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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Space A the Latest Benefit to Be Taken Away From Military Retirees?

26 Apr 22 Update:  Space A Travel is back

Many military bases are now no longer requiring masks.  Civilian airlines don't require vaccines to fly, yet military space available travel is still shut down to military retirees regardless of vaccination status, recent negative testing, or natural immunity.

Perhaps this is simply the military moving slowly as usual.  There has been no update since the retirement benefit was suspended one year ago.  An article on Military.com from September of 2021 asked the question:

The world is reopening, travel to many countries is now possible, and civilian flights have resumed their routes. Many military families are now asking, "When will Space-Available (Space-A) travel reopen?" We posed this question to Air Mobility Command and here, we will share their response, plus help you prepare for the eventual resumption of this popular benefit. 

The article concludes that AMC has no idea when Space A benefits will resume.  But after all this time, and history, one wonders if this isn't yet another benefit being conveniently taken from military retirees.

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