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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Contacted Again by the Fiasco Podcast Folks

I have previously blogged about being contacted by the Fiasco folks here.  This morning I got another email from Leon Neyfakh.  The subject line was "Brandon Bryant" and the message read:

Dear Rick,

I hope you are well. Last week I interviewed a sensor operator named Brandon Bryant. I am wondering if you might agree to speak to me, off-the-record, about your experience with him. I just need to know how to assess some of the things he told me. 

I would be most grateful for your help. 
I responded:
What I will tell you about Brandon Bryant is that he is a mythomaniac and he is severely mentally ill.  So whatever claims he's making about me (and he has a habit of making false claims about me), if you simply require him to provide evidence for his claims that should prove helpful.  If he cannot, then they're false claims.  Sadly Bryant is adept at finding "journalists" who don't require evidence and who don't ask follow up questions.

You can feel free to share with me what claims he's made about me and I'll consider responding.

You might also want to check out: https://youtu.be/HDU9Icy_E9wk

And also: https://youtu.be/y8gO1jBykPY

I followed that up with this response:

While hopefully you won't sacrifice your podcast's credibility by including Brandon Bryant in it, here is another video you may find useful.  It'sf Bryant talking about me.  You might consider his claims in this video while evaluating whatever claims he has made about me now in case it's useful.  Cheers.


19 Feb 23 Update:

Leon followed up with another email stating:

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your response -- writing you back from my work email to keep things straight. 

Brandon actually didn't mention you by name in our interview. He did talk about someone he referred to as "the major," who he says informed him of the order to kill al-Awlaki. According to Brandon, the major said he believed the order was unconstitutional because the target was an American citizen.

This struck me as something you could provide context for. Having watched the video you sent, and the longer documentary you posted, I'm hoping to convince you to speak with me by phone or video chat. (You would be free to record the conversation even if you don't want me to use it in our podcast.)

My purpose here is to figure out, as best I can, how the killing of al-Awlaki happened, and to better understand the events that led up to it.


 I responded:

"He did talk about someone he referred to as "the major," who he says informed him of the order to kill al-Awlaki."

If Bryant was referring to me, then he made a false claim.

It's possible he is referring to some unidentified "flight operations supervisor" that he claims, in a TedX talk, told him that.  See 20:43 in this video: https://youtu.be/HDU9Icy_E9w?t=1243

I was not Bryant's "flight operations supervisor" and have never had a physical conversation with Bryant.

I suspect the story Bryant tells in his TedX talk is made up, but you could simply ask him to name the "flight operations supervisor" he was referring to if you want to track down the veracity of his claim.

You should have more than enough information to make it clear that Bryant is a serial liar who makes up claims, but if you choose to investigate his claims, simply require him to provide evidence for them.  Good luck.

 Leon responded:

Thanks Rick. Sounds like you're not the person he's talking about. 

Is there anything you'd be willing to tell me about your own experience being ordered to target an American citizen?

I responded:

As I stated previously, I am not interested in participating in your podcast but I wish you the best with your journalism.  It's an important discussion.

Leon responded:

Can I ask you why you don't want to participate? I accept your decision, I just want to understand it... 

I did not respond.  He then followed up with:

Haha, just saw your blog post. Hello to all your readers! If any of them want to help me, I'll await their outreach :)

If any of my two, possibly three on a busy day, readers want to assist with this story, Leon is easy to find on Twitter.


  1. You're such a coward.

    Brandon Bryant is a hero and you're a traitor.

    1. Leaving aside your Anonymous unsupported claim of my cowardice, it is fascinating to see you call a four-year airmen (who literally used American weapons of warfare against Americans in violation of the Constitution) a hero, while calling me a traitor for literally refusing to commit treason fifteen years into my career.

      But such mentally backward claims are common into today's Animal Farm world. Thanks for stopping by to share that insightful comment.

    2. Anonymous, do you still hold your opinion on Brandon Bryant after watching this video "Brandon Bryant on Hate & Rick Rynearson" by chance?


    3. Anonymous, you can also check that video out on YouTube if you don't use Rumble:


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Mr. Bryant, glad to see you use your real name after your latest "anonymous" comment wasn't published. To keep things less confusing, I've removed this comment but you can feel free to continue posting under your real name as you did a couple minutes after this comment.

      Still, I don't think it's a healthy thing for you to engage with me. I know it makes you feel somehow alive or relevant to try to discuss with me, but what you need is to seek actual professional mental assistance. We were not friends, I never "turned on you," we have never met, you are simply one of many frauds in the public arena lying to people and so I helped your audience understand that. That was many years ago though. I suggest you move on and try to find a healthy reality-based life. But as you are the topic of this particular thread, you may continue to comment under your real name. Try not to publish your defamatory commentary about me though as you have published elsewhere, or I will have to remove your ability to post here.

      Good luck to you.

  3. Hey bud,

    You proved to the world that you made everything up and you spent a lot of time stalking and harassing me, pushing it to the court of law, only to not have anything to back it up. I'm sorry that my "friend" took it upon himself to say things that you disagree with. I told him to look and not touch, but obviously could not. I don't blame him, he's his own free person, but that's not my intent.

    You have every right to say whatever it is that you want, but you must also take responsibility for being wrong. That's all I ask. If you apologized, I'd let you go because our interaction has proven to me that I am far above and beyond you in everything, so I don't need to do anything. You only bring yourself harm.

    Maybe we should talk and move on. I just think you're a coward and pitiful. I tried to be your friend and you turned on me. I tried to get you involved and all you did was harass my friends and family then made shit up that got struck down in the court of law.

    Keep my name from your mouth, and we will have no other issues, you can go your own way to pick on whomever you wish, knowing that I beat you without doing a thing. I win. Now go away.

    Again, I will talk with my former compatriot and tell everyone to leave you alone. I hope to never hear your fucking name ever again.

    Good bye forever,

    Brandon W. Bryant
    200th Dragon of the 3rSOS
    Staff Sergeant with an Honorable Discharge
    2015 Whistleblower of the Year

    1. I never took anything to the "court of law." Blogging about you is not a legal proceeding. I think you are referring to the people of Montana who took you to court for threatening to murder people. I don't live in Montana and had nothing to do with that legal proceeding. I realize your mental illness has led you to conflate all the various people you don't like together in any and all actions you don't like. Therefore you have claimed that the military industrial complex was behind the people of Montana charging you with threatening to murder folks, that somehow that proceeding was punishment for your faux whistle blowing.

      You need to seek serious mental help. I don't meant that to insult you, I mean it sincerely. Good luck to you.

  4. Anonymous, always good chatting with you. Good luck with your video games and don't forget to take out the trash before mom gets home. Cheers.