"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Dan Crenshaw: The "Conservative" Obama

Thanks to the time I was deluded enough to believe Obama when he was on the campaign trail saying all the right things, attending events, giving him a max campaign contribution, attending his inauguration on a brisk DC morning only to see him do the opposite once he was in office, I now don't trust politicians when they tell me what I want to hear.  I guess you could say, thanks Obama.

So when Dan Crenshaw popped on the scene and started hitting up the airwaves and SNL and all the darling media and the Joe Rogan podcast, I listened skeptically.  And I got a bad feeling.  He said many of the right things and he had an eloquence.  Not as eloquent as Obama, but fairly close.  But one of the beauties of the long form Rogan podcast is he had enough time to make it clear that he didn't actually hold the values he professed.

So then when he came out in support of government confiscating firearms without due process, that was it for me.  I didn't even have to know he was part of the World Economic Forum to figure out he was a plant.  Despite his military pedigree which my two decades has taught me means absolutely nothing when it comes to caring about our nation, and despite him hailing from Texas which talks a big game but is little more than New York City in a cowboy hat.

People are beginning to wise up to the reality that the same forces own both political parties.  Our tightly controlled media propagandizes Americans like putting on a puppet show.  There is one puppet master with two different puppets on two different hands that seem to fight each other for the amusement of the children.

A better analogy is that of the Bullfighter.  We're the bull.  The Bullfighter shows us a red flag and we charge it and get a blade stuck in us.  We turn around to face again, now the other side of the flag shows us blue and we charge that only to get stuck again.  Rinse and repeat until we are exhausted and die, having never seen the Bullfighter, too blinded by alternating red and blue.

The Bullfighter today is getting its red flag ready, knowing we are exhausted and hurting from staring at the blue and its purposeful destruction of our nation.  Enter Dan Crenshaw and Adam Kinzinger and Lindsey Graham and most all the rest of them.  They stand ready to use words like "country" and "patriotism" and "constitution" to redirect our anger and energy.  But they are more of the same and counting on us to continue, like the dumb bull who never learns, to justify our bad decision making with arguments like the lesser of two evils.

And the Chinese Communist Party and the WEF folks are truly enjoying the show while America is quite literally bleeding out and dying.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Declining an Interview Request from NPR/KUOW's Noor Wazwaz


Earlier this year I got an interview request from Lt Col (ret) Wayne Phelps for the Fiasco podcast.  I politely declined.

I today got a similar interview request from Noor Wazwaz.  Her email read:

Hi Rick,

I hope this finds you well. My name is Noor Wazwaz, and I'm a journalist working on a podcast called Fiasco. It's a documentary-style series that looks at pivotal moments in American history and politics. Previous seasons have covered the 2000 US election, the Iran-Contra affair, and the AIDS crisis. Our season about the 2012 Benghazi attack was recently named one of the 50 Best Podcasts of 2021 by The Atlantic.

For an upcoming season, we are exploring different aspects of the war on terror through the story of Anwar al-Awlaki. We’ve been speaking with retired military officers about drones and their experiences in the military. As we’ve been researching, we came across this video of you talking to law students about an incident in which you were ordered to kill an American citizen and refused. It sounds like it was a difficult decision, and we’re wondering if you would be open to speaking to us about it, and why you decided to not follow that order. 

I’d be happy to tell you more about our project by phone, if you are open to it, and answer any questions you might have. 

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.




I responded:

Ms. Wazwaz,

Good luck with your project.  Unfortunately my experience with KUOW and Bill Radke in particular does not persuade me to discuss anything with KUOW journalists.  Mr Radke mischaracterized, mocked, and disparaged my successful litigation effort (backed by the ACLU no less, who filed an amicus brief in support) to get an anti-First Amendment law struck down in Washington State.  If you are interested in that experience this video might illuminate the bad taste I have in my mouth for the KUOW organization: https://youtu.be/3tXGg9Y4LhQ

Unfortunately I cannot discuss such a sensitive and important topic with an organization that employs subpar journalists like Bill Radke.  But I wish you luck with your podcast and hope you give the topic the effort and integrity it deserves.



Ms. Noor clarified:

Hi Rick,

Thank you for your response. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with KUOW. However, I believe there might be a misunderstanding! I do not work for KUOW. In fact, I never have. But I can understand your confusion. When I searched for my name on their site, an article I wrote from 2018 popped up. It appears that they picked it up after it was originally published by NPR. I hope that clarifies things! 

The company that produces the podcast Fiasco is called Prologue Projects. I’ve included the link so you can read about our staff and our work.

You can hear the first season of our show, on the 2000 election and the Bush v. Gore decision, at this link. I’m confident that, in listening to our work, you’ll hear that our aim is not to do “gotcha” journalism, but to allow our subjects to say what they really want to say. 

Finally, I’ll mention that our team goes through a very rigorous fact-checking process – not only to make sure that we got our facts right, but to ensure that we are telling a fair and nuanced story. 


I’m happy to answer any other questions.


Also, if interested, I’d also be happy to connect you with our host, Leon Neyfakh. 


Thanks again,



 And I responded:


Thank you for the clarification.  Good luck with your project. 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Fired Space Force Commander Highlights Push to Destroy Our Military

In my view, it is obvious that China's infiltration of our government has resulted in a purposeful destruction of our military capability.  The evidence for this goes well beyond the military.  Domestic enemies working for foreign enemies in much the same way as our government propped up puppet governments around the world.  Principled military officers are being systemically purged from our military ranks when they point out these actions inside the military.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Lt Col Jason (Pwnman) Williams Tries to Convince His Wife to Lie to the Air Force

Lt Col Jason P. Williams apparently deleted his Reddit comment (or perhaps it's back now) but either way I thought it was worth sharing here.  It's not everyday you see a former IG, fresh from teaching AFROTC cadets about the Core Values, admit he tried to convince his wife to lie to the Wright Patterson AFB housing office.  While he tries to convince his wife to let him lie to ensure the rules don't apply to him through deception, Lt Col Williams was incredibly gleeful that airmen would be kicked out of the Air Force for refusing to take the COVID vaccine.  For somebody of no character, rules are to be enforced upon others they don't agree with but do not apply to them.

At least his wife had some integrity.  

Anyway, here is the conversation shared for posterity.

 Here's a gem of a conversation from 2014 where Jason Williams advocated for assassinating American citizens without charge or trial.  Like his "rules are rules" stance, when the rule is "life, liberty, or property will not be taken without due process of law" that rule doesn't apply to him even if he swears before God to abide by it:

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Space A the Latest Benefit to Be Taken Away From Military Retirees?

26 Apr 22 Update:  Space A Travel is back

Many military bases are now no longer requiring masks.  Civilian airlines don't require vaccines to fly, yet military space available travel is still shut down to military retirees regardless of vaccination status, recent negative testing, or natural immunity.

Perhaps this is simply the military moving slowly as usual.  There has been no update since the retirement benefit was suspended one year ago.  An article on Military.com from September of 2021 asked the question:

The world is reopening, travel to many countries is now possible, and civilian flights have resumed their routes. Many military families are now asking, "When will Space-Available (Space-A) travel reopen?" We posed this question to Air Mobility Command and here, we will share their response, plus help you prepare for the eventual resumption of this popular benefit. 

The article concludes that AMC has no idea when Space A benefits will resume.  But after all this time, and history, one wonders if this isn't yet another benefit being conveniently taken from military retirees.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Fascist Bridge Between 'Left' and 'Right' in our Military


This blog has long pointed out the fascism from the navigator turned drone pilot who goes by the handle Nsplayr on the BaseOps forum.  He supports the government murdering American citizens without charge or trial and is a cheerleader for unchecked government power.  He is an excellent example of the fusion that occurred between the left and the neo-cons post 9/11 that is emblematic of the Democrat party today.  A party that has long since abandoned old fashioned liberal views like an appreciation for free speech, due process, etc and has replaced it with a selection from the Karl Rove hymnal.  Nsplayr brings with him much of the insanity from the left like the glass Trojan Horse known as critical race theory and equity, while sharing the rabid lust for state power against the American citizenry that so many on the right display.

His recent post above is a good example.  In it he spits out the propaganda narrative about all the bogeyman we are told to fear.  A bogeyman that includes the Proud Boys group that was led by a Hispanic man and does not advocate violence and which has been mercilessly demonized with lies from the usual liars.  We are to believe they are somehow the enemy and criminal and under the same umbrella as those terrorists GWB loved to talk about.  Nsplayr's propaganda similarly includes III Percenters which have also been so demonized along with anarchists.  What are the similarities between those groups?  It's not criminal activity, so what is it?

The answer is those groups all share the American belief that tyrannical, false, authority is not to be respected.  When those groups read the Declaration of Independence (yes, even Anarchists) they don't roll their eyes like Nsplayr does.  Whether it's King George, Adolf, Mussolini, or any other individual or group that demands obedience through the barrel of a gun, all three of those groups not only believe they have no duty to false authority, but they commit the cardinal sin of expressing that view.  Nsplayr does not appreciate people with those views, and them expressing it makes them the enemy and criminal in his fascist world view.

Of course Nsplayr sprinkles in some other groups to sound objective.  No shit revolutionary commies make the list.  You know, those people burning cities and federal buildings on the nightly news.  But only the no shit ones that actually commit crimes.  He does not include the run of the mill communist wearing a dumb t-shirt and expressing stupid ideas at the local coffee shop.  For communists, he limits their identity to the group based on actual criminal activity.  Like a sane person would do.  Except he does not extend this sanity to anarchists running a YouTube channel about self sufficiency and growing a garden, nor does he extend it to the other two groups to delineate their free speech rights which only end during no shit criminal activity.

He mops up his blurb by throwing in foreign and domestic terrorists and the drug cartels.  But the thrust of his propaganda is to lump in Americans, who recognize government has limits like our founding documents and our supreme law and system of government recognizes, with criminals and terrorists.  That was the import of his statement.  Boiled down, it's this.  If you're an American who believes American things, you're the enemy.  Keep that in mind as you witness his comrades destroying AFSOC, lowering standards based on ridiculous equity nonsense and as you watch the top General in our military make phone calls to China to assure them he will help thwart the President of the United States in any military action against China.  I'll express his mindset and operating values one more time for the people in the back.  If you're an American who believes American things, you're the enemy.

But "conservatives" like Adam Kinzinger and so many others in our military have nothing to worry about.  The key is being an American who believes American things.  If you just have conservative bumper stickers and are a proud Republican, you're fine.  For now anyway.

Nsplayr uses the neo-con language of force, violence, swagger, flags and uniforms, to build the bridge across the false political aisle with people who consider themselves conservatives.  He not only speaks their language, he shares their values, when it comes to adoration for government violence.  This bridge isn't all that strange.  Lefties value government laws and restrictions and mandates and intrusion, while sometimes (only when convenient) criticizing law enforcement that is tasked with executing those laws.  People on the right decry government laws and restrictions and mandates and intrusion, while they almost worship armed government agents tasked with executing those laws.  They are two sides of the same coin.

As I have been saying for years in military circles, there is only one party and we're not in it.  The real division is between those who value and respect the limitations placed upon government and the constitutional rights of Americans, and those who do not.  But it's the kind of division that is demonstrated when a small group is occupied by a larger group.  It's not even close to 50/50.  And those who do not value rights and limitations on government (ie Americans who do not believe American things) can justify their un-American mindsets with talking points from the left or the right, but those talking points are essentially all the same.  Two armed agent thugs arguing over which of two innocent Americans they should put in the ground and why doesn't make them substantially different.  They're still two armed thugs targeting an innocent American.

When an American realizes this reality, they see the problem in America is about twice as big as they thought it was, and twice as frightening.

A fun thought experiment.  If leftist fascists are successful at taking over our government levers of violence (as they were in Germany and Italy in the early to mid 1900s where mobs of crazies slowly went from street thugs to political thugs), what kind of view will they have regarding "conservatives" who don't bend the knee?  Perhaps ask the Americans currently politically imprisoned while yet awaiting trial for misdemeanors while they're falsely characterized with extraordinary lies in the state-owned corporate media.  They might be able to offer an opinion.  Crazy fascists historically are not kind to the members of their own groups, but they're far less kind to anybody who doesn't identify with them and profess allegiance to their crazy worldviews.  When "conservatives" realize they're essentially no different from those on the other side of the gun, however, it will make it much easier to kiss the ring.  Many in the military are already very practiced at exactly that, justifying it with political cliche.  It will be an easy walk across that false bridge.

Watching this nation devolve is like watching a black and white film in slow motion, already knowing the ending.  It couldn't be more obvious.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Declining an interview with Lt Col (ret) Wayne Phelps author of "On Killing Remotely"


This morning I was contacted by a drone pilot I used to "fly" with.  He asked me if I was interested in doing an interview with Wayne Phelps, author of On Killing Remotely: The Psychology of Killing with Drones.  I politely declined the request for interview but pointed my former comrade to public information about the time I refused a mission to assassinate an American citizen without charge or trial.

I then took to Google to find out more about the author and found the CSPAN video linked above.  I didn't find the discussion particularly interesting with the exception of a claim made by Phelps at 34:21 into the video where he states:

There are some instances, interviews I had, where people actually refused to strike specific targets whether it was because it was a U.S. citizen or...

It's puzzling that Mr. Phelps would indicate that he has interviewed drone pilot(s) who refused to assassinate an American citizen.  I am the only person I know of to refuse such a mission and it was a lonely bullet on my resume to say the least.  I was not interviewed by Phelps and have had no communication with him, so I am very curious about his claim.  I find it extremely hard to believe.


In the original blog post I indicated that at 34:21 Mr. Phelps had said he found that refusing to assassinate an American was likely to cause trauma and PTSD.  This was an error on my part and on second listen it appears he is suggesting that carrying out an unlawful order is likely to cause that mental disorder.  This blog post has been updated accordingly.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Australia: An Example of the Government They Deserve

As the saying goes, we get the government we deserve.  More accurately, we get the government that most of us deserve, or at least many of us   The rest of us just have to suck it up. When our neighbors don't value our rights and don't question corporate media lies then we can be sure any liberty we enjoy will be short lived.  We have seen this in America and of course we are seeing it in Australia.

About eight years ago I was doing a couple week assignment in Hawaii with the military for an exercise.  That exercise included a couple dozen members of the Australian Air Force.  I really enjoyed chatting with these fellas.  They flew a variety of aircraft from F-18s to C-130s and all had a great sense of humor.  Amidst beer and brats, or lulls during the exercise, I had an opportunity to chat with them at length about a variety of topics including racism in Australia and, of course, gun rights.

I was amazed how every single one of these members of the military of Australia were adamantly against the right of people to keep and bear arms.  Australia, of course, effectively banned firearm ownership in the late nineties.  I brought up the tendency of governments throughout history to abuse the citizenry and the unanimity of the response I got from these blokes was remarkable.  The response was something along the lines of "conspiracy theory" and "tin foil" and "you can trust government" and "that will never happen."  The endearing accent, delivering these incredibly naive talking points, was novel but the programmed responses were anything but and made clear that social media and corporate media were truly global.  I'd heard these same lemming responses from many Americans who also got their dose of "information" from the same propaganda outlets so they weren't noteworthy.  What was remarkable, however, was the sheer conformity of the group's responses.  All of these Aussies, to a man, were on the same page.

It was amazing, and creepy, how uniform and lock step these responses were from every single Australian military officer.  And while on an American base (famous for being bombed by the Japanese no-less) these Aussies were quick to laugh at the idea of Americans and their silly gun rights.  Pew pew pew, open laughter, and caricatures of "cowboys" and such, they didn't hide their contempt for America and the idea of people having the ability to defend themselves against a wayward government.  At least in the American military there would be a debate on the issue.  Not so with the Queen's Air Force.  They were all singing the same authoritarian tune.

Of course not all Aussies are so mindless and programmed.  Some are rational human beings who love liberty and are simply oppressed by their government comprised of people of low character.  I feel bad for rational Aussies who have to suffer through the government so many of their countrymen deserve.  Several of them can be found in the comment section of the video posted above.  It's sad to see and my heart goes out to them.

God save Aussies from the Queen.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Air Force Lt Col Jason P. Williams Getting His Due

I have previously blogged about Lt Col Jason P. Williams (a B-1 Weapon Systems Officer who now teaches AFROTC in Indiana), his fascist un-American professions, and his ties to Antifa operatives.  I have also blogged about similar views (from both the "left" and "right") that have been prevalent over the last decade plus on a military aviation forum frequented by military officers.

It's good to see others on that board are starting to finally sound off in response to these un-American views from others within the ranks.  It's too little, too late, and this made-in-China attitude infests our military institution from top to bottom, but it's good to finally see the lobbers of "tin foil" and "conspiracy theory" insults getting proper responses when they proudly proclaim unconstitutional and un-American viewpoints.

This conversation saved for posterity.


Perhaps if young Maj Jason P. Williams had gotten such a response when our military was assassinating American citizens, rather than the cheers of solidarity he instead received bolstering his support of this utterly treasonous use of our military, maybe just maybe his vector could have been adjusted properly.  Instead of bringing up the internment of American citizens under FDR now in 2021, perhaps military officers should have raised their voices back when our military was used to arrest American citizens in America indefinitely without due process via an unconstitutional law that was legalized by all three branches of the federal government in 2012?  

But instead there was silence because, unlike the king-like "vaccine" jab decrees, military officers were not themselves affected and their duty to the public wasn't enough to prompt them to speak out for their neighbors who would be affected.  More than mere silence, when I tried to bring up these very topics on that very board, I was booted as a crazy conspiracy theorist and for years caricatured, by those employing the exact same demonization techniques that Antifa has employed, by both those professing to be on the left and by those on the right.

Two sides of the same made-in-China coin.  One puppet master with a different puppet on each hand both made to dazzle an audience of children.  It's good that the audience is starting to wake up, but when that happens this late in the game it's far too late.

As history teaches, accepting rights being violated for others and not speaking out simply assures that overreach will continue until you find it on your own doorstep.  First they came for...

All of this was incredibly predictable.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Military Gives Lt Col Stuart Scheller a Likely Unlawful Gag Order & Arrests Him

According to Lt Col Scheller's Facebook page, he was given the following order:

“Effective immediately upon your receipt below, you are hereby ordered to refrain from posting any and all material, in any form without exception, to any social media.  In this context, the term 'social media' shall be construed very broadly to include any medium by which you may share information with groups of people.  It includes more traditional forms of social media (e.g., Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn) as well nontraditional methods one might use to circumvent established social media (e.g., mass emails, group text messages, electronic bulleting boards).  You are also prohibited from communicating through third parties or proxies.”

When the Lt Col continued to communicate on "social media" the military arrested him for violating the gag order according to sources such as Task & Purpose.

That gag order, ladies and gentleman, is likely an unlawful order that violates the First Amendment.  Of course it is certainly true that the courts give the military broad leeway to restrict speech and see the arena as separate from the civilian playing field.  That being said, the breadth of this gag order is so overwhelmingly broad that my guess is the courts would rule it was unlawful.  No social media at all?  On any topic?  No mass emails or text messages?  No coordinating in a family reunion thread?  No answering a hypothetical group text message from lawyers or doctors?  No group message from your child's teacher to you and your wife?  The breadth is staggering and clearly covers so much protected free speech that this order, in my view, would be unlikely to be held lawful in a court of law.

It is interesting that the order does not attempt to curb any specific speech or type of speech (for example, political speech or criticism of superiors) and that makes the order content neutral which would be a point for the order being lawful were this a non-military case, since the order didn't attempt to infringe on any particular viewpoint.  This actually plays against the military though.  The military typically is given more leeway to restrict viewpoints and content (as opposed to non-military First Amendment tests) but in this case the military chose not to tailor its order with any rational tailoring that demonstrates any kind of military necessity.  This increases the problem of the military's gag order being overly broad.

The military might argue the order was given due to military necessity and would need to in a court of law.  Perhaps they would argue the broad reach of Lt Col Scheller's criticisms was making military leadership look bad and causing dissension within the ranks.  Of course this argument comes at a time when many if not most Americans have a deservedly poor opinion of military leadership and the Biden Administration.  In the larger context of an embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan and news that the top military officer, General Mark Milley, literally committed treason by providing aid and comfort to China and overriding the military chain of command in the event the President sought to strike China (thereby making them an enemy by definition) it is difficult to lay the poor morale of service members at the feet of Lt Col Scheller and his social media.

It is a real sign of the times here in Made-In-China-America that our military has arrested a courageous military officer expressing truthful views out of fear he might endanger good order and discipline, when it has done nothing to General Mark Milley who contacted China and made plans to subvert the potential order of the Commander In Chief.  General Milley is asked by Senator Tom Cotton why he hasn't resigned, and Milley says to do so would be an act of political "defiance" and said that civilian control of the military was absolutely vital.  So says the same traitor general, who worked hand in hand with China to circumvent the President of the United States and our military apparatus, as some odd excuse for not resigning.

Our nation is inverted and its tools of violence are pointed inward at the American people.  Those tools of violence have "made in China" stamped on them.  And so it goes.

January 6th protestors locked up, Julian Assange locked up, Edward Snowden in exile, Kyle Rittenhouse facing charges and now this.  At some point we have to admit that America does not exist anymore.  It has been subverted from the inside by Chinese propaganda and money, made possible by plastic made-in-China Americans such as those found throughout our society and throughout our military.

According to Task & Purpose:

(...the Marine Corps confirmed that Scheller is accused of the following offenses under the UCMJ: Article 88: Contempt toward officials, Article 90: Willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer, Article 92: Failure to obey an order, and Article 133: Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.)

The reality of our situation has been evident and logically progressing for quite some time now.  That being said, Lt Col Scheller has my respect and gratitude for his sincere service to the few of us actual Americans who still live in this nation and I hope he can find solid legal counsel.  My thoughts are with him.  And with us all.