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- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Maxwell AFB, April 21, 2008

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- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Worthless Un-American Fascist Says Inflation Richly Rewards Those Who Save


The stupid of this navigator is just off the charts.  In his zest to (as always) defend the fascists in power fucking over the American citizenry, he goes beyond the ridiculous narrative repeated by all the government-owned propaganda outlets that repeat how great the economy is....by actually saying that...

Inflation...richly rewards those who save.

No, dipshit, it actually does precisely the opposite.  It's amazing that you are not absolutely crushed on that forum.  The fact that your blatantly fascist tripe has been so politely tolerated (and supported) for decades is a testament to what a propaganda site the Digital Clown Show is.

Choke yourself.

(Edited):  What a worthless paid propagandist phagit:

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