"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ryno's Retirement & the Decomissioning of the PYB Blog

Yesterday was my retirement ceremony.  It was a small gathering.  This was fitting both because of the location, where fewer special operations forces provide superior quality effects, and also because my service has never been conventional or popular.

It was a special occasion attended by special people.  I was honored to have the best commander I have known give the invocation, an outstanding NCO who understands the meaning of public service narrate the proceedings, and the small audience included people I look up to for their defense of this nation.  It was necessarily a small yet elite group of public servants.

It was officiated by my wife who started her career protecting me and my crew in a time of war as our intelligence officer, and who has continued to help keep me survivable against the many threat rings from domestic enemies as well.  We have gone to war together both figuratively and literally and there is no other officer more worthy to stand by my side as my career was concluded.

There is no reason to recite her comments or my own in this final blog post.  The posts here have done that for years.

This blog began years ago at the request of the Air Force inviting airmen to be its voice in the blogosphere.  As my service has now concluded, so also has this blog.

May God bless and restore the United States of America.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

Leaving the Dream - In 360 Video Virtual Reality


Final sortie of Rick "Ryno" Rynearson - founder of WantsCheck.Com and your humble blogger.

"Ryno 81" flight:

00:00 - Leisurely departs NAS Pensacola
05:54 - Enters Gator MOA
08:08 - Begins formation maneuvering
16:50 - Fighting Wing ET3
21:44 - Leaves MOA with style

26:00 - Requests permission of the Great Spirits to transit airspace

29:45 - Transit request granted, begins descent into Tallahassee through weather
40:52 - Pays respects to Detachment 145 and The Tribe
44:40 - Proceeds to initial for overhead and individual pattern work
52:55 - Rejoins for wing landing -- military aviation career complete

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ryno's Final Landing - Full Stop Where It All Started

Yesterday I finished my military aviation career, landing on the wing in Tallahassee, Florida where my flying career began at Detachment 145 at Florida State University.

A fitting way to finish twenty years of military aviation.  Thanks fellas of Ryno 81 flight for leading me back to the land of the Noles and clearing me off.

Great litho Hawks of the Night.  It's a keeper.  Especially that paragraph from Sea Bass.  Touching.

I really enjoyed my final solo flight, but this sortie was even better.  Out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Finally, Tony Carr Admits It! Splash One Fascist JQP Coward!

My work has paid off.  I can't illuminate a domestic enemy of America any more clearly than this fruit of years of farming.  Now there can't be even a modicum of credible doubt that Tony Carr is a fascist who has the utmost disdain for the Constitution and the rights of Americans, preferring unchecked government power that rules Americans as subjects rather than serving them as citizens.  Today it is made clear--Tony Carr is a domestic enemy of America.

Check out the comments section in Tony Carr's blog post here for the full discussion (before Tony edits or deletes it).  I cannot wait to see how he explains my "misinterpretation" of the words he finally admits he typed.  I'm no Harvard Law graduate, but damn if those words don't seem clear to me...

I'm guessing he will balk and come up with a reason to not explain my "misinterpretation."  That's what cowards do.  And Tony Carr is nothing if not a huge gaping coward politician.

ETA:  That didn't take long.  JQP = John Q. Predictable...

What a sissy.  Admits that he stated the viewpoint this blog has over the years taken him to task for and which he has until now refused to confirm or deny, having no courage of his conviction.  Finally admits that he said that a) there are no inviolate rights in our Constitution (ie all of our rights can be violated) and b) it's okay/good for government to violate our constitutional rights so long as it thinks it's doing so in accordance with the will of 51% or more majority of Americans, with no constitutional amendment needed.

But, he says, I misinterpreted his words.  Right.  And while he provides a defense of character for his fascist wingman who shares Tony's thin skin and hatred of America, he can't be bothered to explain what his Mussolini-esque words actually meant.  Hiding under the guise of "interpretation" without providing one, as white collar fascist pansies like him so often do, turning words into weapons.  But his attempt has been unmasked and his fascist America-hating core has been exposed.  He can't hide that fact now try as he may.  That pisses him off, but he can't do anything about it.  I have said for years now that Tony Carr is a fascist and a coward.  I have said he was unworthy of the military uniform he disgraced.  It is proven today and the defense of America rests.

ETA: As JQPredicted, Tony has begun stealth editing and deleting the conversation in his attempt at damage control.  Gotta manicure that message -- in his mind, it's less important what he said, and more important to make the conversation look a certain way.  Propaganda and politics.  Most certainly not the stuff of intellectual discussion.  To think he criticizes Public Affairs...

He added conversation after the fact to his post where he admits professing the fascist un-American viewpoint he's been called out on, and he's stealth edited it (see his edits in the link above with the original comments posted in the image at the top of this blog post).  His stealth edit tries to make it seem like he ended the exchange before being asked to explain my "misinterpretation" of his clear words.  Because it looks bad if he broke off the exchange as predicted when asked to explain what he meant by his words.  No, he had already decided to break off that discussion.  That's what he'd have readers believe.  He lies to them constantly.  They are simply sheep to be herded in his view.  He has no respect for them and certainly none for truth.

He's unsuccessfully trying to shore up his loser position now that he's kicking himself for not sticking to his years of avoiding talking about his fascist revelations (those who wish to run for office as he does know that isn't something you want on the record).  He's also since "decided" that posting his social media comments (which were not private) is a strike against me in his inevitable decision to ban me from commenting on his blog.  It has nothing to do with supporting the meme above and showing that Tony, a Harvard Law student at the time, didn't know that Thomas Jefferson didn't author the Constitution and, of course, it has nothing to do with Tony utterly failing to admit that he was wrong when he used his non-fact to insult me and was corrected.  Of course not!  It must be because his social media exchange was "private" even though it was not.  So here is that conversation reproduced:

Tony Carr:  You tout Jefferson as a hero ... I've done a lot of reading about the man, and he would have considered you unworthy of his effort for your inability to accomplish anything on civil terms.
August 31 at 10:49am · Like
Rick Rynearson: Jefferson had his high points, but he doesn't impress me much. If he were before me, I would leave him black and bruised and bloody.
August 31 at 10:51am · Like

Tony Carr: Without your endorsement, Jefferson is an empty historical suit. I'll be back, I'm gonna go burn all my Jefferson books because Rick doesn't like him.

(not sure if you realize it, but he wrote the document you claim to be defending).

(I take it back, I know you don't realize it. Carry on humiliating yourself.)
August 31 at 10:55am · Like

Rick Rynearson: Tony, you are such a lightweight. You don't know the BASICS of the Constitution, as you demonstrated about your blog post on declaring war, and now with your error about Jefferson writing the Constitution. You're thinking Declaration of Independence. You really need to close your sewer and do some study before you talk about America. Honestly.
August 31 at 10:56am · Like

Tony Carr: You're right, Rick. I am a such a loser. God, when you said that ... I just realized how much I hate myself without your approval.
August 31 at 11:00am · Like

Tony Carr: Just for the record, I am aware the Thomas Jefferson (and John Adams) were on diplomatic missions when our US Constitution was signed, and therefore were not present for its final validation. I'm also aware -- as I'm sure you are given your chair between God and the Big Electron in the center of the universe -- that Jefferson is credited by virtually every historian with having centrally and fundamentally influenced the text and the meaning of the US Constitution.

You've broken the spirit of that document here tonight, as you generally do when confronted by opinions that you find disagreeable and facts, theories, and logic you find inconvenient.

I really wish you wouldn't do that, because it just ruins an otherwise good time. It's quite possible you need to drink more rather than less. But thanks for the insults -- it's been real.
August 31 at 11:05am · Like
Rick Rynearson: Tony Carr: "(not sure if you realize it, but he wrote the document you claim to be defending)."

It takes character to admit when you're wrong. I understand, it's tough.
August 31 at 11:08am · Like

:  And now a day later he's deleted just about all the conversation there including his admission to his fascism and disdain for the Constitutional rights of Americans.  Goebbels couldn't do any better than Tony at peddling propaganda under the guise of patriotism.  But all he has done with his latest historical revisionism is demonstrate that it wasn't a matter of misinterpreting his clear words.  If it were that, he wouldn't have deleted his fascist confession.  But the internet has memory, so Tony fails.

Victory.  Sure, it's like clubbing a baby seal when debating Tony, but it's still a nice feeling.  It was a long digital furball, but splash one fascist politician.  This is the closest Tony Carr has ever gotten to actual combat.  He didn't fare very well.  The engraving on his Mort Monument is reproduced below:

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The United States Needs a Concentration Camp Board

Monday, July 4, 2016

Listen to the Explosions Tonight and Remember the Sound

Think about what your service is about.  Think about the serenity destroying sound of the fireworks and what they signify.  Public service isn't supposed to be easy and placid.  It's supposed to involve risk.  It does if you're doing it right.

Don't treat this Fourth of July like just another commercialized holiday.  Ponder.  Reach back and remember.  And BE the greatness of America.