"...do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

"For the good of the Air Force, for the good of the armed services and for the good of our country, I urge you to reject convention and careerism..."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

"You will need to challenge conventional wisdom and call things like you see them to subordinates and superiors alike."
- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Digital Playpen At It Again - BaseOps Clownery

Conspiracy theories are fashionable these days.  That's been true for some time over at BaseOps where the caricature of your humble blogger is on par with Mr. Robot.  I've been accused of hacking that website and of course on the regular some poor sap gets accused of being me behind the scenes.  At least this time they stumbled past that assertion on the way to making a bunch of other wrong assertions.  Progress I suppose.

Lt Col Jason P. Williams, a backseater who goes by Pawnman and teaches AFROTC in Indiana, has the unique ability to obsess over me, and yet still assert wrong facts about me like a champ.  He has a bright future ahead of him on CNN if this reddit thread of him taking the gold medal for wrong claims (along with his recent contributions at the Digital Clown Show like claiming a non-existent lawsuit was filed over refusing to assassinate an American) are any indicator.  Seriously, the guy has an incredible knack for being wrong any time he opens his man pleaser.  He takes absolutely no pride in accuracy; a solid trait for a backseater.


Responding to Pawnman risks being sucked into his tractor beam of wrongness which appears to have happened to Sua here.  Stupidity is infectious.  Given that my wife didn't go to Harvard Law, it's highly unlikely that I would have said that.  Actually, after thinking about it more, I've never made that statement.  Sua and Pawnman make a great team though.

If only I had a blog where such things were discussed.  And what does the acronym PYB stand for anyway?  If these dummies would take some measure of pride in knowing what they are talking about before making their authoritative claims, Hacker wouldn't have to step in and correct those dummies on their claims in the age of the internet and little square handheld things.  By the way, I retired at twenty years.  I applied for TERA and was told no.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised given that I tendered the resignation of my commission a year or so earlier and that wasn't accepted.  What can I say?  The Air Force just didn't want to lose me. 

For those interested (not you, Pawnman, you just keep making it up as you do), here is some video footage of my retirement ceremony where the order I refused, my resignation, and some of my other issues were discussed.  It has a healthy dose of covert audio recordings of O-6s and other shit-leadership and their lackeys and paints an accurate picture of the reality behind my "issues."  It's worth watching just to listen to one commander's reaction when I told him to his face he was "un-American."  Unfortunately I don't have the audio where I told now General "Pulse" Wills that he was un-American, but that was one of the highlights of my career, staring him down in his own office as I had done to that limp noodle General Jeffrey McDaniels at his commander's call.  Pulse thought calling me to his office in blues alongside my DO was going to result in him giving me an ass chewing, but that's not quite how that meeting went down.  As the DO and I left Pulse's office it was complete silence until the group building doors shut behind us and then the DO looked straight ahead and let out a "ho. ly.  shit!"

Providing feedback was one of my strong suits.

As a side note, one of the Eagle Drivers (now a retired O-5) who was part of the fighter pilot hate email chain that was shown in the video (hate generated when an ACSC essay I wrote was leaked to Pulse and throughout my chain of command and made some fighter pilots sad panda) watched the video and gave me some feedback on it years after his original digital jab.  Here's that original jab from back in the day.  Note, his identity is blacked out.  Also note that I turned down the fighter track in pilot training.  And finally note that I wasn't into women who dated Eagle Drivers because I prefer women who don't have a penis:

A decade later this same Eagle Driver gave me the following feedback on my retirement video:

Love the emphasis on breaking down the tribes of the Air Force (or any org that has focused on tactical silos over strategic goals). I just finished reading John Boyd’s book by Coram. Your ears must have been burning these past few weeks because I can’t tell you how much you remind me of Boyd’s depiction in that book (and I love the irony that it’s the seminal fighter pilot that you’re most like). Boyd broke down the war machine funding and cronyism that was occurring with defense spending, and it was sobering to see the bloat that the Pentagon permits and even encourages with their procurement systems. Boyd’s quote “you can either BE somebody or DO something. Not both” made me think of you too. There is a choice between conforming and achieving the next rank/title/accolade or planting the flag and defending a principle, often at the expense of our own professional progression. I loved being a fighter pilot, but any group is susceptible to believing their own hype or creating an echo chamber if left unchecked. Boyd would agree with me.

Of course I was no John Boyd and my similarity ends with a shared and actual sense of duty and the courage to execute that duty despite inconvenience to myself.  When it comes to talent, however, the "Mad Major" leaves me in the dust.  Boyd did far more for the Air Force and the nation than I did.  And yet even he was hated for it for many of the reasons this Eagle Driver details above.  Groupthink and echo chambers.  Groups like the Digital Playpen.  A culture of misplaced loyalty to the corporate machine and career ladder rather than to the nation.  A collection of unthinking and unprincipled people present a grave threat to an organization, especially when those qualities are rewarded, and reformer voices punished.  Right, Spoo? 

By the way, at the time I emailed every fighter pilot in the hate email chain individually when a buddy of mine sent it to me, and let them all know I was in the global if they had some thoughts to offer me.  I got no response from any of them.

I also emailed the clown who leaked the paper to my chain of command and throughout the Air Force (and who was later disciplined for it as the video shows) and who started the hate email chain and he graciously offered to meet me if he ever found himself in Del Rio.  When I informed him that I was actually just down the road on a six month TDY to the Pentagon and that I'd drive down to Langley to meet him he initially said yes.  Then he abruptly changed his mind.  He got too busy for an in person discussion of the topic all of a sudden.  It happens.

And here is some additional feedback on the retirement video from yet another now-retired O-5 fighter pilot:

So here is the video below for those interested in arming themselves with facts the next time they discuss my career.  Not you, Pawnman, it won't keep your attention.  For you I'd recommend this video instead.

Yes, I used the legal system zealously.  I sued a cop for violating the Fourth Amendment while on active duty and I also sued the Border Patrol for violating the Fourth Amendment while I was in the service.  Pawnman, you'll be happy to know all I got for the six figures I spent defending the Constitution in those two cases was this apology from a Congressman "on behalf of the federal government" and a great dissent by one of three appeals judges.  You likely aren't aware (not that it would keep you from making assertions) that shortly after I retired I also sued the State of Washington in federal court and got a state law struck down for violating the First Amendment.  After reading your stunning display of whining in an intense pity party on Baseops when you didn't make O-5 in the zone, you no doubt have trouble understanding my actions.  Don't trouble yourself too much over it.  A few of us use the legal tools we have to defend the Constitution because we took our oath of office and our jobs seriously while you were studiously immersed in the art of push lines and padlocked on promotion.  You see, in America we have things called laws.  And when those laws are broken, we have these things called courts.  It's an America thing but I don't want to get too advanced on you.

Pawnman, the photo above is my latest zealous defense of our Constitution being briefed to the wing at McChord AFB.  A buddy I used to fly with was surprised to see my name and snapped this pic and sent it to me.  I guess the JAG giving the briefing must not have gotten your memo that zealous legal defense of the Constitution is somehow a bad thing and felt my victory was important to share with others who had taken the oath to defend our Constitution.  Thanks to that victory, other Americans have used it to successfully fend off government that violates their rights.  In fact, my victory was listed in the Organization of American States' Annual Report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for 2019 as evidence of progress in America's fight for free speech (page 150 of the report). Defending the Constitution to preserve the liberty of our citizenry, you may have heard somewhere, is sorta our primary job in the military.  Well, if you think DoD instruction is at all authoritative over the military at any rate.  I think there may even be some words you may have mumbled to that effect before you conveniently forgot them in exchange for some knee pads.

That's the thing about SA.  You don't know when you've lost it.

Treason ordered by the president does come with some benefits for those who don't have the character to honor their oaths before God and taxpayer and who are willing to use our military equipment against the citizens of America.  I expect we'll see more of this in short order as the Vice President during that treasonous time is now occupying the oval office, helped to get there by John Brennan and Michael Hayden.

Nice strawman.  Treason has a definition in Article Three of the Constitution.  When people make war on the United States by using military weapons of war against citizens of the United States in violation of the Fifth Amendment and Article Three, Section Three of the Constitution, that's when they are traitors.  Or when they adhere to, or provide aid and comfort to, those enemies who do make war on the United States, which brings us to this particular clown...

Yes, you are proud of your advocacy for our government using weapons of war to assassinate American citizens who are no imminent threat and are outside war zones.  You revel in your dismissal of due process and the most basic precepts of American liberty.  You shouldn't be proud of your treasonous ideology especially given your current job as a drone "pilot" but given your lack of character and your belly crawling nature before power, well, it is what it is.  I'm sure your lack of character will be leveraged in the coming months or years and the American citizens will continue to pay the price for your lack of respect for this nation and our rule of law, and for our military's utter failure to gate keep its ranks from inferior people like you.

Speaking of inferior people like you, Pawnman gets it wrong as usual.  I never filed a lawsuit over refusing to assassinate an American citizen.  But more interesting than his gift for asserting false things he dreams up, is his assertion that it's "bitching" about "applying violence" when a person who has killed the enemy (more times than Pawnman has revised his own OPRs) then refuses to use those same weapons to kill an American citizen outside a war zone who isn't an imminent threat.  Kind of like "bitching" about rape or the trafficking of children, Pawnman, that kind of bitching?  It's telling how you don't see a line between lawful killing of the enemy, and unlawful killing of your own countrymen.  But given your inability to do or say anything correctly, you'd likely take out Americans even if you pickled while trying to take out the bad guys. 

Accuracy and getting it right just ain't your thing.

I retired after twenty years.  I was denied TERA.  Needs of the Air Force.  You should watch the video posted above where I gave testimony to Congress to discuss the events in Uvalde.  My actions were only notorious in the minds of those who have no respect for the most basic rights enshrined in our Constitution.  As Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Elrod wrote about my actions in Uvalde:

Firm assertion's of one's rights are far from "unorthodox" in a Republic that insists constitutional rights are worth insisting upon...

And the Air Force investigated me and looked at all my "issues" and all my reprimands and all my court cases while I was in the service, and found for me writing that:

...[Maj Rynearson] is fully aware of the U.S. Constitution and has openly challenged what he perceives to be a violation of either his own rights or the rights of other American citizens.

But those who don't care about our constitutional rights, or at least who prioritize their careers over our supreme law, are the majority in our Air Force.  They certainly are on BaseOps and across our nation.  And such unprofessional "public servants" aren't held to account or removed like the cancer they are, because those values are rewarded in our military and because the hard truth is that the average American also doesn't care about America.  It is what it is.

We have lost the stealth war most Americans still don't realize is being mopped up in our made-in-China America, where we have been defeated from the inside with help from the outside (and I'm not talking about Russia, comrades).  A war lost while most military officers cheered and participated in the destruction of our once great nation.

Character was the center of gravity it turns out.  Character (or the lack of it among our politicians, military officers, and citizens) has proven more important for our nation than our nuclear triad in the final analysis.  The writing has been on the wall for some time that we'd lose this one.

And so it goes.  But I've rambled on long enough and I know my many fans from BaseOps likely have to get ready for some Marxist training on the latest dozen of new genders and bathroom use or how our Air Force is racist and sexist and bad and such.  Those "domestic terrorists" we're hearing so much about, also known as American citizens with political views no longer acceptable to our outsourced ruling elite, are going to need your attention, or so you'll be told by military and political leadership.  But don't worry, long after World War II many Germans still denied what they had become and what they had done to their own people; your psychology bolstered by propaganda will keep you oblivious to what you're doing and what you're supporting.  This has been a long time coming and ever so predictably so.  So I'll leave you guys to it.

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