"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Brandon Bryant Jailed and Charged with Threatening Mass Murder

Brandon Bryant has been arrested and charged with a felony for threatening mass murder and for specifically targeting the Missoula City Council.

Those who read this blog as well as my guest blog posts at This Ain't Hell are no doubt familiar with my many blog posts exposing Brandon Bryant as a mentally ill liar.  My motivation was simple.  He was lying about the drone program and about his part in it to the entire world with his appearances in and on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, GQ, The Young Turks, Democracy Now, RT, and many other media outlets.  I knew he was lying and had no credibility.  Further, I knew he was being used by foreign and domestic handlers to create propaganda for their own ends.  I knew that he was a threat through his mental illness and I was worried that the myth being fabricated by his domestic partisan and foreign media handlers would elevate him to a position to do real harm, not the least being the degradation of a much needed discussion of how to use drone warfare properly in accordance with the law to make America safer rather than more vulnerable.

When I retired from the military I stopped blogging about Bryant.  But I did keep tabs on him as I saw his mental illness and his threats of violence against myself and others escalate.  The unfortunate reality is that Bryant is so convinced of the mythical and fictional self identity and character created by himself, which he is predisposed to believe based on his intense love of fiction and comic books, and that has been powerfully reinforced by his handlers (Jesselyn Radack being chief among them), that he has no desire to live a normal life, with a normal job, and to normally exist in the world.  He believes he should be paid by the U.S. government and should be taken care of and he proclaims that jobs are mere slavery and explains that he is not one of those kinds of people who goes out and labors for money.  As a result, as time goes on, he lives the life that such a worldview naturally provides, a life of poverty.  Poverty leads to frustration and anger.  Combined with mental delusion and an intense victimology, it leads to threats.  Threats often lead to violence.  Every day Brandon exists is another day older, another day poorer, as the frustration of his reality not matching the myth in his head increases.

It is my belief that Brandon Bryant is a legitimate threat.  As time passes, as he makes more videos espousing his "truth" and "The Way" and foretelling messiahs and heroes rising up and "doing something" about the evil world we live in, he is more likely to decide he no longer wishes to live.  And in so doing, he will be increasingly tempted to make one final bid for attention that will drive people to finally watch his videos and to see his regular statements about killing himself and killing others.

Then comes the familiar "why didn't people see this coming?" question on mainstream media.

The reality is some did see the threat.  This blogger has made that threat clear over the years. 

In our Republic where people have rights and we cannot, nor should we, restrict their rights simply because some are in "fear" of others, speech is important for identifying threats to the community.  My citizen journalism has attempted to do just that, and to plea with lawyers, activists, and journalists to stop bolstering the myth in Brandon Bryant's head.  Here is the trilogy of documentaries from this blogger about the threat that Brandon Bryant poses, presented in reverse order from the most recent video to the earliest.

February 2020:

I demonstrated that Brandon Bryant's mental illness had increased post-military along with multiple threats of violence against multiple people (including this blogger) and frequent expressions of hope for the death of all humanity.

May 2016:

I took a much deeper look into Brandon Bryant's mental illness and made a personal plea to Jesselyn Radack who was instrumental in helping the mentally ill Brandon Bryant construct a false narrative and self identity.  I specifically warned Jesselyn Radack that she would be in part responsible for any tragedy that predictably unfolded and I sent her this documentary in 2016.

April 2016:

I demonstrated that Brandon Bryant is a perpetual liar, a professional victim, and hinted at his mental illness.

Brandon Bryant is not a singular figure in today's world.  The values of victimology increasingly taught in our society and a lack of value for truth held by many, have met with economic realities and mixed to create a great deal of anger and frustration in our world that is eagerly leveraged by partisan hacks and political machines.

There are thousands upon thousands of Brandon Bryants today and people need to start paying attention to the mental illness that passes off as normal and even fashionable in our current society and that is celebrated in Oscar-winning movies like Joker.

As to Brandon Bryant, I sincerely hope that he gets the professional mental help he requires before he achieves the ultimate attention he fantasizes about.  Jail will likely not be helpful for his development (despite Bryant's vocal desire to have government provide him food and shelter at taxpayer expense) and will only lead to further delusions of persecution that he will add to his myth.  Indeed, he wasted no time shoehorning his arrest into his fictional status as whistleblower while falsely claiming there were no charges.

There is a real free speech debate to be had regarding whether his threats amounted to constitutionally unprotected "true threats," and the question will require some deliberation in court.  It is my feeling that his speech does amount to true threats as a video is made to be viewed by others (as opposed to making private videos) and the internet is the ultimate public bulletin board.  Further, while my gut feeling is that Brandon did not make his threats with any real intent to carry them out (he is a mythomaniac in every sense of the term and my non-existent crystal ball seems to indicate it's still too early in his downward spiral for him to commit actual violence), that intention is not relevant to the legal determination of a "true threat" as I understand it.  That being said, it would appear that this is not a slam dunk legal issue one way or another and the court will have its work cut out for it.

I wish the best for litigators, judges, and jurors who will have to wrestle with this question.  I feel awful for Brandon's mother who made this heart wrenching video pleading for her son's freedom.  It's a sad situation all around and no mother should have to suffer like that.  For those who share my view that jail is not the proper solution for this complicated problem, Brandon's mother has set up a GoFundMe to try to raise the bail to release Brandon.  This blogger will not be donating (on advice of counsel) but hopes that others might consider doing so. We hope the system is strong enough in Missoula Montana to get Brandon Bryant the serious professional mental help he requires.  Legal questions aside, Brandon Bryant's mental illness and fantasies of violence are undeniable.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Guess Who's Back? An Update on Retired Life & a Man Named Clarence Moriwaki

This blog post was deleted without comment by Blogger.  As tech companies continue to censor and silence people we can guess why.  It would appear the mention of Alaska Airlines pilot, Dan Tarleton, who funded an unsuccessful attempt to violate the Constitution was somehow a state secret rather than a public fact supported by public documents.  No matter, we have moved our blog post to a place that values free speech and discussion and will ensure it gets replicated tenfold.  You can view that discussion here and we recommend folks abandon Blogger as it does not value free speech.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ryno's Retirement & the Decomissioning of the PYB Blog

Yesterday was my retirement ceremony.  It was a small gathering.  This was fitting both because of the location, where fewer special operations forces provide superior quality effects, and also because my service has never been conventional or popular.

It was a special occasion attended by special people.  I was honored to have the best commander I have known give the invocation, an outstanding NCO who understands the meaning of public service narrate the proceedings, and the small audience included people I look up to for their defense of this nation.  It was necessarily a small yet elite group of public servants.

It was officiated by my wife who started her career protecting me and my crew in a time of war as our intelligence officer, and who has continued to help keep me survivable against the many threat rings from domestic enemies as well.  We have gone to war together both figuratively and literally and there is no other officer more worthy to stand by my side as my career was concluded.

There is no reason to recite her comments or my own in this final blog post.  The posts here have done that for years.

This blog began years ago at the request of the Air Force inviting airmen to be its voice in the blogosphere.  As my service has now concluded, so also has this blog.

May God bless and restore the United States of America.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Exceptional Shadow Box For an Exceptional Career

Thanks to the anonymous AFCAF person for producing the quote that formed the central display in my shadow box.

Employer Feedback