"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Same Drama, Different Time, and We Ran Out of It


Leaving aside Gearpig's continual error of attributing my identity to numerous individuals who are not me, he makes a good point.

Same drama, different time.

When I was slapping down that fascist Rainman over on the Digital Clown Show after being invited to that forum by a Gunship guy I would later attend staff meetings with, I was doing so primarily to sound the alarm about unlawful orders and the importance of our Constitution which this blog had documented.  My main thrust was an attempt to get my peers to remember the importance of their oaths, the ordinary Americans who paid their generous paychecks, and to gird themselves for the trend I saw coming.

My tone was almost academic.  Then enter Rainman who began calling me a fringe nutter and claiming I would snap and murder my colleagues.  I mentioned proportionality and that my communication style would change if I continued to get such invective in response to my commentary.  When I responded in kind, the pitchforks came out and I was booted from the group.

Any mention of our Constitution or our oath of office became an insult and an automatic reference to PYB.  Our obligation to the Constitution was a joke on BaseOps.net.  Let's not forget that point.  Spoo, who I flew with and who is now a one-star, thought calling me "Constitutional Jesus" (as though that was a title worth snickering at) was an awesome descriptor for me.  Somehow risking oneself for the nation in order to defend the rights of the Americans who paid us was seen as laughable.

In the years since, people are starting to wise up to our rule of law and the importance of our rights.  But they're far too late.  But the valuing of our supreme law was not a given on the forum, so the drama was somewhat different.  But let's not quibble on that point.

While we may assume that the drama was the same, during a different time, what should also be noted is that we have run out of that time.  The same drama at the wrong time is too late so it's not really the same drama in context.  That being said, I appreciate Gearpig trying even though he's a trillion plus dollars short and a decade late.  The absolute overt fascism of the federal government today is something we could have prevented had more Americans, and especially public servants paid to care about such things, had the appropriate values.  They didn't and so here we are.

Murdering Americans without charge or trial (via the military sworn to support and defend the rights of Americans to not be killed without due process) should have been a bit of red flag.  Similarly, all three federal branches of government signing off on the bi-partisan law allowing the President to use the military to arrest Americans without charge or trial in America and imprison them indefinitely (as FDR did) should also have gotten military officers concerned.  But it didn't.  Nor did the spying and on and on.  Fascists who don the masks of neo-con "conservatives" and then change into their progressive Woke outfits have ensured that America has become an outright tyranny.  Nsplyr on the "left" and Pawnman on the "right" can disagree on irrelevant nonsense that makes it seem as though they differ, while they both shake hands and push extraordinarily fascist un-American viewpoints and for the censorship of criticism.

None of this matters anymore though.  The time for rescuing our nation by honoring our oaths and convincing others through uncensored discussion, argument, reasoning and evidence is long gone.  It has been gone on BaseOps for an eternity now.  And there is no 1776 option or Red Dawn solution.  Violence will not save our nation, it will simply accelerate its further decline.  But that decline is inevitable.  Our nation is over and done with.  The same "drama" from black and white history books, a different time, and while we can hope we have more time to enjoy a nation that no longer exists, the reality is that Moore's Law combined with the massive tyrannical moves of our government indicate it won't be long before dummies on BaseOps are denying reality with train whistles in the background.

I also remember being a young aviator with Rich and him giving me a business card for his forum.  It had some value.  It was easily corrupted and turned into an un-American propaganda outlet as has most of the Internet and almost all of our media.  The ACLU, CATO, the SPLC, Reason Magazine, most any outlet with any reach has been converted over the decades to shape the battlefield against America.

Our center of gravity was character.  It was exploited brilliantly.  America has been conquered from the inside, by those very people paid to defend her.

There is no coming back from it.  Time?  Enjoy what little time you can and, more importantly, remember the time you guaranteed for your children with your action or inaction.


It's interesting that you ask questions you know the answers to.  For some reason you wish to talk about me so many years after I've entered private life.  But since Jason "Pawnnan" Williams is in the thread and has a habit of missing the truth target as he drops his defamation bombs, I'll answer your questions for you.

Looking back at the thread, I missed this. So he won a legal case against the CMSgt for a Facebook ban? That's pretty funny. What ultimately happened to this guy? Did he make it to 20? I thought he either resigned or was booted from active duty over a drone issue. It's probably buried here somewhere, but didn't he post a vid of a sports car that he spent thousands on turning it into a James Bond anti-cop vehicle with electric shock door handles and a fog machine?

Yes, I successfully got the CMSAF to follow the First Amendment on social media.

Yes, I retired normally at twenty after my resignation wasn't accepted and after the Air Force ruled in my favor after I refused an unlawful order.

Yes, I owned a car that I used to showcase recording technology to others in the police accountability movement.  It was not an "anti-cop" car, it was a car meant to protect citizens from bad cops who break the law.  It was a sixty-thousand dollar car that I years ago gave away to a kid working in a gas station.

Still smarting after all these years.  Talk about staying power...