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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Does the Air Force Reserve Want Americans to Die?

Air Force Reserve idiots in charge, Americans do not have the time to suffer your stupidity.  Unfuck yourself immediately!

Update:  Finally, some common sense from above, and hopefully there is no virus transmission from this weekend's Reserve drill weekend.  Info I'm getting from Reservists over this weekend is that people are not happy at all about having to show up.  And they shouldn't be happy about it.  Their leadership is risking the lives of their families with their inability to make obviously correct decisions.

Update:  The Navy has halted its Reservists from going to drill over the next two months.  The Air Force Reserve has mostly left it up to individual Wing Commanders, although those who live outside the local area or in another State from their unit are prohibited in going to drill weekends due to DoD guidance.

With the President of the United States addressing the nation about the obvious and serious threat of the coronavirus pandemic, the Air Force Reserve is still taking "weekend warriors" from communities across America and sending them for one weekend a month drill at bases like Beale AFB, in California.  This means that Reservist are leaving their hometowns across the nation, and flying through airports each month, to gather with others who also fly in from other areas of the country.

In case it's not clear where I'm headed with this... how incredibly fucking stupid!  Just exactly the kind of decision I would expect from the type of risk averse idiot who gets promoted in our Air Force.  These morons are going to kill Americans.

(Map from 12 March 2020 -- click the link to see how much worse it is now)
Click here for a world tracker of the virus from John Hopkins

and click here for a more granular tracker of individual cases and click here for testing data by State and click here for a list of symptoms

Now, maybe you're thinking the Reserve military has to show up because they have a critical war time mission.  Let me rid you of that fallacy.  If the Air Force Reserve were to vanish overnight, nobody would care except perhaps those who get a paycheck from that organization and those who manage the "pots of money" for that organization.  There is nothing our Air Force Reserve does that matters so much that Americans would even notice.  If that hurts your feelings, I don't care.  I'm not saying the AFR doesn't do good things, and there are some positions that are important, but most of them are not.

A message from Twitter

The reality is most of these non-essential weekend warriors show up to a base like Beale AFB and then they go through a litany of idiotic Computer Based Training (CBT) programs on their computers to get caught up on the never-ending list of CYA bullshit that is put on their plate, stuff like Information Assurance (IA) or Fire extinguisher training.  Of course, they do that after they spend a couple of hours fixing their own computers that usually don't work (assuming the network is up and some computer support person is available to help them).  Then, after they take care of all that computer nonsense, they might get to the real work.  Stuff like writing OPRs and EPRs on their computer, fabricating bullshit everyday stuff to look like world saving efforts on paper, working on yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and hourly Award Packages for people in Microsoft Word, updating spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents to track whatever stupid thing their commander has them tracking for whatever pet project, updating documents and checklists on their computer for the next "inspection" and, of course, answering phone calls.  Lots and lots of phone calls.  Then back to typing on the computer.

Now there are people on the flight line who do more than that and while their services might be mission essential, even they spend a great deal of their time as discussed above.  At any rate, I'm not talking about mission essential folks who are mostly staffed by full timers.

Many Reservists, if not most, spend their time on a computer all day, and on the phone.  So with Amazon and Microsoft and USAA and many other companies having people stay home and work remotely to avoid spreading the virus (and these people aren't even commuting from across the nation), and where even high schools have closed and figured out how to move to online education, why in hell isn't the Air Force Reserve having non-mission critical people work from home using a VPN and a cell phone?  When California has banned gatherings of more than 250 people, and the Air Force has even banned the public from attending boot camp graduations?  When the Air Force Academy has banned the public from visiting and the Air Force has cancelled airshows?  Is the Air Force Reserve part time warrior and full time stupid?  Why don't they make the obvious decision given their unique role to be a serious vector in this pandemic?

I'll tell you why.  Because their decision makers and the installation commanders are cowards who don't care about the well being of elderly and other Americans who will likely be exposed through their idiocy, and because they know their computer networks are shit, held together with band-aids for decades.  That's right, in 2020 with self driving cars, drones, new rockets, Artificial Intelligence, and iPhones that practically read your mind, your United States Air Force cannot get its computers to work reliably so that people can accomplish truly meaningless busy work remotely (and often not even locally).  This has been the case for years and it's no secret to anybody who serves.

Colonel Andy "Spoo" Clark, Wing Commander, Beale AFB

So, as a result, Reservists will leave an uninfected town in the USA, fly through Seattle Airport, and spend a weekend at a place like Beale AFB.  They will spend their time on a computer and on a phone, they will drive off base to a hotel, they will eat at public establishments and then they will get on another airplane and fly back through perhaps San Francisco to their home outside of California.  And they will do this for a weekend out of every month, and sometimes more, hopefully not getting the virus from an airport gate agent like this Alaska Airlines gate agent in San Francisco who tested positive or from the touchy feely un-American joke we call TSA like the agent who tested positive.  I know we're American so common sense isn't something we really do, but airports are absolutely dangerous as hell.  You probably can't think of a more dangerous place to be during a pandemic, unless it's an airport in Seattle or California.

Even active duty is already carrying the disease from the west coast into the interior of the nation:

An active-duty airman from Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma has presumptively tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Air Force said the airman is the first known to have contracted COVID-19.  Air Education and Training Command said Thursday that the airman contracted COVID-19 after returning from leave in the Seattle, Washington area earlier this month, and is now undergoing evaluation and treatment.

Hopefully Reservists will come home today and tomorrow from their meaningless drill weekend without carrying the coronavirus with them and won't have contracted it from California or Washington State or from getting it from some asshole who flies on an airline knowing he has the disease but not telling anybody.  But with at least one airline pilot infected with the disease and regularly flying into and out of the west coast, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of them will more than likely transmit the virus in the coming days or weeks to their families and hometowns, or perhaps they will bring the virus from their hometowns to Beale AFB and infect the whole unit.  Either way, while the Reservists will probably be okay, the people they will be around won't necessarily be and people will more than likely die as a result.  Some old folk's home somewhere, some person with a compromised immune system or some other ailment who had the misfortune of thanking them for their service.  But at least the dying can know that their sacrifice was worth it, because Airman Snuffy got his fire extinguisher computer training done in person as a result of the world's greatest Air Force being unable to figure out the basic computer networking that every other company in America has no issue with.

So you may be thinking this is just more apocalyptic fear mongering about the pandemic.  Fine.  Perhaps everything will work out just beautifully as our basic human psychology wants us to believe and the ever increasing number of infections and deaths in the United States will just magically stop.  Ignore that prediction or any other prediction though, and focus.  This is a matter of Operational Risk Management.  Is the risk worth the reward?  The answer to that question is a resounding, FUCK NO!  Elderly Americans should not be put at risk because some Reservist had to fly to California to accomplish Suicide Awareness training on a computer when they could have done so remotely over an internet connection if only commanders knew how to properly manage resources.

For my part, I intend to write some letters, make some phone calls, and put in some FOIA requests, and do some research to ensure that the coming body count is laid squarely at the feet of the individual coward Air Force "leaders" who are responsible.  I want them put on notice.  And then when the obvious occurs, I want to ensure they get to add the death of Americans to their resume.  Then they can walk that resume over to Amazon or Microsoft but they will have to do it remotely for the time being.  Because those companies aren't led by absolute Big Blue Kool-Aid morons who think having went to Air War College makes them capable decision makers when the pressure on.  It obviously doesn't.

The DOD has halted all travel to "Level 3" virus locations (widespread ongoing transmission), but unfortunately the CDC's generous map of those locations doesn't include any locations inside the United States.  Now the CDC is saying that Iceland is a Level 3 risk and so no DoD personnel can travel to or from Iceland.  Iceland has 117 cases of coronavirus and has an area of 40,000 square miles.  Washington State has 373 confirmed cases and is 71,000 square miles (edit: a day later Washington State is now reporting more than 450 cases making non-essential Reservists doing weekend duty at McChord AFB incredibly insane, edit:  two days later the number is more than 500).  California has 179 confirmed cases (edit: two days later, that number is more than 300) although it's much larger at 164,000 square miles.

Washington State is clearly "Level 3" and worse than Iceland even though the CDC map hasn't labeled it as such.  Yet the Air Force Reserve, given the authority to make the right call as have local installation commanders, is still chugging right along as though everything is normal, full steam ahead through the train tunnel with the big bright light shining at the other end.  "But somebody above me didn't make the call and I'm scared to do it myself because I'm a real leader, mission first, people always!"

Meanwhile, President Trump is reportedly considering travel bans to California and Washington State.

Lt. Gen. Richard W. Scobee, Commander, Air Force Reserve

If history is any indicator, the kind of yes-men absolute idiots we promote will make the right decision but not until it's too late.  That's also known as making the wrong decision, especially when it's so easy to forecast the future state of affairs.  In the meantime, Reservists will show up to drill weekends not wanting to risk their jobs, too scared to say no to idiot bosses who can't see the obvious and only correct decision for mission and people right in front of their faces, and will bring the virus back to their spouses and kids.  Leadership that can't provide working computer systems in the United States Air Force certainly can't be expected to make smart decisions by their people in order to safeguard their people or the mission, having spent too much time learning the vice of getting promoted.

The Air Force Reserve needs to put the weight of its critical operations on full timers and active duty and keep part timers from traveling to and from the unit.  Figure out how to use part timers to do work remotely.  And start getting rid of all the nonsense queep that you've been talking about getting rid of for the past decade because that stuff is only a drag at a time when things need to work efficiently.

Reservists who have an ounce of common sense, who understand that multiple world leaders are getting infected along with high profile actors and Senator staffers must understand that the worthless cunts we promote and put birds and stars on, lack the capability to protect you (and therefore your families and communities) during your valueless drill weekend.  And that's if they even care to keep you and your family and your community safe, which is questionable when they compare your well being or the mission against that highest of all values in their world, their own careers.  There isn't much time.  If you care about your family, your kids, and your parents and if you care about your local community, and your unit is in one of these Level 3 areas inside the United States, you may need to tell the Air Force Reserve to go fuck itself if they don't fix this issue right-now.  If Air Force leadership continues this incredibly insane path and doesn't over the next hours reverse itself, you need to tell your boss you're out and stay home.  If you continue to show up, you likely will make it through the sickness fine, but you will do so by costing hospital space for others and you will do so at the cost of spreading the disease to others who will not fare so well.  Are their lives worth that tiny paycheck?  Make a decision and raise your voices or your families and your neighbors will pay for it dearly.  There is precious little time to get it right.

This is a fucking pandemic.  Pretty darn good ain't gonna cut it.  The Air Force Reserve needs to unfuck itself yesterday.

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  1. I am retired but my son is flying in the same squadron that I retired from 12 years ago. In the last two weeks, he has been in three of the five countries that are of recent concern. S. Korea, Japan and Italy. Upon his return, he was refused Corona Virus testing at the base hospital and was told to self-quarantine for two weeks. Because he was on reserve orders and not active duty the reserves refuse to pay him. His civilian job won't cover hime because it was the Air Force that sent him on this mission. His ART counterparts are being paid during their quarantine while traditional reservists are not. WTF???