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"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
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- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Representative Adam Kinzinger is a fraud & the Digital Playpen can't get enough of him


A few years ago Air Force Major and KC-135 pilot turned Representative, Adam Kinzinger, posted in the BaseOps forum and he's been seeking the limelight ever since.  As the Bill Maher HBO clip embedded above demonstrates, he's really been making hay with his vote to impeach Donald Trump for exercising the First Amendment right to protest along with other Americans on January 6th.

I've never voted for Trump and I am no fan of his, but those who call his words at the Capitol "inciting violence" are the same dishonest individuals who lied about Trump praising white supremacists in Charlottesville.  Kinzinger takes this same tack in his video with Bill Maher, describing the protestors as "insurrectionists" and "pure evil" and claiming that somebody there said a police officer should be killed with his own gun.  Let's not forget the lie about Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick being murdered with a fire extinguisher, that was blared through the media as reason the protestors were evil insurrectionists, which turned out to be a complete lie.  As if media ever lies.

Kinzinger's desire to demonize conservative Americans while presenting himself as one isn't surprising, there is only one party playing two parts as if in a play to keep children distracted.  So also Kinzinger's willingness to use the fear generated by those like him (while hypocritically claiming we shouldn't be ruled by the fear he churns out as he describes ordinary Americans as insurrectionists and pure evil) to propel himself into greater power isn't surprising.  He has no principle and his only goal is power, so he will shift with the winds and the buzzwords toward that end.  Kinzinger has incredibly low character and demonstrated it from the earliest days of his run for office when he falsely referred to himself as a special operations pilot until he corrected that claim after some actual special operators challenged him.  Still, despite that correction, his Wikipedia page continues to make the false claim that he served in Air Force Special Operations Command.

Yet the easily dazzled participants of the BaseOps forum are impressed with Kinzinger and have a thread dedicated to him over there (which Kinzinger himself started).  One moderator sings the praises of Kinzinger because familiarity and "who you know" has apparently helped people "behind the scenes."  I guess behind the scenes "public service" is celebrated on the forum dedicated to military aviation that has a habit of censoring political views while actually providing a forum for some political hacks.  Non-partisanship be damned.  The children in the Digital Playpen are so awe struck that a mediocre pilot was able to become a less-than-mediocre congressman that they pay no attention to the fact that Kinzinger voted to cut military retirement to current military retirees, and they don't even notice that when Congress decided to reverse its cut to military retirements, Kinzinger was part of a minority that voted to keep the cut in place.  Given his public activity, I'm sure his "behind the scenes" actions were really inspiring and ever so "beneficial" to the troops...

Funny, the fact that Kinzinger took the minority position attempting to cut military benefits didn't keep Kinzinger from explaining that "nobody" was trying to take their military benefits from them.  Kinzinger's original post has since been deleted, but it was captured in the response from Pawnman above.  Yeah, might not want that glaring lie out there so good idea to delete it.

Shockingly (this is my shocked face), Kinzinger doesn't have any concern for the Second Amendment and advocated Trump's idiotic crusade to ban "bump stocks."   And Kinzinger thinks we need "better" background checks for exercising our "rights" (rights that government hacks like Kinzinger have to approve or deny on a case by case basis, of course, those kind of "rights") and he thinks that twenty year old Americans should not be allowed to own "assault rifles."  Of course by "assault rifle" he means a semi-auto rifle like your grandpa had.  For Adam Kinzinger you can be drafted into the military at 18 years of age, handed a rifle and forced to carry out Adam Kinzinger's wishes in a foreign land during an unconstitutional action such as those Kinzinger supports in places like Syria, but owning a rifle to defend yourself at home?  Well hold on there, Sparky, that's crazy insurrectionist pure evil talk!

And of course Kinzinger wants limits on the size of magazines and the ammunition they can hold, and he also wants stronger "red flag" laws (like those Trump supported when he stupidly said, "We're going to take the firearms first and then go to court").  Kinzinger published an article voicing his support for increased red flag laws, increase background checks, and banning "high capacity" magazines.  Of course Kinzinger supports disarming Americans.  He's the *new* version of conservative that is so popular over on Baseops, which is to say, a fascist without an ounce of actual conservatism.

It's no surprise that Kinzinger recently voted for a Democrat gun control bill with increased background checks; a bill that not all Democrats voted for, but the "conservative" Kinzinger sure did.

Kinzinger even explains that when it comes to a choice between Americans' right to privacy and our free market versus his military industrial complex donors, well, say goodbye to your Fourth Amendment right to privacy and your Fifth Amendment right to engage in a free market.  Kinzinger gotta get paid, yo!

Kinzinger's anti-Trump gambit and his nutter family member rebuke aside, there is plenty of good reason for him being recently censured by his local Republican party:

The committee also cited concerns that Kinzinger hadn't met with county Republicans in over six years, and said that many constituents "have been very direct that their support for the Republican Party is over if Congressman Kinzinger's behavior isn't addressed."

Kinzinger, who sports his flight suit on his Facebook account and never passes up the chance to play the military card, also doesn't support troop withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan.  He'd rather we stay there and waste more money to fund his military complex donors at the expense of our national security and the lives of our troops and their families.  And, of course, Kinzinger supports the unconstitutional military action in Syria which has not been authorized by Congress and is not authorized by the AUMF.  Likewise, just like Hillary Clinton, Kinzinger supported the unlawful actions in Libya by the Obama administration and wrote a letter to Obama urging him to take military action.  Libya violated the Constitution (along with common sense) for those who might not remember.  The Constitution is just a buzz word for Kinzinger as it is for his bros in the Digital Clownshow.

While Kinzinger was clowning around with the other clowns, he had no response for the most important input he got there.  He had no comment when it came to the law "legalizing" using our military to arrest American citizens in America without charge or trial and imprison them in military prison camps like FDR did.  I guess that wasn't as important to him as was eroding our Second Amendment and trying to cut military retirement.

Many of the BaseOps toddlers are even hoping Kinzinger becomes the "future" of the Republican party.  They apparently champion a classless low life who lusts for power, lacks any principle, and will say anything.  If conservative has anything to do with our rights and limited government and politicians being restrained by our laws, then Kinzinger is no conservative.  But in our age of safe spaces at the Air Force Academy and of unlimited genders, it shouldn't be surprising that idiots would clamor for Kinzinger to exert power over them and consider him the new made-in-China version of a conservative.  One thing is certain, he is definitely a good representative of the clowns on BaseOps who can't tell you *WHY* they support Kinzinger, because the only reason they support him is that he posts on BaseOps like they do.  He's able to get so called "liberals" and so called "conservatives" all united in their support for him, which should be a clue to the infants there but, of course, isn't.  Clowns enamored with the tiniest bit of access to power.  Nothing is quite so principled as supporting a politician because you know him.

As I have noted for some time now, there is no difference between the fake conservative fascist and the black bloc Antifa fascist.  One may have birds or stars on their shoulders and a military uniform, and the other may be in all black with blue hair and piercings, but while their shallow bumper stickers on their cars may differ, their principles are actually the same.  There is a reason why some BaseOps clowns literally joined with Antifa nut jobs and funded them so that they could all lose to me in my latest defense of the Constitution in court.  Fascists gonna fascist.  It makes no difference if the domestic enemy of our Constitution is some Democrat freak show or a fake conservative "patriot" like Kinzinger or his supporters.

Anyway, these kinds of childishly idiotic values are expected on a forum where Digital Playpen nannies like Toro (who has a fetish for disciplining children) routinely put Air Force service members into "time out" (before banning views they don't agree with like some Twitter Antifa employees on an authoritarian power trip) before recess and before handing out fruit cups.  Since American adults aren't allowed to post adult views, this watering hole continues to poison the minds of the children who don't have the benefit of intelligent debate.  It's such environments that produce confused views like that men are women, racism is anti-racism, and that Kinzinger is a conservative.  Kids will believe anything they're told.

USAFA may have a sign that says "bring me men" but over on BaseOps the sign reads "bring me children."  And Representative Adam Kinzinger shares that impulse to treat others as infants.  You could say he's "representative" of the folks on BaseOps.

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