"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Photo of Pawnman Posting on BaseOps


In case it's not obvious, Pawnman is the nav in this photo who doesn't have a green head.

Monday, November 13, 2023

The United States of America - a Tyranny Beyond Measure


Imagine a huge apple orchard with a couple dozen people in it.  Millions of apples and only a few stomachs to feed.  The people in the orchard are fond of saying "no place on earth has as much freedom to eat apples as our orchard."

A few people in the group set up guard towers around the orchard with machine guns.  They say it's to protect the orchard.  They then mandate the population wear bio-metric devices that can temporarily paralyze their bodies if the devices sense that a person is about to fall out of a tree while collecting apples, and sending out an alert for others to rescue the individual.

Now a couple people in the group point out that this is a very dangerous development and cite historical examples of other orchard communities throughout history that have had a rough go from similar measures.  The others in the group, however, call these people "conspiracy theorists" and point out that everybody is going about their business eating as many apples as they want.  

"Just look around, it might not be perfect here but there is no place better!"

This simple little analogy pales in comparison to what has happened in the United States of America.  In our nation, the vast majority of our communications are surveilled, analyzed, and saved.  The weapons of warfare are far beyond machine guns with cheap drones, satellites, and other robotic devices obliterating any chance of an American population defending itself from a tyrannical government.  Appeals to the Second Amendment right to own AR-15s are even less useful than had the Incans demanded the Spaniards respect their right to own spears.

And now, the United States government has passed a law requiring private auto industries install technology in newly made vehicles that will allow the government to surveil a vehicle's location and movements so that it can detect if an individual is driving under the influence and then disable their vehicle.  One representative offered an amendment to strip this dystopian power from the bill, but it was defeated.  In a House of Representatives where the Republican party has the majority.  People must be safe from falling out of trees while picking apples!

Since September 11th, 2001 this nation has become an undeniable overt tyranny.  Absolutely undeniably.  No hyperbole.

Americans have been murdered without charge or trial by the federal government.  All Americans are spied on in their communications.  The government decides who can say what and when in their communications online.  The media is almost entirely owned (both "sides") and is the number one purveyor of falsehoods to the American people while protecting the dishonest in power.  Alternative media is also not immune to nefarious forces and if your journalism reports truthful things the tyrants want hidden, you might find the same fate as Julian Assange.  Every citizen is a journalist when they speak to an audience, and even if your comment is humorous and not particularly noteworthy, if it angers the wrong tyrant you may find yourself sentenced to a decade in a cage as Douglas Mackey recently discovered.  If you protest your government on public property you may be put in prison after a kangaroo court proceeding by a government that has labeled you an enemy of the state for your political views.  If you try to exercise your right to vote, you may find the government intelligence community launches an unprecedented lie campaign while a water main breaks in the middle of the night followed by a shocking last minute political victory, or you may not experience such if your candidate is arrested and taken off the ballot after a political prosecution.

If you refuse an injection into your body your government may require you to stay in your home; a mandate more easily enforced when your vehicle refuses to start.

An American citizen in the 1940s living in Manzanar, California could have stayed in the rustic barracks set up for them, played cards, and convinced themselves that they were free people doing as they pleased.  So long as they didn't look outside and see the guard towers and the machine guns pointed inward at them.

All these steps are purposeful and have nothing to do with safety while picking apples.  They are evidence that the end state will not simply be more status quo of politicians being liars and thieves that we are used to and which we delude ourselves won't affect us, but rather it will be a nightmare that cannot be measured by other examples from history because no other nation has ever had a population more surveilled and more easily controlled than the American populace of today.  Unable to defend itself even close to adequately against an increasingly militarized and technologically unstoppable government, unable to communicate with other citizens, and even unable to travel.  These steps are not being taken by the Devil we know for the Devil we know.

The shaping operations that are taking place in our nation today indicate the physical fall of the Unites States after those, paid off inside the castle walls, open the doors to the enemy outside which employs them.

The nightmare coming to our nation will be unprecedented, just as the steps taken to bring about our nation's destruction have been.  It is accelerating.  This is not something far off in the distance.  It's happening now.

God help us all.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Negative Their Negatory - There is No "Hate Speech" Exception to the First Amendment


The judiciary has been steadfast in knocking down this fascist talking point that somehow free speech is limited when dealing with "hate speech."  So called hate speech is, of course, any speech that somebody doesn't like.  Too bad, lump it, avert your eyes, people have a right to express views that you might idiotically label "hate speech" even though that makes you angry that you can't muzzle your neighbors you disagree with.

Perhaps before you run your yap online in the future, you'll do a little research into the topic.  That may have led you to a great many Supreme Court rulings that have all made clear that there is no "hate speech" exception to the First Amendment.  For example, Matal v. Tam might be worth a gander:

[The idea that the government may restrict] speech expressing ideas that offend … strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.”

As somebody who has taken an oath to support the Constitution, you might want to stop lying to denigrate the rights enshrined in it.  Technique only.

P.S.  The fact that you edited your post but still left in "ethnical standards" along with your false factual claims, might be reason for you to stop internetting.  You're not very good at it.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Sua Stupidity - No, Actually You Are Very Much Charged With Interpreting the Constitution


Standard-issue idiot thinks that his oath to support and defend the Constitution does not mean understanding and interpreting the Constitution.  Perhaps he is unaware of how language works and how one must interpret words in order to support and defend written words.

Of course this absolute mouth-breather is referring to the idiotic viewpoint that our Supreme Court interprets the Constitution for us.  That view requires one ignore Article Six of our Constitution which requires all officers of the United States, to include Supreme Court justices, take the same oath to support the Constitution (which would be a silly requirement if the Supreme Court justices were interpreting the Constitution for everybody and therefore writing the Constitution themselves with every opinion).

Even if this dingus thought that was how it works (he doesn't), certainly Sua Stupidity here doesn't get an order from his boss and then tell his boss to "standby one" while he hits up West Law in order to research case law to make sure that he's acting in accordance with the Supreme Court's case law.  He doesn't do that.

What he does, however, is spread anti-American unconstitutional horseshit on social media along with his comrades.

And in case anybody is keeping score, Sua and his un-American friends are winning.  Mightily.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Lt Col Jason P. Williams: Refusing to Violate 2A Good, Refusing to Violate 5A Bad

For unprincipled people like Lt Col Jason P. Williams, one chooses their opinions like selecting from a salad bar.  "What looks good today?  Oh, I had that yesterday, today I'll try..."

As he navigates what opinions are popular, he has apparently stumbled upon the opinion that it is a good thing that a government employed public servant has refused to carry out the orders of a sitting governor with respect to violating the Second Amendment.  That's a good thing.  Lt Col Williams chose his salad wisely this go around.

But it wasn't long ago when Williams was brow beating your humble blogger, also a government employed public servant, for refusing an order to assassinate an American citizen outside a war zone who was no imminent threat.  Apparently his salad doesn't include the 5th Amendment right not to have life taken without due process of law.

Government refusing to unlawfully take the liberty and property of American gun owners is good.  Government refusing to unlawfully take the lives of Americans is bad.  And since Lt Col Williams isn't a sheriff, but rather a B-1 weapons officer in the Air Force, he can sing the praises of a sheriff with spine, but he can't be bothered to question unlawful orders that might come down to him and he doesn't appreciate those who do question such orders.  They're almost as bad as those military folks who refused to get the shot that he would have punished were he a commander rather than a back seater former ROTC instructor.

Good to see he's now advocating for "lawyering" unlawful orders from higher authority and crediting such action with having a spine.  It only took twenty years of uniformed "service" to get there.  I look forward to his new found principled view changing next week though.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

FAA Scrubbing Pilots with Unreported VA Disability Conditions....

This recent comment from Danger41 in a thread about veteran pilots playing fast and loose with the VA disability system, makes me wonder if memory loss isn't one of those conditions the FAA is looking into.  Memory loss and bouts of pure stupidity are definitely a danger for one.  Sadly, when demonstrated by a "public servant" like this war hero, it's a danger for all.

Selective memory is popular these days and, like so many VA disability claims, is often the result of will more than it is actual disability.  For example, one might selectively forget how Dan Tarleton outed my identity.  They might then choose to forget how I responded in kind.  Proportionality is a tough concept to remember with all those diversity CBTs clogging your cranium though.

Fortunately I blogged about it.
  That was nearly a decade ago though.  Hard to remember for some.  But I've had several memory joggers through the years to assist my recollection.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Lieutenant Colonel Jason P. Williams Taps Out After Being Pwned Man


Lt Col Jason P. Williams (who ironically goes by Pawnman online) has tapped out of a discussion after being taken to task for his previous pro-mandate stance for military folks and for rabidly expressing his desire to punish those who refused the vaccine.  Strangely, despite being such a friend to Big Pharma, Williams does not seem to want to swallow his medicine.

More than a decade ago I tangled with Williams online over his vociferous support for the United States military being used to assassinate American citizens absent charge or trial.  It was then that I knew he had no respect for our Constitution or for our rule of law.

More recently, I discussed his ties to Antifa operatives.

Surprisingly, before he recently tapped out of the mandate discussion, the back seater made an appeal to "Integrity first, unless it's something I don't want to do..."  An odd statement for him to make given how he tried to convince his wife to lie to the military so that he could get more cats than allowed into base housing.  Meow.

Williams shows the wisdom of the quote attributed to Frederick Douglas, that it is easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men.  He demonstrates that no amount of debate, discussion, illumination or education can fix character flaw and the insecurity that leads to the thirst to subjugate others.

Conversation quoted for posterity:

And from the Wayback Machine...

Monday, August 14, 2023

I Have Lived a Charmed Life

My old man used to say that I lived a "charmed life."  He wasn't wrong.  In large part, perhaps almost completely in part, because of the great pains he and my mother took to provide for me and, a decade or so later, for my sister.  His long hours and sacrifices, work ethic and people skills that I lack, resulted in him climbing the rank ladder to the top and, along with my mother's long hours on her feet as a military base barber, meant that I wanted for nothing.  And that is the pinnacle of parenting, my entitled tendencies notwithstanding, as all of Nature demonstrates.

I grew up a rich kid.  Of course some kids at school wouldn't have thought so, not that I cared in the slightest or even detected that from any of them though.  I never thought that way and I still don't which makes me a bit of an oddity today as I can tell people sometimes look at me like a homeless person given my complete lack of concern for fashion.  As a kid, I got the Lee jeans and, from time to time but rarely, had to endure the shoes from a bin at K-mart or wherever with the plastic soles that had no traction whatsoever, but that was early on and hardly something to write back to my Appalachian relatives about.  Normally I got Kangaroos from K-Mart and to this day I think they were the shit.  A little pocket that I could put my key in?  Sign me up.  Went well with my Casio calculator watch that could store 50 phone numbers in it.  A watch, as it turns out, that I was still wearing as a Gunship pilot, years later, when I walked into an F-15C squadron at Tyndall AFB (I was there for a chamber ride) and the pilot at the front desk playing the part of greeter told me "nice watch."  To which I replied "if you had a watch like this you could take the number of pilots in your squadron and divide it by the number of enemy you've all killed in combat, except you'd get an error.  Because even this watch won't let you divide by zero."  Due to his career field, my old man loved Eagle Drivers.  I didn't.  But I digress.

Still, I wasn't immune from the propaganda and fashion especially as I hit high school.  I saved up for a pair of Nike Air Bo Jackson Cross Trainers from cutting lawns and my hardly-profitable (ie parent funded) paper routes, and I had an Ocean Pacific windbreaker that I could wear every day over any t-shirt.  I wasn't like my always poorly dressed (in the literal sense) classmate Lisa Udell who in sixth grade burst into tears during class because her father had just died and whose parents couldn't afford to buy her school lunch.  Rather, I was the kid who regularly convinced my mother to give me money for two school lunch tickets because one wasn't enough.  Some of which I gave to Lisa.  Many I greedily used to eat two school lunches.

I have no idea what happened to Lisa.  I've tried to find her and have failed.  I hope she is living a rich and rewarding life.  Whatever the case, I know her life was harder than mine because she didn't have a father very long and her parents couldn't provide the basics.  How would my life have ended up had I endured something similar?

I grew up a rich kid.  I never thought of it as status or ever cared about such things and, as a result, I have fortunately avoided the obsession of some of those I know who grew up poor to do anything for money and status.  I never felt poor because I wasn't.  My friends that I ran around with didn't have parents with the resources that I got to enjoy.  In fact, I think it's a safe bet that out of every other kid in the large trailer park that I grew up in, I got better Christmas presents than all of them.  I didn't have to worry about eating or if I got sick.  And while most of my friends didn't work or do chores and looked at me like I was an African child labor victim when I couldn't go play because I had to mow the lawn, they also didn't get lavished upon during the holidays.

My parents had their parenting faults as people who work two jobs while trying to scratch out a living in a hostile world do.  But Christmas definitely wasn't one of them.  I don't know how many iterations of Commodore 64 I had growing up but I do know that I had a 3.5" floppy drive for a C64 and I do know that programming that machine was as useful as it was addicting.  My parents spent a lot of money on computers and computer equipment for me in middle school and high school.  Other kids in the trailer park were not getting that.  And the time I spent learning BASIC and tinkering with machine language directly led to a great job I got in college, as a new sophomore no less, for the State of Florida as a computer programmer making way over minimum wage and getting to go to courses in other cities with paid for lodging and a rental car.  That went a long way in college.  What if my parents hadn't bought me that expensive equipment?  What if they just got me roller skates or a new Huffy bike like my neighbor friends might (if they were particularly lucky) expect?

So many forks in the road that can lead to incredibly different realities.  I remember so many forks.  And they're not all voluntary choices like some Choose-Your-Own Adventure.  Like the time in high school in Iceland when I was in Reykjavik ice-skating with some folks from school and my best friend at the time was hovering over me after I fell, and another buddy ran into him and made his skate go over my knee.  Cut me deep, blood everywhere, ambulance ride back to Keflavik only to be told they had to do surgery at the hospital in Reykjavik so they put me back in another ambulance.  I remember the bandage being changed and the blood spurting from my knee and hitting the roof of the ambulance.  Then I remember the operating table, doctors I couldn't understand dong their thing and my dad looking through the little port window in the door.  Pacing back and forth.  Then raising hell because the doctors were sewing up my knee without stopping the internal bleeding.  Then they undid their stitches and fixed the bleeding before giving me my lifelong Nike swoosh on my knee by going back to sewing up the outside.  What if my old man hadn't had the intelligence and situational awareness to monitor the actions of a trained doctor/surgeon?  I may have lost my leg or worse.  I may have never gotten to be a pilot.

I have lived an amazingly charmed life.  Mostly due to my parents.  And at so many points, my life could have changed for the worst and coming up on fifty years on this dirt ball, I realize I wouldn't have had the personal strength, competency, or character to right that ship by myself.  I am ever so fortunate to have sailed on waters not of my own creation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Same Drama, Different Time, and We Ran Out of It


Leaving aside Gearpig's continual error of attributing my identity to numerous individuals who are not me, he makes a good point.

Same drama, different time.

When I was slapping down that fascist Rainman over on the Digital Clown Show after being invited to that forum by a Gunship guy I would later attend staff meetings with, I was doing so primarily to sound the alarm about unlawful orders and the importance of our Constitution which this blog had documented.  My main thrust was an attempt to get my peers to remember the importance of their oaths, the ordinary Americans who paid their generous paychecks, and to gird themselves for the trend I saw coming.

My tone was almost academic.  Then enter Rainman who began calling me a fringe nutter and claiming I would snap and murder my colleagues.  I mentioned proportionality and that my communication style would change if I continued to get such invective in response to my commentary.  When I responded in kind, the pitchforks came out and I was booted from the group.

Any mention of our Constitution or our oath of office became an insult and an automatic reference to PYB.  Our obligation to the Constitution was a joke on BaseOps.net.  Let's not forget that point.  Spoo, who I flew with and who is now a one-star, thought calling me "Constitutional Jesus" (as though that was a title worth snickering at) was an awesome descriptor for me.  Somehow risking oneself for the nation in order to defend the rights of the Americans who paid us was seen as laughable.

In the years since, people are starting to wise up to our rule of law and the importance of our rights.  But they're far too late.  But the valuing of our supreme law was not a given on the forum, so the drama was somewhat different.  But let's not quibble on that point.

While we may assume that the drama was the same, during a different time, what should also be noted is that we have run out of that time.  The same drama at the wrong time is too late so it's not really the same drama in context.  That being said, I appreciate Gearpig trying even though he's a trillion plus dollars short and a decade late.  The absolute overt fascism of the federal government today is something we could have prevented had more Americans, and especially public servants paid to care about such things, had the appropriate values.  They didn't and so here we are.

Murdering Americans without charge or trial (via the military sworn to support and defend the rights of Americans to not be killed without due process) should have been a bit of red flag.  Similarly, all three federal branches of government signing off on the bi-partisan law allowing the President to use the military to arrest Americans without charge or trial in America and imprison them indefinitely (as FDR did) should also have gotten military officers concerned.  But it didn't.  Nor did the spying and on and on.  Fascists who don the masks of neo-con "conservatives" and then change into their progressive Woke outfits have ensured that America has become an outright tyranny.  Nsplyr on the "left" and Pawnman on the "right" can disagree on irrelevant nonsense that makes it seem as though they differ, while they both shake hands and push extraordinarily fascist un-American viewpoints and for the censorship of criticism.

None of this matters anymore though.  The time for rescuing our nation by honoring our oaths and convincing others through uncensored discussion, argument, reasoning and evidence is long gone.  It has been gone on BaseOps for an eternity now.  And there is no 1776 option or Red Dawn solution.  Violence will not save our nation, it will simply accelerate its further decline.  But that decline is inevitable.  Our nation is over and done with.  The same "drama" from black and white history books, a different time, and while we can hope we have more time to enjoy a nation that no longer exists, the reality is that Moore's Law combined with the massive tyrannical moves of our government indicate it won't be long before dummies on BaseOps are denying reality with train whistles in the background.

I also remember being a young aviator with Rich and him giving me a business card for his forum.  It had some value.  It was easily corrupted and turned into an un-American propaganda outlet as has most of the Internet and almost all of our media.  The ACLU, CATO, the SPLC, Reason Magazine, most any outlet with any reach has been converted over the decades to shape the battlefield against America.

Our center of gravity was character.  It was exploited brilliantly.  America has been conquered from the inside, by those very people paid to defend her.

There is no coming back from it.  Time?  Enjoy what little time you can and, more importantly, remember the time you guaranteed for your children with your action or inaction.


It's interesting that you ask questions you know the answers to.  For some reason you wish to talk about me so many years after I've entered private life.  But since Jason "Pawnnan" Williams is in the thread and has a habit of missing the truth target as he drops his defamation bombs, I'll answer your questions for you.

Looking back at the thread, I missed this. So he won a legal case against the CMSgt for a Facebook ban? That's pretty funny. What ultimately happened to this guy? Did he make it to 20? I thought he either resigned or was booted from active duty over a drone issue. It's probably buried here somewhere, but didn't he post a vid of a sports car that he spent thousands on turning it into a James Bond anti-cop vehicle with electric shock door handles and a fog machine?

Yes, I successfully got the CMSAF to follow the First Amendment on social media.

Yes, I retired normally at twenty after my resignation wasn't accepted and after the Air Force ruled in my favor after I refused an unlawful order.

Yes, I owned a car that I used to showcase recording technology to others in the police accountability movement.  It was not an "anti-cop" car, it was a car meant to protect citizens from bad cops who break the law.  It was a sixty-thousand dollar car that I years ago gave away to a kid working in a gas station.

Still smarting after all these years.  Talk about staying power...

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Claims From Wayne Phelps -- On Killing Remotely: The Psychology of Killing with Drones -- Should Not Be Trusted

I've previously blogged about how Wayne Phelps attempted to interview me for refusing to assassinate an American citizen without charge or trial and how I declined his interview.

I only recently came across this article from the Christian Science Monitor.  In this article, if the interview as published is to be believed, Phelps stated:

But this target was assigned to an Air Force drone squadron and they refused to carry it out. The leadership, and the people in the squadron, just flat out said, “We’re not going to kill an American citizen.” That takes a lot of moral courage.  Some people were fired as a result.

This is a very strange claim to say the least.  The leadership refused?  An entire squadron flat out refused?  People were fired?  Fired for what?  Refusing the mission?  If they were fired for refusing the mission, then how is it that leadership refused since leadership does the hiring and firing?

I would very strongly recommend people dismiss any claims by Phelps that come with "just trust me bro" rather than evidence.  It is my strong sense that Phelps does not write to illuminate the truth, but rather writes for a wholly different purpose.