"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Monday, March 1, 2021

Military leaders working hard to demonize Americans as the enemy

In my twenty one years as an Air Force dependent I don't remember racism being a thing in the military.  I remember my old man taking us to social events with one of his bosses in the late 1970s or early 1980s, who happened to be a black man and a Captain.  I remember my mother worked on base at the Rod & Gun Club in Germany in the 1970s.  Her boss was a black man. 

I remember when I was five years old discovering that you could write the United States Air Force Academy and get a free catalog sent to you.  Every year when I would get it in the mail I would open the glossy publication up and the first page would be a translucent page with the High Flight poem printed on it.  You could make out the background behind it on the next page, which was always a black cadet with a falcon on his arm.

In college during my AFROTC years in the 1990s, I never spied any racism even though the program was comprised of students from Florida State University as well as the historically black Florida A&M university.  Off campus at my part time job as a computer programmer for the State of Florida, my boss was a black man.  One of my best friends in the ROTC program was an exceptional human being who excelled at everything he did from physical fitness to academics.  He was a black man who declined an appointment to the academy, went to pilot training, and became an evaluator pilot before taking a coveted job with a major air carrier.  I was a groomsman at his wedding and he returned the favor when I got married a decade later.

In my twenty years of service on active duty, I never saw racism.  The closest instance I remember was an officer in the RPA program using the term "Jew me down" during conversation.  I verbally counseled him on the spot.  The more than a dozen black aviators I knew and worked with all achieved rank equal to or greater than my own.  Several were commanders.  All were greatly respected with one exception, an individual who graduated from USAFA yet failed to promote to Major, was widely viewed as having a bad attitude and questionable judgment, and who was separated from service.  Perhaps not unsurprisingly, this individual has embraced the notion of systemic racism in the Air Force to explain the reasons for him not upgrading to aircraft commander in a weapons system and for not getting promoted.  When pressed, his evidence for systemic racism is of the "if you don't know, you just won't get it" and "of course you don't see it, you're white" variety.  The idea that my skin color makes me unable to comprehend the goings on around me doesn't register as racist to this individual because the accepted wisdom today, increasingly indoctrinated into our troops, is that judging the morality and capabilities of a person based on their skin color is not racist, so long as the person is white.

Yet today, after decades of affirmative action (which is legitimately racist), we are told that America is systemically racist and white supremacist, and so also is our military and our Air Force.  Of course "evidence" for such racism is thin to non-existent, often leveraging witch trial standards of evidence like the all important micro-aggression (the modern day version of evidence found in Salem, Massachusetts, near impossible to isolate or refute).  This isn't to say there aren't areas of concern that are worthy of investigation.  For example, black airmen being punished more harshly than white airmen for the same infractions in our military justice system is something worth investigating although difficult to fully understand and even harder to remedy.  Racial bias is one possible and perhaps probable explanation for the disparity but it's not at all clear.

Regardless, several years after a black President of the United States and long after the first black man graduated West Point and was commissioned an officer in the United States military in 1877, the narrative being pushed today and sadly ingested by members of our military (typically along political lines) is that white supremacy is a real concern.  Furthermore, actual racist ideologies from Woke priests and SJW pew sitters are being indoctrinated into our troops and into our nation at large.  Even the current AFSOC commander is doing his part to dish out this divisive rhetoric among our ranks at great expense to our military readiness.

The Digital Playpen administrator above (a retired O-6 I served with) demonstrates just one parallel between the new Woke religion and religions of old.  St Ignacius of Loyola said “What seems to me white, I will believe black if the hierarchical Church so defines.”  While the administrator admits he has never seen overt racism, he pronounces himself shocked and saddened at the stories presented (without evidence, of course) of our racist military.  Rather than ask Sua for evidence for his claims (for example, if it's hidden due to punitive response, then how do you know of it and what's an example of "full-flagged" racism?), instead the administrator above obediently opens his hymnal, professes his sorrow that we weren't better about racism as he had hoped we would be, and then takes his place on his pew.  It's a small step from here to asking father for forgiveness for alleged sins and paying penance.

It should be noted that the "normal" bell curve of views and ideologies does not exist in the military.  The military is a strong culture with its own ideology and value system (rapidly being displaced today) that results in members with certain ideologies self selecting to not join its ranks.  The hand full of white supremacists that exist in the United States (not to be confused with the faith based bogeyman of them existing everywhere including under your bed) are likely not eager to join an institution filled with diversity, where authority is based on rank rather than skin color, and where the culture and military legal system is quite inhospitable to their views.  This should be obvious.  The rash of provably fake "hate crimes" should also be an indicator that, perhaps, just perhaps, those who claim racism without evidence are just making shit up.  But that level of rational discussion gets in the way of the narrative and isn't helpful to "conservatives" with their fingers in the wind ever so eager to join the mob.  Perhaps Jussie Smollett needs a battle field commission as an O-6 to lead this mob.  On second thought, the current senior "leaders" are doing that already.

Beyond the divisive and actually-racist rhetoric and ideology being peddled by the servants of America's outsourced masters, our military leadership is also working hard to convince the rank and file that a large yet unknown portion of the American citizenry are the enemy.  Protestors at the Capitol (who deserve mild punishments for mild law breaking, such as appears to be the case with retired A-10 pilot Lt Col Larry Brock) are painted as insurrectionists and traitors despite that depiction being absurd.  Meanwhile, radical leftists with Marxist or anarchist leanings, who actually assaulted police officers while attacking a federal building, have been having their federal charges quietly dismissed in droves.  The propaganda machine is working full speed, however, to demonize groups of conservative Americans who broke glass and doors and took silly selfies by fabricating lies about the murder of police officers.  The political motivation behind these lies and McCarthyist exaggerations are not difficult to spot.

Now that Biden occupies the White House, the effort to demonize Americans who believe in limited government, individual rights, and federalism is on full display.  As Vice President, Joe Biden was part of an administration that used the military to murder Americans without charge or trial in violation of the Constitution and he was part of the administration that made it legal to repeat FDR's sin of using our military to arrest Americans in America without charge or trial and imprison them (a violation of the Constitution that was both condoned and exercised by Donald Trump).  Today as president, his administration oddly believes it has the right to lecture us on who is a traitor and an enemy to America.

The question people should be asking themselves is, why is the military seeking to introduce division into its ranks and why is it trying to convince troops that millions of Americans are the enemy?

The answer, I believe, is because its masters are instructing them to do so and I'm not talking about our politicians when I use the term "masters."  America has real foreign enemies.  And a nation can be conquered without a shot being fired.  All that is required is buying off those in power.  This tactic has always been employed throughout our Realpolitik human history.  It was true in Rome and it is most certainly the case today.  When a nation loses its soul and its values, its "leaders" are easily purchased by countries and entities who actively work for its demise.

China has a long memory and rich history and has been executing a brilliant soft power campaign against the United States for many decades.  While our politicians, like most Americans, focus on the immediate and on quick wins for election cycles, the Communist Party in China plays the long game with patience and skill.  As retired Air Force General Robert Spalding explains, China is easily the most existential threat that America faces and they have not been sleeping on the job.  Marxist ideology (inherently and characteristically divisive) has been funneled into our institutions while China increases its financial control over our universities, our businesses, our mainstream media, our entertainment companies, and our political leaders (including Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell).  One Chinese academic bragged about how they control power brokers inside America's inner circle.

We Americans may pride ourselves on our stealth aircraft, but the real credit belongs to a nation that wages a stealth war that its adversary doesn't even see.  Greater than a hidden payload in an F-22 are hidden instructions and orders that an adversary's troops carry out on its behalf.

America is not a white supremacist or sexist nation.  Rather, it is a nation that has lost its soul, its identity, and its principle and that has been defeated in the battle space of the mind through deposits of money and propaganda delivered through fiber cables.  A nation divided against itself cannot stand we were once told.  Now the author of that profession, President Abraham Lincoln, has himself fallen victim to useful idiot mobs carrying Marxist flags and their unthinking yet more "moderate" tribesman in our politically blinded nation.  Regardless of those who now seek to rename high schools named after Lincoln, the truth of his statement is evident.  

So also is the brilliance of a strategy to purchase an adversary's leadership, and divide its people and military with fabricated notions of systemic racism and white supremacy, all while fertilizing the minds of an enemy with your own Marxist ideology replete with divisiveness.  It's amazing to see just how hard our military leaders are working to destroy our military capability from the inside and it makes you wonder if some of their horrible personnel decisions over the years (pilot bonuses, RIFs, etc) aren't part of a larger agenda to purposefully hollow the force.

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