look like the biggest fucking idiot on the planet...

In a newly re-published full and unedited video entitled, "What I've Learned About Love" live streamed on or about 11 May 2017, Bryant plays soothing background music, talks in a soft voice, and puts on one of his more theatrical performances where the soothing background music clashes with his profanity laced commentary.  He discusses Mother's Day and issues a challenge to all men to realize that they are responsible for the state of the world.  At 10:25 he states:

I've been drowning in depression.  I see what's going on in our world and I hate it, it's just disgusting.  I hate that people argue with me over what it's like to kill a human being and hunt them down...I just want to scream, I want to rip the world to pieces.
At 15:13 he states:

A year ago, I almost set out on a path of hate and destruction.  Frenzy.  I was encountering so many hateful people.

At 19:40 he continues:

I hope we can take a look at what is going on in the world and realize that the men that are in charge are not the representation that I want of man in this world.  Pretenders who think they are kings and gods.  And they can be neither without the expression of love.

At 29:00 he tells people to worship mothers and daughters and states, "remember, worship is just an expression of love."  Bryant concludes his video with "thank you for listening."

17 Nov 20:
While my motivations for my citizen journalism have nothing to do with Brandon Bryant's trial, I want to describe what has motivated it through the years.
When I first got in contact with Brandon Bryant it was sometime in 2011 or 2012.  I had plenty of newly found time on my hands as I had refused a mission to assassinate an American citizen without charge or trial who did not present an imminent threat and wasn't located in a war zone and, as a result, my security clearances were suspended, I was moved into a non-flying cush desk job, had tendered my resignation and was waiting in limbo for the end of my fifteen year career.  It was during this one year limbo that I read about Bryant online (I had never heard of him at work).  At first I thought he might be adding valuable information to a badly needed public discussion about the drone program.  People who knew Bryant warned me that Bryant was a liar.  I gave Bryant the benefit of the doubt and reasoned they might simply be disparaging him for an unpopular stance, so I engaged with him online.  Over time it became very obvious, however, that Bryant was a liar who had decided to play a character for the cameras, as some kind of silver lining, after he failed to progress in the drone program.  He has admitted wanting to kill the few people he killed while in the military and he has admitted to never objecting and he has admitted to trying to progress in the program and only getting out after being denied that progression.  His new found "activism" was simply his attempt to convert his time in the drone program into something he thought would benefit him.  And sadly he had no problem destroying the credibility of legitimate whistleblowers and sullying an important discussion with his lies and fabrications, his lofty proclamations and ever changing stories, and he was very obviously being manipulated by foreign and domestic handlers who lavished him with praise and adoration, using his fragile ego and willingness to make things up like a farmer might stroke a milk cow.

So I spoke out to try to deflate the bubble before it did much more damage.  I knew I was writing primarily against a propaganda machine in which Bryant was merely a useless idiot cog.  Bryant's contributions to that machine did do some damage for sure.  The stain of his lies damaged the credibility of actual journalists along with the great many propagandists who work in the cottage industry of politically motivated, and foreign associated, "news" programs.  His contributions have been the single most damaging element of the discussion of the drone program and unlawful activity.  I contacted one journalist, who I have the utmost respect for, after he mentioned Bryant's name in a media segment and we had a brief conversation about it.  But I couldn't reach every journalist and the majority are less journalists than they are activists (ie propagandists), so Bryant's media fabrications and myth grew and grew.  Until his bubble popped.

It's hard to know if my efforts played much of a part given that Bryant's degrading mental health and massive insecurity masquerading as confidence eventually became obvious to anybody around him.  At some point, those in the "whistleblower" community began to distance themselves from Bryant once the sound bites were collected.  Even those as dishonest as Bryant, and managed by the same handler, were distancing themselves as Bryant's metamorphosis into a super hero or god became more bizarre on stage.  Bryant was the willing victim of basic manipulation by domestic enemies and foreign governments, happy to trot around the world and live in fancy hotels and be showered with false praise.  He was happy to be, in a word, worshiped.  But what his handlers were creating by blowing up the ego of an immensely insecure young man proved more than they could handle.  Or, more than likely, they knew he was a temporary project.  Either way, they helped Bryant internalize fictional and religious myth into himself, to get him to internalize an identity as a god among men.

It's hard to control a god.

For my part, upon my retirement and while his narrative was sputtering and he was being abandoned by his manipulators, I no longer had any interest in exposing Bryant.  My journalism was motivated by my duty to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I had retired from that office.  But with his new wave of victimology and his growing frustrations from poverty and his unwillingness to work (what, a god work a day job?) Mr. Bryant's anger and frustrations turned from the anger of a "peace activist" concerned with innocent life being lost in war zones, to threats of killing others including myself and wishing for the mass destruction of all humanity.

So while the time I spent thinking about Bryant was greatly reduced, I did watch his videos to help me assess the threat he posed.  That threat to those around him has only grown over time in my view.  Since his brief stint in the military, Bryant has seen his image as a "warrior" demolished.  He then saw his identity as a "whistleblower" demolished.  He continues to wrestle with his inability to fit into the Christian identity of his youth.  He tries desperately to find an identity, rifling through books and fiction and religious pamphlets, feverishly trying to find an identity that provides him with purpose.  He tries on this outfit and that outfit.  But it can't just be any purpose and identity that he settles on.  He is a god, or at least god's messenger, and so there are some roles and identities that are not fit for him.  Meanwhile he grows deeper into poverty and he grows older.  Increasingly, all he has are the fabrications in his head to warm his soul.  And he's angry about that.  It's not right.  He has been "wronged."  All those who don't get it and who have tried to help him but didn't give him the money he needs to live a life without struggle have "betrayed" him.  Those who have talked about him in ways he doesn't like have "stolen" from him, robbing him of the myth and character he has worked so hard to produce.

So Bryant's anger and his threats grow.  Against everybody.  Rich people, politicians, his family, people from the military, his baby mama, Norway, Germany, people from the "whistleblower" community, his former TIF activist allies, on and on.  Two things primarily motivate his anger.  The fact that he's poor and truly thinks he deserves to be taken care of by others (a view he had from the earliest of times of our interaction) and his anger over losing his cardboard pulpit and his being abandoned by the foreign halogen lamp that illuminated him like a young plant, making it "grow" too quickly toward it while damaging its own stalk.  He can no longer grow in reality, as he is trapped and stuck on his fictional development.  He wants students.  He wants followers.  He desperately wants to be praised and lavished upon as the hero and leader and scholar of his imagination.  Now that the light has switched off, the plant is now stunted and withering.  The regular light that we mortals enjoy is insufficient for a god or his messenger.  And others are responsible for him not enjoying a life without toil and praise.  They did this to him.  And they should be wiped off the face of the earth and should never be reborn and should be thrown into the fire.

Bryant imagines he and I are in a contest.  A battle.  A conflict.  But we are not.  I have no hatred of Bryant even as he calls the police on me, insults my wife, threatens my life and defames me by falsely claiming that I threatened him or his family.  I know that Bryant is not evil.  He thinks we are having a dispute of egos, that I think I am better than he is, but that is not the case.  I am no better than Brandon Bryant and like all humans, we are infinitely more similar than we are different, only differing in our effects based upon differing causes that we cannot control.  Bryant is a danger to himself and others, but he is not evil.  Bryant is a product of his environment and I know that there was once a young kid who was neglected by a father who disappeared.  This is the center of gravity for Brandon.  He has talked of it often and tried to make up for it with tales of his grandfather and fictional men.  It's not his fault he was put in that position at such a formative age.  He's not alone in trying to find himself and an identity and a sense of purpose.  He's not alone in this cold and cruel world.  He's not wrong about the injustice and inequality of our existence.  He is correct about the working conditions of the drone job which were, at least at the time, unreal and unhealthy and more so for Bryant who spent a staggering amount of his time in a box sitting in a seat in the dark while life passed him by.  He is right to be angry over being manipulated by people eager to use him to sacrifice his credibility and identity for propaganda, feeding on his insecurity.  He knows he has this hole and he's trying to fill it and there are forces in this world eager to fill it for him for their own gain like those who recruit suicide bombers.  He cannot be blamed for grieving over his increased inability to form beneficial human attachment.  But he must know it's difficult for mere mortals to have a healthy relationship with a god.

Since Bryant knows this about himself, his proneness to being manipulated, he is now responsible for fixing himself.  He has to take responsibility.  He has to truly want help.  That means the same kind of painful religious disillusion that he is already familiar with, but applied to the religious myth he has created himself.  It is evident that he has tried to develop and has had some progress.  But it's very little and has been eclipsed by a decline and given his age and his mental illness and the mythical false identity he clings to, time is not on his side.  Bryant is right that the enemy he faces is the one inside him.  It's the myth of himself that he faces and that is destroying him and preventing him from working to improve his life.  I doubt he can face that enemy alone.  I am confident he cannot face it merely with the assistance of a self help bookshelf and the internet.

Time is growing short.  Bryant needs serious professional help before the myth of himself and his detachment from reality defeats him in what might prove to be a bloody and predictable tragedy.  I have the utmost sympathy for Brandon Bryant and I sincerely hope that Missoula can find a way to help one of their own.  I am pulling for Bryant and hoping for a great success story of him overcoming our shared mortal frailty.
16 Nov 20:

In another newly re-released full and unedited video entitled "Mythology Ragnarok and Whistleblowing" live streamed on or about 8 November 2018, Bryant demonstrates his familiar theme of how he has been betrayed by one time allies.  At 25:08 he says:
And then when this shit with Rick Rynearson and the other veterans that were sitting there attacking me, and I was trying to defend myself, even my allies wouldn't defend me.  Cian Westmoreland fucking betrayed me.  Jesselyn Radack betrayed me.  I went to her for help in dealing with this and all people were like 'just leave it alone' and that's not how this fucking works.  This is battle, this is conflict...

At 26:55 Bryant correctly states that he has never met your humble blogger and at 27:40 Bryant says that he contacted one of his Anonymous friends to do some "research" for him and at 28:50 he makes the following claim:

So I went to Jesselyn Radack and asked her for help and she was just like 'oh just leave it alone.'  Well turns out that she was, she had also fucked this one guy over, who had, when we premiered our film, he, Fitzgibbons, this guy who worked for Fitzgibbons, I don't really remember what his name was, but he helped us basically for very cheap as a publicist to get our film out there and to talk and she had an affair with him and fucked this guy's life up and while I was trying to get help from her for my shit she was dealing with this and couldn't give me any help but she was never honest, it was just a fucking manipulation.  And then I have this message from Cian who basically called me a fucking narcissist...

As to Bryant's claim that lawyer Jesselyn Radack had an adulterous affair, it appears to be true.  This story describes the lawsuit of Trevor Fitzgibbon who sued Radack for defamation when she claimed their sex was not consensual and that he had sexually assaulted her and penetrated her without consent.  Apparently Fitzgibbon presented text messages of Radack sending her photos of her breasts and texting him “I’m REALLY sore. Haven’t been fucked like that ever” in his suit.  Radack was married at the time of the alleged affair.  A Reason article by Professor Eugene Volokh notes that Radack settled the lawsuit against her earlier this year after she settled an earlier defamation suit with Fitzgibbon but did not cease libeling him.  Fitzgibbon's second filed defamation complaint (nude images redacted) mentions Brandon Bryant and produces the text messages.

Bryant follows up his true claim that this blogger told him to remember (when he went to Germany to accept a "whistle blower" award) that he wasn't German by stating (at 37:13):

That's why I just don't give a fuck anymore.  I don't give a fuck what happens to this world.  I don't care what happens to the person next door to me.  I just don't give a fuck.

At 39:23 Bryant then states:

People deserve to fucking die for their destruction of the planet.  The people that are in charge of these companies and these governments that just destroy other people's lives for profit and for money, they deserve to be taken into the middle of the street and publicly executed in front of everybody.  I would line up all these politicians, and if somebody gave me a gun that had infinite bullets, 9mm, and if they were standing in front of me...

Bryant then gets lost in a discussion of an execution scene from Game of Thrones before at 42:00 continuing:
...and they all deserve to fucking die, all of them, all of them.  Because look at what they've done, they've destroyed millions of people's lives.  And they're like "well it's illegal, you know, I'm protected."  No, fuck, the law is fucking shit.

At 43:35 Bryant discusses having to pay child support and his discussion with a lady from the government trying to collect it from him by stating:

...and if you send someone to me, if anyone comes to me, if a police officer comes to me and tries to arrest me or harass me from this, I'm just going to fucking take his life and make him an example, I don't care.
Bryant then continues to discuss how he has a "blood feud" with Norway, the U.S. government, people from the drone program, as well as people from the "whistle blower" community and states:
I've said my stuff.  I've made my statement.  Now it's time for blood...I'm not even going to pretend to be anything but a whirlwind.  I'm a Dervish.  And I will kill people...and I'm just done.  I'm done...and it's not going to affect me.  I'm saved.  I'm protected.  If I die I get to go to enjoy the fruits of Heaven, and if I succeed then I get to enjoy the fruits of victory on this Earth.  And whoever's with me gets to join me, and whoever is against me, I'm just going to destroy you so utterly that people are going to whisper your name in fear in relation to me.  I promise....I'm going to break your fucking limbs and then I'm going to stab you in the gut, and I'm going going to cut off your genitals, and I'm going to watch you bleed the fuck out...I'm not even going to fucking care...you're just going to see me staring you in your eye as you slowly bleed out....
In another newly re-released full and unedited video entitled, "Mythology Honorable Battle" live streamed on or about 6 November 2018, Bryant mentions this blog at 23:19 and claims this blogger does not know how to battle and was a shitty human being who didn't know how to exert his force properly on the world.  Bryant incorrectly claims that I was an officer in the 3rd Special Operations Squadron (SOS).  At 25:06 he says this blogger should have been his "ally" and then at 25:19 says:

[Rynearson] should probably kill himself because he's such a terrible person.  I definitely know that if I ever saw him and had a knife in my hand I would stick him in the gut and watch him bleed out and prevent anyone from helping him...

At 26:35 in the YouTube video Bryant makes and streams live, he says this blogger "made YouTube videos and all these types of things, and that's not honorable."

At 38:23 Bryant repeats a strange false claim that he has made at least one other time, stating that I accused him of gaining supernatural power from the dead.  I have never made any such claim.  Nor have I accused him of having a death cult.

16 Nov 20:
The video "Valentines Day Massacre" which Bryant live streamed on 11 February 2019 has been re-released to the public here in its full unedited form.  In this video at 06:10 Bryant describes being left alone as a young child while his mother dated and how his only friends were stuffed animals.   At 16:20 he discusses how he was raped by two women shortly after joining the military and how he relayed this to a woman, Karen, who he was dating and how Karen told him he couldn't be raped as a man.  At 19:40 he discusses how Karen later accused Bryant of raping her and at 19:40 he discusses how he attempted to talk to Karen but that she accused him of stalking and harassing her.  
At 23:50 he makes an interesting claim, stating that his interaction with Karen is where all his hate and rage comes from and that it's not because he killed people while in the military.  He states:
You know, that, this is where all my bitterness and hate and rage come from is this moment.  It's not the fact that they tricked me into killing people...but this, this was the fucking dagger in my heart which planted the seed of rage and hate inside me that I have been fighting against for so long.

At 32:05 Bryant wishes that he could witness humanity being wiped out.

In a familiar theme at 51:20 Bryant states that:
And the people who are in charge over in Washington, they're the fault of the downfall of this country, the rich people who make living so difficult are the reason why the world is in the state that it's in.  What am I supposed to do about that?  The only thing that I'm really really good at is hunting people down...
In another familiar theme, at 52:54 Bryant claims “I’m a scholar…I’m not a laborer…I’m not someone who just goes out and works for money.” 
In another newly re-released to the public, full and unedited video, titled "UPDATE The Current State of Affairs" and live streamed on 6 December 2018, Bryant at 05:20 discusses money and rich people who create meaningless jobs, and at 09:10 he gives a rare account of his injury in training while in the Reserves (differing from his usual account in that he makes no mention of the Air Force trying to kill him on purpose) stating:
The fact that I served honorably in the military and then almost fucking killed myself in training because I didn't want to look like a goddamn fucking failure to my squadron and then they kick me to the curb...
At 10:23 he mentions that our court systems are not "innocent until proven guilty" but operate such that those who can afford it can get away with "shit" saying there is "no justice."

Brandon Bryant states that he makes his YouTube videos to get responses from viewers

In another newly re-released full and unedited video entitled "ALCHEMY THE MAGNUS OPUS" live streamed on or about 29 November 2018 at 03:10 Bryant admits that he makes his public videos in order to get responses from others stating:

And one of my testing grounds for this exact thing have been these videos to see what kind of responses that I've gotten, or would get.
At 06:05 he mentions the story of the woman in the drone program, Karen, who accused him of rape.  At 08:20 Bryant claims "...my first sexual experience, I was raped by two women."  At 10:00 he mentions that Karen would cry any time Bryant walked into the room. 

At 22:08 Bryant mentions this blogger, stating:

I told him he can go fucking kill himself.  And I still stand by that statement.  I think that he's fucking disgusting.  And I don't believe that he will get a chance to continue his life unless he has a drastic change of heart.

At 27:34 Bryant states he thinks the mother of his child was "a plant in my life, a honeypot, to get me to fuck up my life..."

In a recent blog post, Mr. Bryant makes a new false claim that this blogger once set him up to be arrested at a "convention."  This is a false statement.

He also refers to me as a stalker simply because I consume his public offerings and analyze and offer my own thoughts about his expressions on my own blog, and he does not like my commentary.  But I am not a stalker, I am merely a citizen journalist who expresses truth, calls out lies, just as Mr. Bryant claims to do.  Unlike Mr. Bryant, I did not get a friend from Anonymous to track anybody, I did not call his police department on him as he did to me, I did not tell him to kill himself as he did in a message he sent to me, I have not threatened to kill him as he has done to me, I have not wished for his death as he has wished for mine, I have not posted defamatory statements about Mr. Bryant as he continues to do to me, and I have not publicly insulted those closest to him as he has done to my wife who he has never met or conversed with (calling her a "stupid cunt").  I simply blow the whistle on his many false claims throughout international media and in social media.  For Mr. Bryant, "stalking" is criticizing him accurately, just as it was for a person very similar to Mr. Bryant who also called police on me with false claims and who took me to court for alleged stalking, and then lost in court.

More interesting is a new twist on an often repeated story Bryant tells about about Marines, that have now suddenly become Army Rangers,  who were "sent" after him in Missoula.  This story has multiple variations.  In some variations Mr. Bryant has said that this blogger sent Marines to do him harm, but that they didn't out of respect for his grandfather, and in one variation, one of the Marines stood up for Bryant and was then killed in a fire by the others for it.  Other variations of the story have the blog "This Ain't Hell" (which I have published a couple of articles on trying to respond to his anti-American propaganda) sending the Marines who are now identified in an entirely different branch of service.  In the unlikely case that there is an element of truth in his ever changing story, it has nothing to do with me.

Like so many others similar to Mr. Bryant in their victimology and politics, Mr. Bryant is adept at projection, accusing those he disagrees with of the very things that he does.  Mr. Bryant also has a habit of changing his stories similar to how his frequently told story about the FBI calling to warn him that ISIS was coming after him, suddenly changed before a European audience to a "right wing" Christian group dubbed Christian Patriots that the FBI called to warn him about.

He concludes his blog post with "That is not a myth, that is real.  And one day it will be Legend."

In another newly re-released full and unedited video entited, "ALCHEMY Choosing One's Battles" that Mr. Bryant live streamed on or around 22 November 2018, Bryant provides a more measured response toward your blogger.  This is indicative of the increased frustations and the declining mental state of Mr. Bryant.  In this older video he claims at 01:45 that he did "research" on this blogger's background and offers his opinion in relation to fictional movie personalities from the movie Top Gun.  He continues his analysis at 07:10 with a lengthy discussion of Star Trek and he admits that he sees Star Trek as the model for military command.  At 10:45 Bryant admits he is a civilian and does not hold rank (which contradicts his introduction before the Missoula City Council where he falsely claimed a military rank he does not have).  Mr. Bryant then gives his views on how I exercised "officership" in the military despite us not knowing each other and not working together and not even being in the same squadron, and unsurprisingly he has no evidence or examples upon which he bases his conclusions.  At 15:58 Bryant mentions his former peers in the drone program and how he wants to punch each of them for not reaching out to him.  Bryant then says of this blogger:

The reason I bring Rick up is because I wanted to rely on this guy because his history is, while he's also this huge dick hole, he also [dis]obeyed a command that he felt was wrong and I feel like that needs to be honored.  One thing about that, I didn't do that.  Well, I bitched.  But I did it...and I bitched, but I never once said no...and I have to say I admire Rick Rynearson for that. 

At 27:49 Bryant continues:

So I want to get into the true discussion behind this.  My disappointment with Rick Rynearson and understanding of his character and everything that has gone on, he's a very tragic man, but it also inspired me to really dive deep down into, like, I was like 'am I lying?'  Constantly.  So I have to thank this man for being as difficult of a challenge as he was because when he was telling me that I was lying I was like 'am I lying?'

Bryant concludes his video with "thank you for listening, cheers."

Mr. Bryant has an unfortunate detachment from reality and an apparent inability to decipher reality from fiction and the frustrations and anger is escalating over time.  Hopefully Missoula can help him get the serious professional mental help he requires before he harms himself or others.  I have the deepest sympathy for Mr. Bryant and sincerely hope he gets the help he needs.

15 Nov 20:

The video "A Lesson in Self Discovery" has been re-released to the public here in its full unedited form.  In this video at 01:58 Bryant states that he had a friend from Anonymous track his baby mama and "do all sorts of things."  He claims at 25:35 that she was "hired to fuck up" his life.  Bryant discusses his plans to kill himself at several points in the video including one plan to commit suicide on the White House lawn.  At 33:00 he mentions that he was kicked out of Norway and says that "no legal system has ever treated me right."  He claims at 40:25 that the proper response to rich people and politicians is wrath and that they should be "destroyed."  At 53:40 he broadens that to say that humanity deserves to be destroyed, a frequent theme in many of his videos.  At 57:40 he says that maybe one of these days his videos he puts out will benefit somebody.
He concludes his video with the following at 58:49:
And I will have my vengeance in this life or the next.  And to my enemies, I will kill you, if not in this life then the next...   

In another re-released full and unedited video entitled "As EYE see it: The State of the World" live streamed on 29 April 2019, Bryant introduces himself at 01:40 saying "for anybody who doesn't know who I am, I'm Brandon Bryant" and he gives a short description.  At 02:27 Bryant states the reasons why he does not think that he is a whistle blower.  He says he was not a whistle blower because he was involved in military operations and only left after he was injured and separated from the military.  At 29:30 he says few people watch his YouTube videos and that most of the views are the government watching to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.   
15 Nov 20:
Days after Bryant's clear video threat that landed him in jail (which Bryant uploaded on 19 December 2019) and after his menacing display before the Missoula City Council in November of 2019, he also made an interesting video he titled "The New Year" where he talked about the upcoming year.  He made the video on or about 31 December 2019 and took it down from public view after his release from jail.  It has now been re-released to the public in its full and unedited form for this blog post.
In the video he began:

So this new year is going to be, something I might think of an emotional roller coaster for myself.  Around the Chinese New Year I will have, it will have been thirteen years since I killed my first human being.  One year for every person murdered.  I don't know if that frees me of anything, if that's, you know, thirteen is the number of the Death Card in the Book of Tarot; transformation, metamorphosis, it's not the end.  I just want to talk about how these last thirteen years have made me feel like an abject human failure.

Days after his "elimination' video where he said he was preparing his soul to hunt down, exterminate, eliminate, and kill various individuals "over the next year" Bryant continued his time frame as if the year 2020 has special meaning to him.  Bryant frequently finds meaning in moon cycles and the zodiac.
In another newly re-released full and unedited video entitled "Morning Reflections To those whom we Serve," Bryant further demonstrates his intense relationship with fiction; crying while describing fantasy novels and referring to a fictional character from Star Trek as though a real person.

Finally, in yet another newly re-released full and unedited video that Bryant entitled "Equinox Into Darkness" that Bryant live streamed on 23 September 2019, we see Bryant give a very angry tirade about politicians and the rich, people he refers to as parasites, and calls for men to rise up in response.  He shares his "favorite" biblical story, the same story of the rich man taking a poor man's sheep that he screamed at the Missoula City Council.  At 09:40 he says that America is just a servant to disgusting interests and...
those people in power who have controlled it should be murdered.
Bryant continues to state that he hopes those he served with in the military "meet justice" and he will be there to ensure they do.  He then addresses an unnamed person or persons by saying:

...and the thing that you have done to me, this is why this will be not a thing of vengeance, whatever I do.... will be a thing of justice....I will set the example.
He several times says "you should have just let me kill myself."  At 58:20 he names the point where he decided that "it was going to end" with him killing himself.
Having watched Bryant's videos over the years, it is my opinion that he has been trying to convince himself that his "path" is to use violence in a likely murder-suicide as some great ending to his life.  His videos increasingly have the tone of murder/suicide entries.  Few will labor through his many hours of ranting to connect the dots, but that is my opinion having watched them all.  I think he is mostly playing a character and looking for sympathy.  I don't think he actually intends (yet) to carry out such a tragedy.  Of course I have no crystal ball.  I do think, however, that without actual mental health treatment Mr. Bryant is very likely to eventually carry out exactly what he says he will do in video after video.  His many fantasies of murdering others and of committing suicide (for example, on the front lawn of the White House) lead me to believe he will want to ensure his departure from "this life" grabs the attention of as many people as possible.
13 Nov 20:

Brandon Bryant's jury trial is scheduled to be heard in just over two weeks from today.  The felony crime occurs when a person "threatens harm to any public servant, to the public servant's spouse, child, parent, or sibling, or to the public servant's property with the purpose to influence the public servant's decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, or other exercise of discretion in a judicial or administrative proceeding...or to prevent the public servant or party official from accepting or holding any public office...A person convicted under this section shall be fined not to exceed $50,000 or be imprisoned in the state prison for a term not to exceed 10 years, or both."

They key issues, as I see it, will be a) did Bryant make threats, b) were those threats protected by the First Amendment, and c) was the intent of those threats to influence public servant decision making or from holding office.

Given Bryant's well documented history of threatening other people with bodily harm or death and his repeated claims of justification for doing such things, the jury will have to decide if threats were directed at the Missoula City council.  Certainly some of Bryant's video threats to kill people may be challenged by the defense if they are admitted as evidence, while the prosecution may choose to introduce them to show context for the word "eliminate" and to provide a more fuller context of Bryant's threats.  While the one video threat of Bryant's threats against the city council members may be admitted and should be sufficient for the prosecution to make its case, still Bryant's use of the word "eliminate' from his several videos, his frequent opining that politicians should be put to death, executed, or hung might be admitted and analyzed in concert with his video threat in which he stated:
And I seem to come across in my life more people who want to bring down instead of nurture and I'm witnessed now of those same disgusting, putrid, sacks of shit people, coming in and buying up my backyard and commercializing life to humans.  It's gross.  It's absolutely one of the most disgusting things I've ever experienced in my life.  The entire Missoula City Council has sold out Missoula to the highest bidder and what's gonna happen, if the people who wronged everyone don't step aside, and put their tails between their legs and run, because over the next year all those people who have wronged others, who have discriminated against others because of class, or race, or gender, or creed, or any of that, and forgot to see human beings in themselves, will be eliminated.
In that video he continues:
It’s themselves and what myself is saying is that all you deserve to be eliminated and I will do it, and if you remove me from this life, I get to choose my next incarnation, and I will hunt you down so not even the stones will hide you.  The very atoms will sing out your presence to me and I will eliminate you from the fabric of reality and you will never see another life again.  That is my promise.

He concludes that video by stating:

This is what I'm preparing my soul to do on this Solstice.  You have taken everything from me.  You have taken my son from me.  You have taken my dignity.  You have wrecked my community, you have wrecked my family, and I will stand as myself, before all of creation, and you will move, and you will submit, and you will die.

As such, I think the jury is likely to find that threats against the Missoula City Council members (among others) were made.  It is obvious that he believes the council members have wronged people and wrecked his community (he yells this to the city council telling them they have "wrecked the trust in this community" at the council meeting that got adjourned over his tirade) so it's clear that Bryant is stating those who "wrecked" his community will die, and his own words make clear that his use of the words "eliminate" means to kill.  He makes clear that his eliminate language applies to the entire City Council because he states it in conjunction with his opening statement, "The entire Missoula City Council has sold out Missoula to the highest bidder and what's gonna happen..."  What's gonna happen (people being "eliminated") is directly linked to the entire Missoula City Council.

As to the First Amendment defense, the key will be whether Bryant's threats amount to "true threats" or not.  The First Amendment does protect threats, but it does not protect true threats.  A true threat is one in which the speaker of the threat would reasonably expect the listener to take the expression as a serious intent to harm.  A potential key part of the argument that Bryant's threat was a true threat might be that he put a time frame on it and named the "entire" Missoula City Council.  He stated in his video that "and what's gonna happen, if the people who wronged everyone don't step aside...over the next year...[all those people] will be eliminated."  Bryant doesn't simply say he will kill people, he says he will do so over the next year giving the threat some specificity.  Bryant goes further to say he is preparing his soul to commit these acts demonstrating that it's a process over time and not simply an off the cuff remark.  Considering his several other videos before this one, where Bryant lists repeated grievances with the Missoula City Council over a period of several months, his threat does not appear to be mere political hyperbole or some hyperbolic remark, but rather appears part of an escalating pattern that is considered and planned.  Also important is Bryant's admission to police that he made the video to "get that response" which suggests that he intended his threat to be viewed by council members (else why would he have made the video to get that response).  Bryant has admitted, on video, that he makes his YouTube videos precisely to get a response from viewers.  Combined with his non-speech actions of showing up to council meetings and screaming at council members and shaking a stick and drawing unusual attention to himself, it seems likely that his threat will rise to the level of a "true threat" and therefore not be protected by the First Amendment.

As to the intent of the threats, Bryant in the video states "...what's gonna happen, if the people who wronged everyone don't step aside..."  This indicates he is offering a "do this or else" threat.  In his video he couches the threats with his dissatisfaction with council member action concerning a specific development proposal.  It reasonably follows that Bryant's threat was made in order to affect the actions of a public servant, to make them "step aside."  Bryant's admission to the police that he made the video in order to get attention and a response and to be a "bogeyman" indicates his threats had the purpose of affecting council member decision making.  Therefore, it seems likely that Bryant's threat will be viewed as a violation of the Montana law against making threats against public servants with the purpose of affecting their public business.
I am unaware of the options at the disposal of the judge during sentencing, but I hope his tool kit includes some ability to get Bryant serious mental help rather than run of the mill counseling.  Bryant being found guilty of a felony and losing his right to keep and bear arms will be a huge moment in a life of already existing frustration and pain.  He will continue to add this episode to his victimology as fuel for him in his quest for "justice" against all who have "wronged" him.  Without proper mental health care the net effect of this jury trial, guilty verdict or otherwise, will be an increased danger posed by Brandon Bryant to those around him.

I wish the people of Missoula the very best in handling this difficult situation and I hope that Bryant gets the assistance he requires.
1 Nov 20:
Bryant and his lawyers will have to decide if Bryant is to take the stand or not.  I would strongly suspect that Bryant's lawyers will adamantly advise Bryant not to take the stand.  By now, they have no doubt recognized he is his own worst enemy.  Given that he has repeatedly explained that judges are idiots who know nothing and that courts have no actual authority and that the entire legal system must be burned to the ground, the chances of him earning a contempt of court charge are far from non-existent.  Likewise, his mentally ill ramblings have a high probability of sinking him in front of a jury.  As his lawyers have already done in the court, trying to keep Bryant's words off the record (something they were not able to do earlier as Bryant disregarded his lawyers' advice), it is highly likely they will continue to advise him to stay silent during his jury trial.

Of course, their recommendation is only a recommendation and the decision ultimately lies with Bryant himself who is free to disregard his lawyers' advice and to make them put him on the stand.  As he believes the legal system is corrupt, he may not trust his lawyers' advice.  He may imagine losing his trial before a jury of peers and being sent back to jail, and for days and weeks and months and years, wishing that he had taken the stand to explain his "truth" to the jury for their consideration, wishing he could go back in time instead of remaining silent during perhaps the most important event of his life.  Bryant views himself as a great speaker, an educator, a scholar, a philosopher, and a messenger of god.  Bryant stood at the podium of the Missoula City Council and defiantly told them "...and I will be speaking until I'm done."  Given this delusion, it may prove too much for him to remain silent at this important moment.  After all, what does it say about god's messenger if he is silent when given the opportunity to speak in his own defense at such a time?  What would silence at that great moment say about his god?  Bryant's delusion as a messenger of god who would look foolish if he didn't speak in such an important moment could prove a difficult client management situation for his lawyers who, upon the likely conviction of Bryant, will be added to the list of people who failed him or who were against him in some grand conspiracy.

Bryant's decision to take the stand or to remain silent and not present a defense of himself, will be perhaps the most key issue during Bryant's trial in the coming weeks.  For his sake, hopefully Bryant will be smart enough to realize that the best thing he can do for himself is to remain silent.  This blogger wishes his lawyers the best in their attempt to advise their client.
30 Oct 20:

On his blog yesterday, Bryant wrote that those in the Missoula City Council who feared for their safety after his video threat promising to kill them over the next year, needed to "grow the fuck up."  He went on to call them disgusting and lacking in discipline and fairness.  He refers to them as "disgusting slime" and states "My only concern with their blood is that they live long enough to see true justice..."

Bryant explains that "...the law doesn't matter" and states "I am unconcerned with the law."
He then goes on to describe himself as the "consumate[sic] warrior" and expresses how loyal he has been to his country.  He explains that he murdered people overseas, and so he believes that gives him the right to yell at the Missoula City Council.  As to his loyalty, he makes no mention of his much earlier statement in which he challenges the idea of his own loyalty:

“I was a drone operator for six years, active duty for six years in the U.S. Air Force, and I was party to the violations of constitutional rights of an American citizen who should have been tried under a jury,” he said. “And because I violated that constitutional right, I became an enemy of the American people.”

Bryant continues to blog about how he never betrayed his country while calling your humble blogger a "pretender."

The most insightful part of his blog post is the language he frequently uses, to describe himself in terms that he no doubt read in the many fantasy fiction novels he is a fan of.  Talk of kings and warriors and duty, loyalty, etc.  As has been discussed in the God, Death, and Kids documentary, Bryant's incorporation of such fantasy themes into his self delusion is intense.

Bryant closes his blog with his familiar allusion to himself as a messenger of God asking, "How many messengers must god send before you stop killing them?"

21 Oct 20:
Recently on his Facebook page, Brandon yet again lashes out at apparently everybody who has ever known him while blaming them for the state of his life.  He claims he has come to the profound conclusion that he hates humanity, a profound conclusion he has exclaimed for years.  He also claims that "US Special Forces Command" (presumably he is referring to US Special Operations Command) is attempting to kill him using the cover of the Crips gang which apparently, at least in his view, is operating in Missoula Montana.
Bryant, the same individual who admits he was accused of rape while in the military, makes a couple new false claims about your humble blogger, claiming that while I was in the military I was the "kind of leader that would sexually harass the young women" or push people to "kill themselves."  He offers no evidence for these false statements.

Bryant points out the failures of every single person that he has reached out to for support or friendship who have all "failed" him and states, "I don't give a shit anymore. I want to die."  He continues by stating "may my goddamn family burn in the deepest burning hells" and says:

So I wait to die alone and fucking curse this world with my dying breath.

Bryant's continual use of suicidal language was covered in depth in God, Death, and Kids: Cian Westmoreland and Brandon Bryant Drone On.  It is my belief that this death wish, along with his repeated threats to murder or harm others, is evidence of the chief danger that Bryant presents to himself and to others.  Bryant has previously mentioned that he takes a look at his life and "I fucking hate it."  As his life spirals downward from the choices he has made and from his apparently un-diagnosed mental illness, the decision to make good on his frequent words about killing himself or others will become ever more appealing.  For this reason I believe the words of the mother who begins the video below are incredibly poignant as well as instructive.  Her son wanted to end his life, and did so in one of the most tragic events of modern American history.

I sincerely hope that Missoula is able to solve this very difficult problem and somehow get Bryant the mental health assistance he so desperately needs before a very predictable tragedy strikes.

20 Oct 20:

It would appear that despite early support from Matt Wardell, Bryant has now added him to his list of people he trusted that have somehow wronged him.  It's a long list that seems to include just about everybody who has ever supported Byant.  As shown in the video above, Mr. Wardell was quick to believe and not fact check the claims from Bryant and unfortunately he chose to characterize my discussion with him on Facebook sharing facts to challenge his misunderstandings (before he blocked me) as some kind of nefarious activity.  At any rate, Mr. Wardell has wisely, it would appear, chosen to distance himself from Bryant which, as I argued from the beginning, would be a smart move if he sought to push his political agenda.

Likewise, Bryant today on his Facebook account had a sharp comment toward Missoula City Council Vice-President Gwen Jones who publicly stated during Bryant's affair that she hoped Bryant "gets the resources and help that he needs" which is a hope shared by this blogger.  Regardless, Bryant had a sharp insult for the council woman. 

19 Oct 20:
Judge Shane A. Vannatta denied Bryant's request to dismiss the felony charge against him.  The text of his denial is at the end of the court documents which can be accessed here.  The reasoning of the denial is straight forward and persuasive.  While he is mindful that the facts need to be argued before a jury, he illustrates that the alleged facts provide probable cause for the crime of threatening public officials in order to affect their public duties.  He details the threats made by Bryant; naming the entire Missoula City Council (among others) and promising to "eliminate" them (the judge does not mention that his threats even give a specific time frame of "over the coming year") before stating they (among others) will die.  He also points out a fact that will no doubt be key during trial, that Bryant admitted to police to making the videos in order to "get a response."

The judge responds to the red herring attempt to pass off Bryant's videos as the product of your humble blogger by stating the obvious.  The videos are without question made by Bryant and he is the person in the video making the threats.  While Bryant's lawyers may wish to waste time arguing who made or uploaded the videos on what channel, the facts will easily show that Bryant made the videos, live streamed them publicly on YouTube, and maintained them publicly on YouTube (where this blogger was able to access them along with the rest of the public).  Bryant's original videos were only taken out of the Public Square after his trouble with law enforcement began, which explains why his videos are only currently available through copies posted on other channels (including local news programs that have copied portions for their journalism).  Hopefully the police downloaded their own copies of the videos in question from Bryant's public YouTube channel before he took them down after his release from jail although it should be irrelevant to any rational jury.

The free speech discussion is brought up and Judge Vannatta correctly opines that the Supreme Court has long maintained that "true threats" and "fighting words" are exceptions to First Amendment protected speech.  This might be deemed common sense, that people have a right to vocally disagree and criticize others, but that they cross a line when they threaten to kill or physically harm them.  I say this "might" be common sense only because so many today, similar to Mr. Bryant, have swallowed the false idea that "words are violence" and that those we disagree with politically are the "enemy" and that violence in response to these differences is somehow justified.  Mr. Bryant has exuded this belief on several occasions in his videos, perhaps most strongly when he claimed he would be "justified" in going on a "bloody fucking killing spree" in response to others who have "harmed" him, while having a habit of claiming "harm" when people simply criticize or socially ostracize him. 

Indeed, even this very day on his public Facebook page Bryant relates (responding to an unspecified and unnamed person or persons) that him telling another person to shut their mouth before he "does it for them" is not a free speech issue.  Certainly, murder is one way to shut another person's mouth.  Likewise, the threat of murder is often a way to shut somebody's mouth.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bryant refuses to understand why both of those things are not only wrong, but also illegal.  Ironically, he understands that certain speech falls outside of the protection of the First Amendment, but his standard of what speech does so (in his mind, speech he doesn't like) and what speech he thinks is perfectly okay (in his mind, threatening to murder those he disagrees with) is not compatible with the First Amendment, the Enlightenment, human rights, western civilization, or Montana law.  Sadly it is compatible with a growing population of Marxists increasingly using violence to loot, burn property, and murder while professing almost identical views as Mr. Bryant.

Judge Vannatta responds to Bryant's argument (arguing that his threats were mere "hyperbole") by stating that is an argument that must be decided at trial, but also notes that:
...to the Court’s ear, (and as a preliminary matter) Defendant Bryant’s statements and actions can be properly characterized as more than mere hyperbole. Indeed, the Motion and Affidavit for Leave to File Information recites the fear felt by many in the Missoula City Council resulting from the comments of Defendant Bryant and his video statements.

It will be interesting to see how persuasive this and other arguments from Bryant are to a jury during his trial next month.

14 Oct 20:
Bryant recently posted on his Facebook page that "the judicial system needs to go."  This is a theme that he has expressed for years as documented in Brandon Bryant the Documentary.  He has long held the belief that a judge is merely some "bullshit official" that bases judgments on rules that Bryant thinks do not apply to him.  This attitude is prevalent in many Americans today who share so many of Bryant's values.  Indeed, federal court houses have been attacked in Portland, making headlines, by people who share the vast majority of Bryant's entitled worldview, intense victimology, advocacy for violence, desire for the United States to be destroyed, and record of poor life decisions and an inability to take responsibility for their own actions.  This is an interesting profession from Mr. Bryant just weeks before his jury trial next month.

 2 Oct 20:
Bryant posted yesterday on his Facebook page that "I never came to this world to be benevolent, I came to be just."  He then goes on to explain that his "grandfather" would have said his purpose is for god, while he gets to define his own purpose.  This language is similar to other language he often uses to describe himself in language that illustrates a belief in his own divinity or special purpose like a hero or god figure sent among the rest of us to show us the way or, as in this case, to deliver justice.  Bryant's claims about delivering justice are numerous and nearly always couched in terms of the supernatural or religious.  While a court isn't a facility for diagnosing mental illness, it's important for people to understand the depth of Bryant's self delusion.  It is wrapped in an extreme attachment to fictional or religious figures, often from fantasy novels and comic books as much as religious texts, where his driving force is to create himself anew (a Dragon reborn) into a hero who protects the innocent, slays the evil doer, and gets the girl.  The intersection of this internalized fantasy gets reinforced with his mythical status as a "whistle blower" from the praise and handling of politically motivated propagandists like Jesselyn Radack and the Russian government.  It is notable that while media outlets have long since dropped Bryant, the Russian owned and operated RT network continues to give a full throated defense of Bryant.  Propagandists often look for easily manipulated people to deliver their sound bytes and those with mental illness are the easiest marks (see Bryant falsely claiming in his latest commentary that I am paid to criticize him online, or his false claim that I sent Marines to assault him who then murdered one of their own in a fire for standing up for Bryant, or that he was set up to fall in love with his Norwegian baby mama, or his claim that somebody was paid more than $200,000 to kick Bryant out of a house he was renting in order to push him along a certain "path").  As a result of his media handlers, the myth in Bryant's head and his intense persecution complex has only grown and the frustration he encounters and that increases as he ages is the result of the reality of his life not matching up to the delusion in his head.  That is a bad combination given his obsession with themes of slaying the evil doer and is one destined for tragedy as was discussed in the documentary: God, Death and Kids: Cian Westmoreland and Brandon Bryant Drone On.
25 Sep 20:
On Facebook yesterday and just weeks before his trial for making death threats, Bryant posted that evil "needs to be destroyed with force" and that he is going to seek "the complete and total destruction of the United States and those that have become traitors to humanity."  He continues to discuss those who have "harmed" him or "stolen" from him claiming they "will be killed and your bodies on display for the rest of the world to see..."  He concludes his screed with "May you all get what's coming to you. Every single one."
13 Sep 20:

Bryant has taken to his blog to repeat several themes that are key to his mental illness.  First, is the theme that he is persecuted and universally betrayed.  Everybody in his life is guilty of doing him wrong whether it be his family, the military, the Drone activists, his "lawyer" Jesselyn Radack, the people of Norway and his baby mama in particular, or people from the Outer Limits rag.  Any person he knows, including those who have tried to help him, end up being people who have betrayed him in his delusion.  He apparently discusses his break with the Outer Limits Rag staff and says of one of them, "I felt like I wanted to break his legs to remind him what it was like to be in pain."  Bryant admits his juvenile approach to always-failing relationships stating, "Every time I invite somebody into my circle I always have this Spongebob and Patrick best friend forever montage play through my head. It hurts when I find that I'm simply deluding myself."

Second, those people will be punished by God for their treatment of God's messenger here on Earth who has simply tried to warn the world like Jonah speaking to the people of Nineveh.  He writes:

They got me to fall in love and they broke my heart, stealing the very thing that I wanted most in my life. There are so many devious and stupid people in the world that it strikes me as odd that all of them believe that they will get away with it... If god does exist and will judge us for what we have done, I do not believe he will have mercy on their souls. They will be as described in their biblical texts as that which produces bad fruit will be thrown into the fire. I have nothing but pity for these creatures, for they are less than men. Betrayers of the Brotherhood of Mankind.

While Bryant refers to me as his "stalker" he at the same time admits to researching my wife and uncovering some of her clients in her legal practice, stating:

Rat Fatnearson, my stalker, could have been one of the good guys. He was given every opportunity to stand by what is right and he just, the fuck if i know, he just did his own vigilante bullshit. Where we could have been standing up against corporations corrupting the US Military and murdering across the world, he decides to spend all his time and effort to try and discredit me. It breaks my heart. I found out recently that his wife works/ed for Raytheon, Monsanto, and other mega corps. Which is why I get to dismiss everything about him because he's a toon.

Finally, Bryant repeats his constant theme that he is not responsible for his actions, that his bad actions are due to others.  Even him "falling in love" with his baby mama was a setup that "they" tricked him into doing.  He of course labels me as a stalker (because I read and discuss his public offerings) and lies that I have threatened or terrorized him or his followers or friends:

My experiences have been wholly unique, and to be honest, the trials absurd, as how do you deal with a 45 year old male stalker whose entire basis for not liking you is his "gut feeling." The police certainly didn't do anything when he was threatening me under many different pseudonyms, terrorizing my social media, followers and friends. Yet, they threw me in jail because the idiot claims he knows something about me from his stalking my online profiles.

03 Sep 20:

The Outer Limits rag that supported Brandon Bryant has apparently parted ways with him, using language similar to the Norwegian girl who apparently got a restraining order against him.  This is a repeating pattern for Bryant where supporters eventually find themselves targeted by his vitriol.  And, as usual, he blames this blogger somehow for the video threats he publicly made and publicly broadcast.

26 Aug 20:
The court has rescheduled Bryant's jury trial to 0900 on 30 November, 2020.  Out of state witnesses will participate using Zoom.  Court documents can be found here.
7 Aug 20:

From Bryant's Facebook page recently:
6 Aug 20:

In June Bryant's lawyer filed an unopposed motion with the court to modify one restriction on Brandon's jail release.  Previously Bryant had to get written permission before he could travel outside his county.  Bryant's motion requested to change the condition to instead require written permission before he could leave the State of Montana.  Court documents here.

1 Aug 20:

Just some interesting recent commentary from Bryant on his view of the Missoula Police Department and other commentary with familiar themes that were explored at length in God, Death and Kids: Cian Westmoreland and Brandon Bryant Drone On.

9 Jul 20:

Russian links were posted today that appear suspicious and targeting those interested in Mr. Bryant's legal proceedings.

May 1:

A Facebook group that calls itself "Voices For Creative Non-Violence" has sent out a plea to get supporters of Bryant to write a letter to the judge presiding over his trial.  Their plea includes:

Here is a sample letter to Judge Vannatta:

Honorable Shane A. Vannatta
District Court
200 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802
Re: Case DC-20-70

Dear Judge Vannatta:

I am writing to implore you to dismiss all pending charges against Brandon Bryant.

Mr. Bryant does not present a threat to the public, and, in fact, he has a history of speaking out on behalf of saving lives and improving the well-being of citizens of Missoula.

Further, I believe that the prospect of a trial and possible imprisonment in this time of Covid-19 crisis is a much heavier, punishing burden than it would be normally, and it is a burden that Mr. Bryant should not have to bear.

Thank you very much for considering this appeal.


(Your name and address)

Send the letter to Bryant’s defense attorney for forwarding to the judge. She is:

Robin Hammond
State Public Defender’s Office
610 Woody Street
Missoula, MT 59802

What is interesting is not only that the "Madison Veterans For Peace Chapter 25" shared this request from the "Voices For Creative Non-Violence" group, ironically continuing to advocate on behalf of an individual who threatens to kill others, but that this activist machine seeks to use democratic pressure on a sitting judge.  I suppose judges may be elected in Missoula, still most people should understand that judges are beholden to the law impartially and not to the whims of voters.  There is a tension I suppose when it comes to elected judges, perhaps they think the judge is more likely to be swayed by public pressure than by the law.

Mr. Bryant made his video "Alchemy: Understanding Hate" from March 2019 private upon his release from jail, and it has likewise been re-published here in a full and unedited form.

Brandon Bryant likewise made his video "Healing Anger" from August 2019 private upon his release from jail.  It has been re-published here it it's unedited and full form.

Brandon Bryant made his video "Reflections" from November 2019 private upon his release from jail.  It has been re-published here it it's unedited and full form.

Mr. Bryant also made his video "9 min until new year" private upon his release from jail, and it has likewise been re-published here in a full and unedited form.

April 21:

I have made available a video that Brandon has deleted from his YouTube channel since his release from jail.  He originally publicly live streamed his video titled "Alchemy On the matter of the Self" in October of 2018.  It has now been made available in its original unedited form here.

Likewise, Bryant's since deleted video "Judgment" has been re-released to the public here.

Similarly, Bryant's now-deleted video "Alchemy Self Inquiry" has been re-released to the public here.

The other videos that he has not yet deleted, but has merely made private since his release from jail, can be made similarly available to the public upon request. 

April 10:

Brandon Bryant blogs since his release from jail, makes the claim that threats against his person have ceased (never having provided any evidence for any threats against him, merely projecting as he does) and writes that I (who he now dubs "The Rat") "needs to be put down like a rabid animal."  In his usual fashion he holds and professes two contradictory claims in his same piece to provide himself a claim against threats by claiming he is against what he writes in preceding paragraphs.  He also writes to state that he's not a prophet from God with an obvious desire to soften the language and claims he has made in the past (while still discussing karma and reaping what you sow and claiming a person needs to be put down like a rabid animal) with his jury trial looming.

April 7:

Bryant's lawyers said they were unable to be ready at his original trial date or the backup date so the jury trial has been rescheduled for 28 September 2020.  While Bryant has a right to speedy trial, he has chosen to delay the trial to prepare further.

Mar 27:

Bryant's lawyers filed a motion to change a condition of his bail release involving his presence on public property or around development individuals and others so long as he has a police escort.

Mar 23:

Brandon Bryant took down his YouTube video channel from public view (making his videos private) so the links below won't work and while he has made some of his videos private he appears to have deleted others since his release.  Presumably law enforcement or the prosecutor would have downloaded those videos to preserve them.  If interested parties need those videos, contact this blogger and I'll provide them.

Mar 16:

Brandon Bryant's bond was paid, so Bryant was released.  This means that Reptile Dysfunction was incorrect to assume that Bryant took a mental health exam and proved he wasn't a threat to the community.  That bond document can be viewed here.

Oddly, the Defense's opening motion briefs that were continued until 13 March are not showing up.  Not sure if those were filed on time or if they got another continuation.

A website that sets off "security risk" software is commenting about Mr. Bryant.  It appears to be Russian upon first glance and bringing up "involuntary commitment causing ptsd" for some reason.  Fascinating.

Mar 15:

This report claims that Brandon Bryant was released from jail although there is no update on Bryant's Go Fund Me.  But his Facebook account has confirmed he was released.

Mar 11:

Good on KBGA for getting rid of the propaganda program "The Outer Limits" which spreads false information knowingly and exhibits some strange tribalistic attachment to a mentally ill fraud who threatens to kill people.  Strange group and it's no wonder KBGA would want to have nothing to do with them.  Now they're trying to suggest people call them and claim they would have donated if only...

Mar 10:

Brandon Bryant's lawyers filed a reply in support of their motion to dismiss.  Lots to read.  You can read it here.

The public defender seizes on the affidavit wrongly attributing my Pick Your Battles account as belonging to Mr. Bryant.  While it's true that the prosecutor was sloppy in this regard, I doubt that will matter when it comes to the probable cause standard given that the full video, and the abridged video, are both of Brandon talking to a camera.  It is what it is.

I agree with Bryant's lawyers that the "fighting words" argument is insufficient.

I agree that Brandon Bryant not wanting his mental health results released to the prosecutor makes sense.  Perhaps a deal could be had where the mental health records are released to the judge only, and not given to the prosecutor?

Bryant's lawyers make an interesting analogy about a kid writing in a notebook.  A better analogy would be a kid writing on public bulletin board threats to kill people, a person taking a photo of that bulletin board posting, and then putting that up on another bulletin board.

Brandon's lawyers are speeding when they state:

Because Defendant’s speech is being taken out of context via a video posted by a third party, it is impossible for the Court to determine, or counsel to effectively argue, whether Defendant’s speech is protected.

Also, Ms. Hammond's statement that:

Mr. Bryant has absolutely no criminal history.

.... is odd given Bryant's arrest in Norway, jailing, and being barred from the country but perhaps it's technically correct.  And her statement here is strange and not backed up, although irrelevant:

He's written numerous books...

It appears the Judge did make Bryant's mental health examination (or providing his old ones) an optional thing, and it's good that he has focused on this issue:

However, the Court will have Mr. Bryant screened for pretrial supervision. And if he agrees, I'll make it optional for him, but either the Court wants to see a fresh mental health screening, or wishes to see the prior mental health assessments that were made. Those can be filed under seal and provided to the Court.  Again, given the nature and the concern, the fact that other public officials feel threatened by Mr. Bryant, the Court is going to maintain bail as is.  I'm happy to entertain further bail arguments once a prerelease -- or, excuse me, a pretrial release plan has been formulated. But it would require, again, I want to see what pretrial screening determines, and I would like to see whatever is the result of any mental health screening, or current mental health diagnoses for Mr. Bryant.

Interestingly, Bryant's lawyers have indicated they may not file the motion to suppress Bryant's admission/confession once they get a copy of the recorded video file of his statements:

But, specifically, we have noticed up a motion to suppress Mr. Bryant's statement. Although, I would note that we have not been provided a recording of the statement. So, that might go away once we are able to review the recorded statement.

Likewise, the defense's indication of a motion to dismiss based on destruction of evidence appears to be merely based on discovery:

In addition, we are noticing, under generic motions, a motion to dismiss based upon destruction of evidence. Again, with some additional discovery, that -- that might go away, as well.

The defense oddly says they think trial would take two weeks.  That seems odd given the facts of the case and the evidence.  Perhaps they are planning to bring out a bunch of distraction character witnesses, it's not clear.  Or maybe it's to try to play up the red herring of who made what video and uploaded it.  The prosecution would be smart to get the video from YouTube directly, or at a minimum have a video expert analyze the video to show that it has no gaps and is unedited.

Bryant's lawyers argued that his mental illness was reason for him not to be in jail, although indicating there are no mental health issues and objecting to Bryant taking a mental health exam or providing prior health exams.  The judge responded:

So, I--I'm in a bit of a quandary, in that Mr. Bryant, through counsel, has made many statements about his mental health, but I have no independent indicia that there is any mental health issues. And, so, part of my purpose in requesting the mental health evaluation, or some records which would indicate mental health considerations -- which I'm not necessarily doubting, but I have no proof of them, either, and I'm -- I'm now forced to rely upon counsel and their statements.  Which counsel do have a requirement of candor to the Court, and -- and I have certainly found both of you to be honorable and truthful and candid to the Court, but, again, I'm left with nothing to -- to help establish Mr. Bryant's mental health status.

The prosecution states:

Your Honor, this is the third week in a row with the same arguments. Mr. Bryant is -- has expressed, both his many, many videos that are posted online, his mental health issues, that he's essentially experiencing a mental health crisis, and in the midst of this crisis he's making these threatening statements online and acting in a menacing manner before the city council.

The transcript shows the defense was not happy about the prosecution showing the judge a transcript of the video in question.  One of Bryant's lawyers, Mr. Coolidge falsely stated (because the context was absolutely unchanged in the abridged version):

So, Your Honor, I know Ms. Hammond has not have an opportunity to see the transcript. I am very familiar with the evidence of the case, and I can say that the transcript that's before the Court has been selected and taken out of context, and is not a full -- it's not a full reflection of what's in the video.

The prosecution responded:

And, Your Honor, if the State could be heard to provide some context. Because I do think that's very important, and I want to be as candid as possible for the Court.  There is a video that is online, and it's -- it's almost 13 minutes long. I've watched it repeatedly, and I find no indication of any hiccup in the verbal dialog or any adjustment of the camera that would indicate that it's edited in any way. I understand the video that they are talking about, and that is not the video that this transcript is from.

The prosecution continues:

From the State's perspective, very serious threats were made on these videos. We don't have any other information about Mr. Bryant's mental health status.  I would love to learn that. I would love to learn the perspective of Mr. Bryant and his mental health diagnoses to understand if he is a risk to the public, or not. Without that, we only have his representations and the videos that have been posted online.  This video, Your Honor, is posted on a website called "Pick Your Battles." The State will concede that there have been videos posted on the website since Mr. Brandon -- Mr. Bryant was arrested. This is a website being maintained by another person. I want to acknowledge that before the Court.  This video starts with Mr. Bryant turning a light on, shining it in his face and saying, "Just so you know it's me." The wording that you see comes after that.  The State has no reason to doubt its authenticity or foundation, but this is the substance of the current concerns that the State has.

The judge concludes by zeroing in on the real issue:

I will say, also, that mental health is an issue in this case. Because defense has placed mental health at issue by alleging that Mr. Bryant suffers from PTSD, depression, and other matters, I want confirmation.  I am not asking to have detailed notes, I want diagnosis and recommendation. Because it would be my intention, as a part of any release conditions, to require Mr. Bryant to complete any recommendations of a mental health evaluation, which would then limit his potential -- the community safety issues.  And, so, the -- the keys to the jail are in Mr. Bryant's hands.

Brandon Bryant tries to talk and his lawyers wisely, very wisely, keep that from happening:

THE DEFENDANT: Sir, may I say something?
THE COURT: You may.
MS. HAMMOND: If I could just --
(Discussion off the record.)
THE DEFENDANT: Thank you, sir.
MS. HAMMOND: Thank you, Your Honor.

Mar 9:

These TIF activists must not really care about TIF.  It must simply be the most convenient outrage catalyst for them to group together and yell.  If they were truly concerned about TIF, they wouldn't make obviously false claims like the claim from this flyer that he never threatened public officials, or that "leaked documents" somehow negate a video of him making threats against public officials.  They also have no idea what a whistle blower is.  If a person blows the whistle and tells everybody wearing raincoats that it's raining outside, that may or may not be useful, but it's not blowing the whistle.

There may very well be real issues with TIF that need to be addressed.  But blind allegiance to those who threaten to kill others is not helpful to a political cause.  The mentally ill make very poor spokesman for change despite their knack for finding each other online and organizing.

Mar 9:

Brandon and his friends from the Outer Limits rag continue to falsely assert that I sent a video to the Missoula City Council.  The reality is I made no contact with anybody in Missoula when Bryant was arrested.

But, Mr. Bryant did contact the police in my home town.  Fortunately they filed his nonsense appropriately as they're more than used to mentally ill lying nut jobs contacting them about me.

Mar 9:

This blogger posted a comment to correct the fringe rag known as the Outer Limits Radio Show in Missoula which kept (and continues) making the false claim that Brandon Bryant is a Staff Sergeant.  My comment had a link to Brandon himself admitting he's not a Staff Sergeant.  My comment, of course, was not approved by their moderators who are so into truth and accurate reporting (if you view that phrase like a mentally ill person might to mean just making stuff up).

True to form, they not only continued to post the false claim that Brandon Bryant is a Staff Sergeant, as well as the false claim that he retired from the military, but even did so while criticizing other media for "censorship" and lamenting journalism that doesn't check sources or facts and posts false information. 

Brandon Bryant is in great company with these nut jobs from the Outer Limits, that's for sure, as they all enjoy spreading false information online while hypocritically projecting their own failures onto others.

Mar 8:

In a video live streamed on 4 Mar 2019 entitled "Alchemy: Understanding Hate" (Bryant made this video private after his release from jail, but it has been re-published here) Bryant states that he hates humanity and says:

...it's never ever that simple, except for, just, you know what, destroy every politician.  Every politician, if we lived in a truly just society, all these politicians that are taking money by lobbyists and not doing the will of the people, they would be taken out into the street and executed one by one.  And then replaced.  Because they have destroyed lives, they've destroyed a fucking bunch of lives and used the law to avoid consequence of their actions... they deserve death.

 He explains:

People think that I'm mentally unstable or crazy when I talk about this but... these people are evil, these people are wicked and unrighteous, they deserve death.  They deserve it.

After explaining that he no longer has sympathy for military people who commit suicide, Bryant continues:

Maybe we need a little more pain and suffering in our lives, in our world, before someone actually steps up to the fucking plate and does something about it.

He then explains:

Rick Rynearson is a fucking piece of shit coward.  Norway is a fucking piece of shit coward.  The United States government is piece of shit cowards.  The fucking entire drone programs are piece of shit cowards and I don't give a fuck if they all put guns in their mouth and take their lives because they each deserve it.

Bryant continues to discuss politicians and how to solve the problem of politics and states:

We have to reflect on our actions and what they mean, and death shouldn't be off of the table at this point.  We have, they're destroying our world and our planet, we're having this climate change shit that's going on, like, it's negative twenty degrees outside my house right now... And these people they criticize socialism as if like socialism is the cause for the downfall of societies, and no it's not, it's the people in charge that think they should take more for themselves than give to others.  You know, when you are a leader of your people you are not above them, you are below them, and you are supposed to lift them up, you're not supposed to take from them, you're supposed to give to them, you're supposed to show and lead by example.

Bryant relays that:

And yes, from that I see that it's not really about money, it's about power and control and dominance.  And none of these people...  These people just need to be wiped off the face of the fucking planet.  Donald Trump needs to be eradicated.  Hillary Clinton needs to be eradicated.   All of these people that control and harass and degrade the average person and puts them in slave wages...

Bryant then displays a rant that shows a key characteristic of himself, where he turns on those who try to help him, and blames them for his problems (in my view, help is not genuine in his mind unless it comes in the form of money, at the root he wants to be financially supported).

 To conclude Bryant states:

Now I have to figure out a way to fix this mess.  And I'll do it myself if I have to.  No one will be able to stop me.  That I promise.  I'll bring the whole world to its knees, with a stick.

Mar 7:

In a GQ article Bryant said he threatened to stab a kid in a Best Buy while buying video games over the kid asking him how many people he killed in war (A Newsweek article said he threatened to hunt the kid down and kill him in front of his family).  In an October 2018 video (which Bryant deleted from his channel but has been re-released here) Bryant relays a story about seeing some kids at a Missoula establishment called "Flying Squirrel" on Halloween where a poorly dressed male was in a corner and Bryant was bothered by the guy and complained to the manager loudly in front of the guy as he thought the guy was using a little girl as bait to lure people into a corner and Bryant states:

The only other choice I had was, I knew that if I was gonna confront this guy, I would have fuckin' grabbed my knife out of my pocket and stuck it right in his throat and I wouldn't have asked a question. 

Mar 7:

Another video from Brandon Bryant, live streamed publicly on 16 Aug 2019 and entitled "Healing Anger" (which Bryant made private after his release from jail, but which has been re-published here) demonstrates Brandon Bryant's threats to kill politicians and others he deems "evil."

He starts off introducing himself to his public viewers stating:

If you don't know my story, I'll sum it up for you...but before we get into that I want to warn you guys I'm going to be talking about esoteric topics...

He mentions that even before contacting the Bainbridge Island police department he was reporting my "harassment" (he means journalism) stating:

When I was dealing with the Rick Rynearson bullshit I was reporting his harassment to the authorities, they wouldn't do anything, I was reporting his harassment to even Twitter and all the social media platforms, they didn't do anything.

After his fictional story of me sending Marines to threaten him, he projects his defamation onto me and continues:

I even tried to talk to my lawyer about going after this guy for slander and no one would help me.  It's interesting that, like, Jesselyn Radack and all of them, none of them would help me unless it benefited them.  Unless they got something, like, they would just take from me.

After a discussion of being able to open his third eye and communing with what he calls demons and other entities, Bryant continues:

And I actually really have to thank...my enemies....because they've shown me...what truly is evil in this world.  Rick Ryearson is an evil fat fucking piece of shit.  The Norwegians are evil people.

At about 17:05 he discusses his son's mother and deliberates on whether or not he would decapitate her with a sword.

While earlier Bryant talks about his alleged physical ailments, he boasts:

I don't think anyone could come against me... if someone came at me, I would destroy them, a hundred percent, if someone attacked me, I would break their arms and their legs...

He continues to discuss me stating:

And I know that Rynearson's problem is his fuckin' massive ego, but he's still evil.  He's still an evil piece of shit. 

Bryant then explains the conspiracy theory behind falling in love with his son's mother, how "they tricked" him into falling in love with her as a means to get back at him for whistle blowing.  (In a previous video from October 2018, that has since been deleted by Bryant since his release from jail but which has been re-released to the public here, Bryant says his son's mother told others that she feared for her life from him).

After plagiarizing a Captain America comic book as he frequently does and delivering that familiar line, he then concludes his video with:

And I pray that I have the power to get my son back and destroy ever single person who has stood in front of me.  Because pretty much the entire world is my enemy, our entire society is my enemy, our politicians and those people who are evil are my enemy.  And if I have to continue fighting alone, then I guess that is what I will do... And I guess that is where the real fun begins... Yeah, if you don't hear from me, good luck, and if you're my enemy, go fuck yourself.  If I don't kill you in this life, I'll kill you in the next.

Mar 6:

It's going to be important for the prosecution to demonstrate that Bryant's threats amounted to "true threats" under Ninth Circuit case law, otherwise a conviction under this Montana law won't likely survive appeal.  What's fascinating about this case is that Bryant has a habit of saying contradictory things as he rambles, sometimes in the span of a single sentence.  As a result, that gives both defense and prosecution something to work with.  But at the end of the day, if a person says "I will kill you" followed by "I'm not saying I will kill you" that doesn't change the fact that they said they would kill you.

Again, the real issue in this case is mental illness.  A person who has two different sides to them, or as Missoula City Council member Heather Harp said, an "irrational" side is a person who is a threat when the threatening side is manifesting.

Mar 5:

Yesterday the omnibus memo was filed with the court (although it was dated 27 February) and it has a couple interesting parts.

It shows that the State is going to introduce further evidence relating to past threats from Brandon Bryant.  That's not surprising.

It also shows Bryant's lawyers are planning to make an affirmative defense based on "false identity."  Presumably this will be more distraction about who uploaded what YouTube video.  This will be a fascinating read given the video is Brandon talking to a camera during a public live-streamed YouTube session, turning on the lights and identifying himself, coupled with his participation in city council meetings where he introduces himself as "Staff Sergeant Brandon Bryant."  While he introduced himself falsely and he does not actually have that identity given that he's not a Staff Sergeant, I'm guessing that isn't the argument his lawyers are going to make.  It's also interesting given his admissions to police, which brings us to the next interesting part.

The defense is moving to suppress Bryant's admission/confession.  This is a key item given that Bryant handed the prosecution a near certain win with his admission to police that he made the videos to get a response and to be a bogeyman.  Without a confession, the prosecutor would have to work much harder to delve into the motivations of Bryant to convince a jury.  The defense will definitely want to suppress this admission.  Assuming the police dotted their i's and crossed their t's this evidence will be allowed.  It would appear Brandon talking to the police was done voluntarily, he was free to go if he wanted.  This is why people ask police "am I free to go" in order to force police to tell them if they are involved in a voluntary meeting (which means anything they say can be used as evidence) or if it's a custodial arrest (meaning they're not free to go, and they must then be read their rights for their statements to be used as evidence).  My gut feeling is this meeting with police was voluntary as evidenced by Brandon leaving and going home afterward, but the defense may try to argue that it was actually a custodial arrest.  This could prove to be a very important part of the case.  Given that it was recorded on video, if the video doesn't show the police telling Bryant he wasn't free to go then it will likely be viewed as a voluntary meeting and the admission/confession will be permissible which would be a big win for the prosecution.  While showing intent could still be made without Bryant's admission/confession, the prosecution's argument would be near bulletproof with his admission in evidence.

It also appears his lawyers are going to try to get the charges dismissed over a claim of "destruction of evidence."  No idea what evidence they're claiming was destroyed, but one would think it would be exculpatory evidence of some variety otherwise they'd just go to trial and show that the prosecution has no evidence, rather than try to dismiss the whole thing.  But it's hard to have evidence that somehow negates a video of a person saying something, so I'm not sure how well that argument is going to work out.  It will be fascinating for sure.

My gut feeling is Bryant's lawyers know they're in a tough spot and these are just odd Hail Mary attempts, but who knows.

Lastly the memo indicates that no parties have a mental disorder although the court documents show that Mr. Bryant refused to take a mental health examination at the request of the judge.  This is also interesting given Brandon Bryant's 2 February 2020 blog post where, among several defamatory statements and profanity, he writes:

And okay, I admit it. I've had a mental breakdown. I blew the whistle and it seemed like nothing happened; I was ousted from my church; I was excommunicated from  my family; I lost my job; I lost my son; I lost my health. Even my housing. Of COURSE I've lost my mind!

Mar 5:

The executive director of a group dubbed "Veterans for Peace" (which is also represented by Jesselyn Radack's fraud puppet, Cian Westmoreland and associated with liar Lisa Ling) is parroting the myth and propaganda about Bryant having PTSD (he doesn't) and being a whistle blower (he wasn't).  What's particularly interesting is that Garett Reppenhagen is claiming his friend, the "peace activist" publicly called for "violent political accountability" and yet at the same time maintains the system is being "manipulated" against his friend who has been trying to find "justice."  He seems to think that calling for violence, breaking a law, and then getting due process with a jury trial isn't justice.  The executive director of Veterans For Peace seems to think that breaking the law by threatening violence should not result in jail.

Mar 4:

Taking a look at Brandon's video made after police notified him of the trespass, he even then makes a few interesting statements.

He states that he was on a local media station stating:

...for voicing my opposition to the misuse and abuse of Montana's Tax Increment Financing statute which is causing measurable harm to many people...

This language is reminiscent of Bryant's view, that he expressed in his Oct 5, 2018 live streamed public video entitled Judgement, (that video was deleted by Bryant from his channel but has been made available here) that:

Because if I responded in the same way, I would fucking have killed many of these people who have harmed me and I would be justified, according to all the old laws and all the ancient laws, I would be fucking justified in going on a bloody fucking killing spree...and laws aren't going to protect you from the consequences of your actions.  But I can say you're fucking shit, get your shit together.  And if you don't, you know, I wouldn't hesitate or bat an eye or anything, to just put a knife in your gut and let you bleed out.  Get your fucking shit together.  You know, these people that are in charge they fucking destroy people's lives and then they get upset when they have to pay a fucking fine.  They're destroying lives.  Every single one of these rich mother fuckers that are in charge of our government, they are destroying people's lives across the board for their own profit and benefit, and you know, they deserve to be hung.  They deserve to be hung.

In that same video he says at 41:33 that:

Yes, I will judge you.  That it totally fucking true.  If you cannot get your shit together and you harm me or I see you harm others I will judge you, and I will bring it to your attention, and if you do not fix it, I don't give a fuck.  I really just don't give a fuck anymore.

Later, he claims that the military tried to kill him to prevent him from talking about his claimed PTSD (which contradicts his telling of that story in this video) and then discusses the concern over his threats by the city council at 8:50 stating:

I'm not a politician.  I'm a warrior.  I'm a scholar.   I don't want their fucking job, but I will make sure that they do it right.  And if not, they will be eliminated.  They'll go somewhere else.  But it won't be in my community.  And anyone who wants to enter my community will have to have my permission.  Simple as that.

After finishing his written statement response, he continues at 11:21:

I hate human beings.  My own country has shown me that it's filled with nothing but fucking trash.  Trash humans.  And while some people say the majority of them are silent and don't know what to do, when there is definitely trouble that is going on as it is, we need people to stand up for their fucking selves.

At 23:55 he states:

There's no sense in thinking that I wasn't going to die.  Really, who would have gotten vengeance for me, no one.  There's no one that loves me, there's no one that will probably ever love me and I'm okay with that.  I've got my duty.

At 27:30 he continues:

I'm tired of fighting against corrupt politicians who are so obviously corrupt that it makes me sick.  And talking about eliminating them from their position, because they do not meet the standards that are required of them, and running them out of town, like, those people will not live in my town, they're an embarrassment, I want them driven out of my town.

Mar 3:

Brandon Bryant's last blog entry, from 7 Feb, posted five days after a rant about this blogger, is a single solitary link to a quick draw sword technique.

Mar 2:

The claim that Brandon Bryant makes his videos as personal diaries is transparently false for reasons already covered in this blog post.  For further evidence, at 0:50 in his video entitled "Reflections" from November of 2019 (made private by Bryant but subsequently re-published here), Mr. Bryant sets up his camera and computer a certain way and says to the camera, "because this is the image I want reflected out to everybody while I say this" and as he frequently does in his videos when he stumbles or loses his train of thought or his phone goes off, apologizes to the viewer saying "sorry I'm not prepared."  In a different video Mr. Bryant admits he maintains his channel in the hope that somebody will listen to him.  Then he goes on to discuss the Missoula City Council and the Mayor of Missoula starting at 10:23 stating:

We've got these blood sucking fucking parasites, we've got one in my own fucking valley that I'm going to be dealing with here shortly and it seems that we have, my entire city council is just a bunch of fucking parasites, especially our mayor.

Later in this same video, at 16:55, Bryant mentions a former Air Force supervisor, Joseph Lavato, and says:

I've never met a more vile human being that I would just have no issue of eliminating from the thread of humanity.

The quote above elevated since Bryant mentioned Lavato in his October 2018 video Judgement, (since deleted by Bryant from his channel but made available here) where he had stated:

In fact it was Joseph Lavato, who told me that I should just pretend it's a dog.  And you know what, I'm going to break that man's nose the next time I see him, if I ever cross his path, and he should be lucky that's all I'm going to do to him.

He continues at 22:05 and says:

And it is time to change that.  And it really time to remove the fucking parasites that just take and take and take.  And they degrade you for what they take of you...I don't even know what to do, when my own community, instead of taking care of its own people would rather sell it out to a millionaire so he can lay the foundation for all of his friends.  This is an invasion in my own home.  And I feel like this might not just be an invasion of my home and my backyard, but it's an invasion of my soul.

He continues at 26:02 with:

Instead of trying to find a fucking solution, we're just continuing doing what's thrown in our fucking faces day in and day out, is the worst thing that we could possibly fucking do, violate nature, violate our communities, take advantage, extract, extract, extract for profit, like we...I wish I could just figure out a way to properly express this so that the simplest of simpletons could understand.

He continues at 29:41 to state:

And my own city councilmen are trying to put in a hundred million dollar fucking venue place for all these rich fucks.  The same ones that are killing people, profiting off of killing people in the Middle East who have taken people like me and made them murder and violated them and killed themselves, they now need a place to relax so they decided to come to the comfy resort town of Montana to listen to Nick Checota serenade them with, whatever. I'm just done.  I'm just done.  Like, I followed all the rules and it's funny, because like the Joker movie is almost a complete inverse of myself and so that's what happens when you put someone who is mentally ill, and you push them beyond the edge.

After an interesting display of moaning, at 32:25 he continues:

So I've been trying to figure out a way how to approach the city council...treat others as you would like to be treated, yes, but it's also recognizing that when others are ignorant and blind and stupid and destructive, for no creation purposes at least, they need to be reminded.  Yeah, I think we just need to be reminded.  Sorry, I heard a noise and I got distracted.  Just end this.  Like I want the people who are supposed to be in charge to do their duty, that's why they've been given their duty, not to take advantage of an other people but to do, they're supposed to be strong to do it.

He sums up his video at 38:45:

I guess if I were to sum it all up since we're coming up on forty minutes.  Awareness, awareness of what you're doing, the world is in disharmony and the people that are in charge want to keep it that way because they benefit from it.  That which is evil is that which separates, removes, isolates.  Everything that I've come across in my research is that the governments of the world are exactly that evil thing that we've been warned against...I mean the only thing that you haven't taken from me is my life and you pretty much taken that, you've taken everything but the vital breath that I draw, and I've given you plenty of opportunity to take it from me...and until I find someone in the position of authority that actually knows what they're doing and can give me a good answer then I will assume there is no authority greater than myself.

In a similar video streamed live on 7 December, 2019 also titled "Reflections," Mr. Bryant at 4:13 states:

Every time I see people mistreating one another, or mistreating their animals, or being shitty fucking human beings I just want to take a stick and beat the fuck out of them...because they don't respond to gentleness and kindness.

At 6:20 he continues:

How do you have compassion for people who destroy communities, who suck the life out of life like a parasite...because I feel like this rage is justified.  Absolutely righteous rage.  But it hurts my soul.  Perhaps because it's toward people I should be having reverence for. 

On 31 December, 2019 in another live streamed video, Brandon states:

So this new year is going to be something I might think an emotional roller coaster for myself.  Around the Chinese new year I will it will have been thirteen years since I killed my first human being.  One year for every person I murdered.  I don't know if that frees me of anything, if that's, thirteen is the number of the death card in the book of tarot, transformation, metamorphosis, it's not the end.

At 7:36 his narration is interrupted by a phone call and he tells his viewers "one second" while he answers the phone.

After picking up his dog, he live streams a new video (made private by Bryant after his release from jail but re-published here) and states:

And because of the greed of the world, the last hundred years, we've destroyed our planet, so thanks.  As we go into 2020 let us look back at how these corporations just steal life from human beings and all politicians do is set rules by which they allow them to do it...

At 12:52 Brandon admits the obvious that he maintains his YouTube page in the hopes that somebody will listen:

The only reason why I even maintain this page is because I feel like I'm just a voice crying out in the darkness, hoping that somebody fucking listens...I mean, I'm not sure if anyone is really even listening.  How many times have been sent prophets, how many times have been sent messengers of God, because of the ego of vain and decrepit men, they refuse to listen.

In another live streamed video uploaded on 17 January, 2020, at 38:15 Bryant states:

We have our business practices are polluting the environment and enslaving other human beings, and we don't do anything about it because it doesn't directly affect us yet and what is happening in Missoula, actually, is kind of strange because the city council has sold the city of Missoula out to the highest bidder and have, one of the banks, Stockman bank, took out a loan from itself and put the onus onto the citizens of Missoula to build two 4.4 million dollar buildings and there is a local millionaire named Nice Checota, he's not local, he's a Wisconsin millionaire, who has bought up all the music venues and has strangled the music industry here in Missoula and he's trying to get the city of Missoula to give him 16.5 million dollars in which the city of Missoula will pay back, the citizens of Missoula will pay back over 70 years to build a riverfront triangle venue.  And we have 500 school children in our city homeless.  The developers, specifically Jackson Co, are in league with certain members of the city council and other members of the community by giving kickbacks and for help of the to un-obstruct their development processes so they can build million dollar condos and bring all those people that ruined everywhere else in the world to here, but which is forcing all the people who work in the city to leave so that all the workers have to commute in.

At 41:02 his phone buzzes and he tells viewers "sorry, I've probably got to get going."

In another live streamed video from January 20, 2020 Bryant states:

I really worry for our future, with the state of our leadership, if they're willing to steal a child for telling the truth and ruin someone's life to hide wrongs, put people in jail, exile people, even locally, our local government is using tax money and putting the local citizens in debt for immediate small gain and excusing it as dealing with blight, gentrification basically.  And trying to push it through so fast that the citizens of Missoula can't respond.

At 19:35 he continues:

I've talked to plenty of my council people here in Missoula and I told them, they basically have the power of kings without the title, power of the aristocracy without the title, they're supposed to represent the common people.  And she was like well we don't have that much power, but they have enough power to sell us out which they have.  I expect a lot from my leaders...I expect that of all my leaders, I expect that of the people that decide if they step up to those position then they're gonna give their fucking best, and they're not gonna be cowards except I keep running into these people who are.  And I'm sick of it.  I'm sick of it.  Who are we supposed to rely if not the people who step up to leadership positions?  Who are we supposed to trust to not take advantage of us, except that's what it's doing.  Jeff Bezos was named an Eco-terrorist over in eastern countries and there is a lady that rants about him here in Missoula, says that he electrocutes brains and eats children and stuff, which who knows, might be true and if that's the case like we have this guy who's the richest dude in the world and he's labeled an Eco-terrorist and alleged, brain fryer electrofrier and baby eater.  That's not very kingly.  That's not very admirable.  How can we admire these people?

Mar 2:

The prosecution's response to Bryant's Motion to Dismiss was solid.  The main thrust was that trying a case, and providing proof, is not appropriate for a probable cause determination for an arrest, but rather is reserved for the jury.  The prosecutor also made it clear, regardless, that the video of Brandon talking to a camera, turning on a light and identifying himself, was solid evidence regardless that Brandon made the video.  The response also quotes Bryant's comments to police admitting he made the video, and very importantly, that Bryant admitted he made the video to elicit a response.  Presumably this statement was made in the police's "soft" room which documents state was recorded by video camera.  This admission by Brandon makes the case for the charge against him as he admits to the desired effect and wanting to be a "bogeyman."  The prosecutor also makes sure to tie the stick waving and screaming at the council members with the video, establishing the speech (which they argue, accurately I think, is not protected as it is a true threat) is also tied to conduct.  That's an important point to make in distinguishing protected from unprotected speech.  The prosecution wisely remarks on my mention in Bryant's motion as "a distraction with no relevance...Defendant made the threatening video."

The secondary thrust of the response was linking conduct and speech, and carving out the exceptions to protected speech to include true threats and, the prosecution mentions, the fighting words exception.  It's doubtful to me that the fighting words exception will prove persuasive to the court, as fighting words requires some imminence, but it will be interesting to see if the the prosecutor further develops this argument by linking the physical conduct at meetings with the speech.  While I think this argument is unlikely to survive, the true threats argument has legs it seems to me.

I also like that the Prosecutor has maintained a principled position and hasn't tried to overreach or overstate, writing "In an effort to be candid to this Court in reviewing the Affidavit of Probable Cause, the State noted that while the video specifically addresses the Missoula City Council, the specific threats to eliminate and exterminate people and that others must die, are muddled."

I think the prosecution will be able to show that the threats were directed at the Missoula City Council even if also directed at others.  Showing the video of Mr. Bryant screaming at the Missoula Council how they have "wrecked" the community and linking that to the video's concluding paragraph where Mr. Bryant lists off people including those who have wrecked his community, will likely be persuasive.

Also, the language used in this video stating that all those will be eliminated is informed by Mr. Bryant's use of the phrase "eliminate" in another video where he also mentions the Missoula City Council and mayor as being blood sucking parasites in November of 2019, and later in that video discusses a former military supervisor, Joseph Lavato, and states "I've never met a more vile human being that I would just have no issue of eliminating from the thread of humanity."  That statement is found at 25:02 in Brandon Bryant the Threat or in Brandon's unedited full video on his channel (if it is taken non-public, contact this blogger for it be uploaded publicly) at 16:55.

There is no doubt that Brandon made the video.  There is no doubt his videos are meant for public consumption.  Given his statements to the police, there is no doubt he intended to get a reaction with his statements and influence the political issue.  And given his words there is no doubt what he meant when he used the word "eliminate."

I fully expect Mr. Bryant's motion to dismiss will be denied.

Feb 28th:

Mr. Bryant's lawyers filed a motion to reduce bail on the 27th of February.  Just a few thoughts on that motion...

Ultimately, this Court kept bail as set and ordered that Mr. Bryant be screened by Missoula Correctional Services, Inc., and that he undergo a mental health evaluation, which evaluation shall be disclosed to both the Court and to the prosecution.

Mr. Bryant objected to both the screening and the evaluation numerous constitutional grounds, detailed infra.

He's right he doesn't have to do the mental health exam.  The Judge no doubt knows that, but set it as a condition if Mr. Bryant wants out of jail early to prove that he's not a threat.

The motion talks about Mr. Bryant's emotional support dog and how it's denied to him in jail.  Reading this reminded me of years ago, when I was friends with Brandon on Facebook, and he was complaining that the government wasn't paying for his living expenses fully.  His grandmother, if I recall correctly, even chimed in to tell him he needed to work and make his way through life in that discussion.  I told him that he had full GI Bill benefits that were very generous, and that provided a housing allowance.  I quickly went online and found places in Missoula for rent that were less than the housing allowance he was entitled to from the GI Bill.  He responded that all the numerous places I found didn't have big enough backyards for his dog.

The Public Safety Assessment done on Mr. Bryant notes that he has a prior failure to appear in court on his record.  No idea what that was about, but that's likely not helpful when trying to get pre-trial release.

The police report mentions involuntary commitment of Mr. Bryant as a possible option.  It's good to see the police focusing on his mental health issues.  The Missoula police officer's report also states:

I advised Mr. Bryant of my concerns about the video that had surfaced in which he talks about exterminating the city council, and that his videos had caused a lot of safety concerns in Missoula city government officials.  He was understanding of that, and tried to distance himself from those safety concerns.  He told me he made the video "to get that response," and that "I (he) don't feel like I will cross the line," in regards to committing violence against any of the council members.

This admission of the obvious, that he made the videos to get a response, cuts into his claim that his public, live-streamed, videos were private diaries.  The report continues:

Mr. Bryant told me Mr. Rynearson used to serve with him in the military, and they both left the drone program when they had ethical concerns about their roles in combat... Both of them appeared at conferences and received recognition as "whistleblowers" and had a good friendship up until a few years ago.

While this is irrelevant to Mr. Bryant's legal troubles, I didn't leave the drone program over ethical concerns, but rather over legal concerns.  In fact, after refusing an unlawful mission I made it clear I wanted to continue flying drones, which I had volunteered for as I blogged about in 2010, to provide that critical resource to our men and women on the ground.  For months I continued to fly drones (despite refusing the unlawful order) and was simply not scheduled to fly the unlawful mission.  I had no desire to leave the drone program, it's important and when conducted properly, by real professionals, by courageous public servants who make the tough calls and put real skin in the game (rather than pretend that they do for Ms. Radack and her propaganda pieces) it's a huge addition to our nation's capability.  The drone program is a great technology.  Coupled with real American military professionals with moral courage and the convictions of the burden of their oath of office, it's a capability that makes America safer.

But my ethics didn't factor into my role as a public servant.  Rather the law factored, which is the ethics of the public I was paid to serve.  More importantly, Mr. Bryant did not leave the drone program over his ethical issues.  He tried to advance in the program, was rejected, and separated from active duty.  His claimed "ethical concerns" only became a thing after he was out of active duty and cameras were rolling.  I never appeared at any conferences, and I never got recognition as a "whistleblower."  I absolutely support real whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, but I was never called to be one as the illegal activity I refused to conduct, and resigned my commission over five years prior to retirement, was activity that was already known by the American people (the ACLU had a lawsuit over it, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta had admitted to the unlawful conduct on 60 Minutes).  I fully support and revere actual whistleblowers as the bravest and most patriotic American public servants, but I was luckily never placed in a position to make that kind of sacrifice.  And I can say without hesitation and with all the credibility in the world, that Brandon Bryant is not a whistleblower nor are his fraud colleagues mentored by Jesselyn Radack in her propaganda cottage industry.  Lastly, I was Facebook "friends" with Mr. Bryant.  He was never my friend despite me being nice to him and taking an interest in him while I figured him out, before I came to the conclusion that he was a bad actor just as others in the drone program had previously warned me he was.  I have never personally met Brandon Bryant, all of our interaction has been digital.

The officer's report continues:

Mr. Bryant said he has filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Rynearson in the Seattle area, for this online "stalking," and that Mr. Rynearson has some type of conditions of release related to this.

I have no idea what "conditions of release" means.  There are no legal proceedings against me, no law enforcement or other individual has contacted me about this alleged complaint, I have not been found guilty of any crime, and I was not put in jail necessitating conditions for release.  I have no idea what that is referring to.  But it's not at all surprising that Mr. Bryant would make the false claim that I sent videos to the Missoula City Council (I did no such thing) while then admitting that he contacted law enforcement in my home town.  It also doesn't surprise me that he'd be making a free speech claim to justify his threats to kill people (true threats being non-free speech), while claiming that my journalism about him to the public documenting his threats to kill me and others, is somehow criminal activity.  Having dealt with an individual very similar to Brandon Bryant (and his crew of liked minded supporters), this behavior of projection is very familiar along with its central tenets and character traits.  Hopefully the judicial system will hold the line on our rule of law as it did for me in both my state and federal free speech victories (where I was supported by the ACLU) in the face of an individual who lied like it was an involuntary response and who also drummed up false claims to the police to get me to stop criticizing him.  The police officer's report continues:

Mr. Bryant admitted to me that he uploaded those videos, saying he didn't directly threaten to kill any council members, although acknowledging that he was referring to the city council later in the video...  He freely admits that he is just trying to get attention for his frustrations about the gentrification of Missoula.  He said the "language (in the video) was there to incite a response" and that "I'm trying to be the boogeyman" to raise awareness of issues affecting the city.

So much for Mr. Bryant's claim that he didn't make the videos, or for the false claim that they were edited to take them out of context, or that they were private video diaries.  You don't make diary entries in order to be a "bogeyman" to influence city politics.  Hopefully this was part of the recorded "soft" interview conducted by the police for use at trial.  The report continues:

He said he tried to have the attorney who represented him in his whistleblower proceedings help him regain custody [of his son], but that they [sic] attorney wasn't much help.

I am unaware of Jessleyn Radack ever representing him as a lawyer in any proceeding because Mr. Bryant wasn't a whistleblower, but I am aware that she represented him as a Public Relations manager.  It's not surprising at all that she wouldn't help him with trying to gain custody of his son after his son's mother felt Bryant was a threat to her and her child's safety.  The report continues:

Mr. Bryant maintains he's technically still in the military, although the details of his relationship with the military were difficult for me to understand...  He told me he's still fighting against the VA to have his physical disability recognized by both the VA and Social Security Administration, which is another source of frustration to him.

Mr. Bryant is not technically in the military.  He was only ever in the military because we were in a time of war and we relaxed our standards due to manning challenges with the growing drone program.  Mr. Bryant is correct that with the huge increase in the need for drones, it was rare for the best to volunteer for that program and the worst were often sent to it.  Brandon is a phenomenal example of that sad fact.  Now we are paying the price for that.  He's lying every time he refers to himself as a "Staff Sergeant."  It's not surprising that he's still fighting to get money for his claimed TBI given that he does back flips and wrestles and joined an "extreme sports" veteran club after his claimed injury.  Mr. Bryant is a fraud who has a deep desire to get money from the government however he can, and who defrauded taxpayers with his PTSD diagnosis.  The report continues:

The primary sources of stress in Mr. Bryant's life including homelessness, not have a job, his inability to see his son, and lack of former recognition for his disability, or some type of disability payments.

This touches on the key aspect of Mr. Bryant.  He wants free government money.  He publicly states that he's not the kind of person who works for money, and that he thinks "job" is just another word for slavery that prevents people from using their time to learn about themselves.  He has made the claim of being homeless while having a GI Bill benefit that paid for housing, while living with his mother, etc.  In his propaganda he tried to pretend that he was homeless living outside near a carousel in Missoula.  Brandon's claims of being homeless have been a staple in search of gaining sympathy from others.  The report continues:

Later in the week, Mr. Bryant notified me he was attempting "press charges" against Mr. Rynearson by contacting the local police department in Washington state where he believed Mr. Rynearson was still living.  He asked me for permission to give my name and contact information to an officer there in case they needed to speak to me about the situation, which I said was fine.  I got a phone call from a detective from the Bainbridge Island (WA) police department on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 5th.  The detective's name was Jon Ledbetter, and he confirmed Mr. Rynearson was a resident there and characterized him as a local activist who sometimes drew the attention of law enforcement.  We both discussed the situation and agreed that there didn't seem to be any criminal violations...as Mr. Rynearson was simply taking videos that Mr. Bryant had uploaded to the public domain.

Yes, I'm known to my Bainbridge Island Police Department because Clarence Moriwaki (who shares dramatic similarities with Brandon Bryant) lied to them and engaged the courts on me, in order to silence my truthful criticism of him and his fraud online.  He lost in State court, and then he lost in federal court when I got our "cyberstalking" law struck down for violating the Constitution.  His supporters (including Sara McCulloch, Ali Perry, Shannon Evans, and Bonnie McBryan) met with the police and/or filed police reports against me for innocuous critical speech they assumed was from me and the BIPD told them I (or anonymous accounts they assumed were me) broke no laws.  Clarence Moriwaki also filed two additional police reports against me, including one where he said I broke into his apartment and left a cigarette butt as a message of intimidation, and another where he said I again broke into his home, while he was sleeping in the bedroom, and re-arranged his cheese slicer and other knick knacks.  Fingerprints tested all belonged to Mr. Moriwaki.  Mental illness and bald-faced lies are not limited to Missoula, Montana and mentally ill people have used the internet with great success in order to organize in their efforts to get free government money and push a fascist agenda and to punish those who object.  Key to fascism is silencing critical voices like mine, and labeling such voices "cyberstalking" appears to be the current fashion.  The report continues to say Mr. Bryant refused to provide his address to the officer and:

I asked Mr. Bryant some other questions, including whether he has access to firearms now, and he said he sold them all after being diagnosed with depression, out of concern for having suicidal thoughts.

The police officer then reports that it was a Missoula City Council member who found the video made by Brandon Bryant and says he referred to the prosecutor for charges or for involuntary commitment of Mr. Bryant.  This cuts against the false claim that I sent the video to somebody in Missoula.

The new motion to reduce bail also made the point that "Mr. Bryant’s political dissent has been made a part of the reason charges were brought by the prosecution" which is not surprising given that the charge necessitates there being a political component.  While the public defender brings up great free speech quotes, none of them apply if the undeniable threats made by Mr. Bryant are deemed (as I think they are) to be "true threats" which is a known exception to First Amendment protected speech.

I must add that while the Public Defender's inaccurate depictions of me, and their inaccurate presentation of facts admittedly bothers me, I am glad to see they are trying to make the best case they can to defend their client.  Our system absolutely depends on zealous advocacy to ensure the accused get the most robust defense they can.  In this case, that robust defense has for whatever reason decided it's useful to use me (which I think is a bad idea, because I'm not the guy you want to be compared to your client if you want him to look good, I promise).  Still, I appreciate the effort to give your client the best defense.  I just hope you don't lose sight of the mental illness issue here while doing so.

Feb 27th:

Brandon Bryant's legal team emailed this blogger yesterday (and called) and wanted to speak with me.  The investigator for their team's email was:

Major Rynearson,
My name is Mark Beck and I am an investigator for the Montana State Office of the Public Defender.  I would like to speak to you regarding Brandon Bryant.  Please call me at 406.523.5178.
Thank you!

Mark D. Beck, CLPE/CCSA
Criminal Defense Investigator
Montana State Office of the Public Defender
Region 2
610 Woody Street
Missoula, MT  59802
(406) 523-5178

I responded:

Mr. Beck,

Given the inaccuracies about me in your office's motion to dismiss, I request that you email me your written questions and I will consider whether to answer them or not.


Richard Rynearson

Mr. Beck wrote back on February 26th:

Thank you.  I will do that later this afternoon.

Yet I never did receive any questions or any other correspondence from Mr. Beck after that.

On 24 February, the Missoula City Council heard public comment from Brandon Bryant's friend, Matt Wardell, followed by comments from council members on the arrest of Bryant, including a powerful letter read aloud by Council Woman Heather Harp directed to Brandon.  Readers can view that video here.

In the video above, Brandon Bryant admits he is not a Staff Sergeant

Unfortunately, three Missoula City Council members who refer to themselves as "team liberty," released a well intentioned but tragic letter bolstering the myth of Brandon Bryant and falsely referring to him as Staff Sergeant.  Four of the twelve city council members have now called for Bryant's release.  For their letter and my response, please see here.  Fortunately the judge zeroed in on the most relevant issue here, the threat posed by Mr. Bryant's mental illness.  He also seems to have dispatched with the odd argument about the video and account (totally irrelevant for finding probable cause when the video is clearly made by the person talking to the camera, identifying himself, and making the threats).

The Missoulian reports:

"I will tell you that the court's chief concern is Mr. Bryant's danger to the community and the community safety … regardless of the where posted, how posted, who posted, I haven't heard Mr. Bryant deny that those statements may be his," Vannatta said during the hearing. "I am not asking to have detailed notes, I want diagnosis and recommendation. "And so, the keys to the jail are in Mr. Bryant's hands."

Brandon Bryant's motion to dismiss the case against him has a couple of interesting bits.  First, it states that "What the Affidavit fails to disclose is the devastating and misleading omission of fact associated with Mr. Bryant’s international celebrity and the conjecture without proof that Mr. Bryant created the YouTube account and video here at issue."

It goes on to argue that there wasn't enough information provided about the YouTube video, stating:

The affidavit goes on to quote extensively from the undated YouTube video, without ever articulating who actually posted the video, who created YouTube account associated with the video, the context of the video, the IP address associated with the video, or any other critical, identifying information that would provide fundamental assurance of the video’s accuracy.

This is interesting given the full unedited video is available here (and embedded below) and given that it clearly shows Brandon Bryant talking into a camera and even turning on the lights and stating "so you know that it's me" to prove that it's him making the video.  It is hard to imagine more prima facie evidence proving that Brandon Bryant made the video.  By the way, if a person makes a video as a diary for themselves, they don't live stream it.  They also don't make it public.  And they certainly don't turn the lights on so that "you" can see their identity.  As Mr. Bryant told police, he made the video because he wanted to gain attention concerning his frustration with the Missoula City Council.

Transcript of Mr. Bryant's full unedited video, "The Dragon of the Winter Moon" publicly uploaded to YouTube on or about 19 Dec 2019:

Well, [momentarily turns on light switch] so you know that it’s me…

Test, test.  Three days from now is the Solstice, been a long time coming.  There are many things in my life that I was previously ignorant to that I am now fully aware of. 

When I was younger and I would ask my grandfather some questions, he always asked, he always turned to me a very serious face, and he would say, ‘well what does your heart say, what does your heart say?’  And in my youth I got the instruction of heaven, and in my adult life heaven was bombarded and raided and left broken.  I don't think I could have given the world anything more pure than myself.  Everything was always about put your whole being into it, put your whole self into, sports, everything. 

And I seem to come across in my life more people who want to bring down instead of nurture and I'm witnessed now of those same disgusting, putrid, sacks of shit people, coming in and buying up my backyard and commercializing life to humans.  It's gross.  It's absolutely one of the most disgusting things I've ever experienced in my life.  The entire Missoula City Council has sold out Missoula to the highest bidder and what's gonna happen, if the people who wronged everyone don't step aside, and put their tails between their legs and run, because over the next year all those people who have wronged others, who have discriminated against others because of class, or race, or gender, or creed, or any of that, and forgot to see human beings in themselves, will be eliminated.

And I always wonder if they even knew what the heck they were creating when they created men like me and people like me.  The Japanese Samurai attribute the life of a man to the creation of a katana and should that sword not do its duty then it is discarded and forged anew.  And the essence of my spirit and my soul was pure and given over and over, purely, raised up and brought in a wonderful home. 

I could have been the highest of all beings, had they encouraged it.  But I only wanted to just be a teacher and a family man and to live in harmony with God's grace, not destroy it, not consume it, not belittle it.  Even this whole marijuana prohibition, the only reason that any of this stuff's illegal is because they can't make a profit off of it.  That's parasitical, that's gross, and every single person needs to look within themselves and stand up against it and I'm sick and tired of people like, ‘that's just the way that the world works.’  Fuck that shit!  That’s, that’s, that's stupid!  The way that the world works is in harmony, is in balance, the way that the world works is, is that you give and you take, not you just take take take take take take take take take!

It's like with Melissa.  Macieira.  My lost love.  I gave her everything, pure, spirit, devotion and she fucking dragged my soul across the coals after I had been fucking humiliated by my military service.  I am humiliated that I gave my life and my dedication to a group, an entity, of disgusting, filthy, pedophile murderers.  It's all you are and I, whether in this life or the next, I will dedicate myself to hunting you out and exterminating you.  Doesn't matter.  Doesn’t matter where I see you, doesn't matter at all, I'll be eliminating this wretched fucking filth from the human soul.

I am sick and tired of every day I wake up and I'm not even sure if I'm going to have food. I'm not sure if I'm going to have the house over my head. I'm not sure, after I murdered for these people who are making trillions and trillions and dollars off of this, they violated my fucking soul and the human spirit and then they come and they spit on us, they degrade us and they they gentrify the places where they steal us from, they uproot us from, they mold us and shape us and send you back and then you're just, you’re no longer yourself.  And I know that many veterans feel that but they don't understand it.  They don't understand that they gave themselves openly, willingly, to fight for what was right and good and just and the people that they did that for sacrificed them for material gain. 

And what they don't understand, the people who did this, is that there's something that underlies all of reality, and it upholds the essence of all things.  It is the thing that is within me that got me through my whistle blowing, it was the thing that got me through the military, it was the thing that is before you today.  And I don't think it's a thing.  Some might attribute it to God.  I think that's ignorant.  It’s themselves and what myself is saying is that all you deserve to be eliminated and I will do it, and if you remove me from this life, I get to choose my next incarnation, and I will hunt you down so not even the stones will hide you.  The very atoms will sing out your presence to me and I will eliminate you from the fabric of reality and you will never see another life again.  That is my promise.

If you had been true to me you will escape the fire, but every single one of you who have wronged another human being and have made them more miserable, I wish you to feel everything that you have ever made another person have to suffer through. I don't wish death upon anyone.  Death will come to everyone. I wish you a very long life and I wish you to experience it in all its excruciatingly finite detail because it will be the very last one that you will ever get in this universe or the next. 

This is what I'm preparing my soul to do on this Solstice.  You have taken everything from me.  You have taken my son from me.  You have taken my dignity.  You have wrecked my community, you have wrecked my family, and I will stand as myself, before all of creation, and you will move, and you will submit, and you will die.

I would expect the prosecution will contact YouTube and ask for the original video uploaded by Mr. Bryant to his YouTube channel on or about 19 Dec, 2019 that was originally titled "The Dragon of the Winter Moon."  However, unsubstantiated claims online suggest Mr. Bryant removed that video from his channel at the request of the police, so one would think the police would have downloaded a copy of it before making that request.

I would then expect the prosecution will file a superseding indictment that points to the original video (that is exactly the same as this video) that would say that Brandon made those statements and posted them to the internet in a live streaming video format made available to the public, and side step the irrelevant issues of who owns what account.

The motion then goes on to give a long depiction to back up its claim that Mr. Bryant enjoys "international celebrity" although the relevancy is questionable to the charge at hand.  It does show, however, that Mr. Bryant posting a public and live streamed video is more likely to be viewed by others in his community given his stature.  Mr. Bryant makes it clear he is talking to third parties in his video, turning on the lights so "you" can know that it's him, saying that "you will submit and you will die" addressing his speech to the targets of his threats.  Along with Mr. Bryant's Patreon and other social media, it's apparent that the "celebrity" seeks to be heard by the public when he speaks in social or other media.  Celebrities typically enjoy a much bigger platform when they speak.  While Joe Schmoe can post something on YouTube and not be seen, a celebrity can change political outcomes with their social media, a fact well known and decried in America.  The facts here show that is exactly what happened.  Brandon made a video and his video was found by folks in small-town Missoula who were concerned about his statements.  That's a completely predictable outcome that Mr. Bryant most certainly had to know would occur.

The motion goes on to state:

Because of the backlash from members of the military, from some veterans’ groups, and from others, Mr. Bryant has had to engage the professional services of acclaimed First Amendment attorney, Jesselyn Radack, in order to protect his rights relative to his whistleblowing efforts.  Also, as a result of his status, Mr. Bryant has been the subject of what can only be described as cyberstalking by one individual, in particular - a man who has previously been accused of stalking others who have spoken out against politically charged people and programs - Rick Rynearson.

Leaving aside the fact that Jesselyn Radack's services to Brandon were Public Relations services rather than legal services, the motion then footnotes the above with a link to an article that shows the accusation of me being a cyberstalker failed in court where I, represented pro bono by the nation's top First Amendment attorney and supported by the ACLU with an amicus brief, knocked down our free speech denying "cyberstalking" law in federal court.

While it might prove useful to provide another "bad guy" to redirect court efforts, this is a strange move.  First, me speaking out about public figures is no different than any other activism or journalism.  Not liking the subject of my reporting (instead preferring speaking out against the Missoula Council, for example) doesn't change the fact that it's strange to make a free speech case by labeling my own free speech as somehow nefarious cyberstalking. 

Second, when you link to an article that undercuts your assertion with a court opinion, that's probably not helpful.  Mr. Bryant is aware of the litigation I faced from a similar individual, Clarence Moriwaki, as he was in contact with members of the group on Bainbridge Island who similarly tried to silence my criticisms of them and he posted comments expressing his pleasure that I was facing this court action thrust upon me (before I won against the man who sued me to try to stop my online journalism).  What Bryant's motion fails to mention is that both state and federals courts ruled that I did not cyberstalk anybody.  It's therefore beyond strange that Bryant's "free speech" motion would label my speech "cyberstalking" despite state and federal courts ruling precisely the opposite, but perhaps Mr. Bryant's lawyers don't view judicial rulings as particularly persuasive or maybe they're just trying to please Mr. Bryant who stated publicly to a crowd "I don't even believe in the rule of law, to be honest... and so I feel like if somebody's going to punish me it's...not gonna be some bullshit official who has no idea what's going on other than some rules that are made up to keep people in line."

There is an important distinction between my free speech and the speech of Mr. Bryant.  I'm not talking about the fact that Mr. Bryant has several times told me to kill myself, which is protected speech.  I'm not even talking about his several instances of defaming me by making false claims (for example, that I sent Marines to do him physical harm which resulted in them killing one of their buddies in a house fire for standing up for Bryant).  Even though that defamatory speech is unprotected, the speech of real concern is Brandon's claims that he will kill me and others.  That unprotected speech from Mr. Bryant, as opposed to my truthful critical speech that he simply doesn't like, is a key difference in a court of law (even if not in the mind of Mr. Bryant).

Mr. Bryant's speech, if deemed true threats, is not protected by the First Amendment while my citizen journalism that Mr. Bryant simply doesn't like because it criticizes him to the public, or blows the whistle on a fraud whistle blower, is protected by the First Amendment despite him inaccurately labeling it "cyberstalking."

Finally, while not relevant, it is an interesting decision to tout Brandon Bryant as a "whistle blower" (which he wasn't) and offer up me as the decoy, given that unlike Brandon Bryant I actually did refuse an unlawful order and mission while in the drone program.  In fact, unlike Brandon Bryant who never refused missions that he admitted he knew were unlawful (labeling himself an "enemy of the American people" as a result) and who did not publicly lament his role and claim guilt until well after he admits to trying to advance in the program and being denied and later separating, I actually resigned my commission just five years short of retirement rather than fly an unlawful mission.  While Mr. Bryant will try to impress the court with his fraudulent "whistle blowing," I'm probably not the best foil for his offered myth in a court of law where facts will come out rather than simply be invented by media hacks like Ms. Radack and her ilk on social media.

The motion continues:

Instead, the statements made by Mr. Bryant about being the subject of cyberstalking activity were not investigated and are included in the Affidavit without appropriate context. There was no information or investigation relative to the creation of the YouTube account. There was absolutely no mention in the affidavit of Mr. Bryant’s international celebrity, which would have given important context and credence to his statements about the cyberstalking activities of Mr. Rynearson, who is also the suspected creator of the offending YouTube video and owner of the offending YouTube account.

Investigating me because Brandon repeats the failures of others when he labels my accurate speech he doesn't like "cyberstalking" isn't likely to bear fruit in his case.  Mentioning Bryant's "international celebrity" undercuts that claim even further, and hurts his case given that celebrities are known to have a bully pulpit in social media.  Most importantly, my YouTube channel isn't the "offending YouTube account" by simply sharing Mr. Bryant's video and trying to direct attention to the serious threat Mr. Bryant poses to multiple individuals and to his community.  Likewise, NBC Montana and KPAX are not the offending accounts because they also shared Brandon Bryant's video to inform others.  This claim from Mr. Bryant's motion is a non-starter.  He is responsible for his speech in the video he made and that he uploaded to YouTube.

This is going to be a fascinating free speech case to watch.  But more important than the legal issues is getting Brandon Bryant the mental help he undeniably needs before he hurts himself or others.

Unfortunately, Jesselyn Radack's fraud "whistle blowers" like Cian Westmoreland and Lisa Ling are spreading nonsense in support of their fraud comrade.  For example, Lisa Ling is claiming that when I abridged Brandon Bryant's full video, I did so to remove words that would make it seem like Brandon was making threats.  Her claim about me removing words like "voting" or "elections" is unequivocally false as the full unedited video demonstrates.  Lisa Ling is a liar who knowingly fabricated her claim, and then passes along another false claim that I sent the video to somebody in Missoula.

It's important to realize that Brandon Bryant is backed by a media machine that has made a cottage industry out of lying about the drone program.  Sadly, Americans know little about the program due to secrecy, and so liar opportunists like those mentored and managed by Jesselyn Radack are free to lie to the American people almost with impunity and they enjoy access to multiple media channels that apparently are much more interested in the click-bait claims of liars like Lisa Ling and Brandon Bryant than they are about reporting truth.  With just a modicum of research those journalists would know they are providing frauds a platform to spread lies.  And so it goes.

Pictured from left to right: Jesselyn Radack, Cian Westmoreland, Brandon Bryant, and Lisa Ling

Brandon has also enjoyed local Missoula media resources from his friend Rembrandt Miller, who produces the "Outer Limits" radio show and website which routinely provides false information (recently about myself and Mr. Bryant) to its mostly collegiate readership in Missoula.  The false information regularly includes the false claim that Mr. Bryant has a military rank, that I edited videos to change their context, that I'm somehow a "cyberstalker" because I voice unpopular opinions to the public that some don't like (odd stance for a rag periodical to take), and most interestingly, the idea that veterans should not criticize or call out veterans.  In its most recent article, it writes:

What is particularly disturbing about both Kidston and Rynearson’s behavior is that they themselves are both veterans, betraying a fellow veteran who continues to struggle with the blood of our imperialist wars on his hands. This brand of social friendly fire is precisely why many potential whistleblowers remain silent despite acknowledging moral dilemmas and ethical quandaries related to the often questionable necessity of America’s continued military adventurism throughout the world.

Apparently Mr. Miller, the hold-government-accountable guy, thinks that former government employees should work together and establish a Thin Green Line.  Apparently his publication's view is that a veteran blogger expressing the opinion that Timothy McVeigh was a mentally ill threat, would be engaging in "friendly fire" for doing so.  Very strange stance to take from this fringe rag.  Yet the Outer Limits has a readership in Missoula.

Pictured from left to right: Brian West, Brandon Bryant, and Rembrandt Miller

Rembrandt Miller sits behind Brandon Bryant as he shows his "stick" to the council members

Brandon Bryant needs serious mental assistance, but his handlers would rather bolster their propaganda machine and continue to inflate the illusions in Mr. Bryant's head, rather than help him come to terms with reality so that he can begin to make a real life, rather than lament the loss of an imagined one.  It's a sickening display from Ms. Radack's fraudulent dog-and-pony show given the serious ramifications for a mentally ill kid.

In my view, Ms. Radack is the real villain as she has made a business model that relies on preying on mentally ill kids and shaking them down for propaganda click-bait sound-bites she can feed to her media friends, all the while pumping up the fantasies in their head, destroying their credibility, and leaving them to empty lives after she has gorged upon them and had her fill. 

When Brandon Bryant years ago invited me to meet Ms. Radack and others in NYC, I knew that fraud was afoot.  Of course, I did not accept his invitation to be a puppet in her menagerie.

Jesselyn Radack is interested in producing fraud propaganda at the expense of legitimate discussions about our national security and our rights.  After all these years, just yesterday, she finally blocked me on Twitter.

Ms. Radack has no interest in my blowing the whistle on her fraud and on her manipulation of poor souls.  And so it goes.

But back to Brandon Bryant rather than those who use him for their own ends (something he is aware of).  For those serious about fixing the issue, we need to recognize the serious mental health issue.  Brandon has talked more about suicide than any person I know, it's frequently a topic in his many media discussions and I took a look at it in God, Death, and Kids.  People who are serious about preventing tragedy in the future need to consider the past.  This is not an easy issue.  But it is an issue that we as a society have dealt with before.  It's going to take real work.  This blogger would be happy to contribute financially to a real solution, something with teeth, something serious, not a Kumbaya exercise.