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- Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, United States Air Force Academy, March 4, 2011

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Muddled Anti-Drone Program Criticism

One of these guys looks familiar to me, although I can't say that I know any of these three.  I am glad to see that Brandon Bryant was not spreading his nonsense in this video.  That's an improvement.  Still, what use is this video?

First, let's please stop with the tired claims of people thinking RPA is a video game.  I seriously doubt anybody thinks it's a video game, so let's stop saying that.  It's a distraction and it's not useful even if it does make video game players perk up and want to listen to you.

Second, the claim in this video that using drones for the specific purpose of eliminating people is somehow "morally outrageous," is just stupid.  Drones are just tools.  And like any tool, they can be used morally or immorally.  And there are people who need them some killing.  That's just reality, and if you have a differing view then you are in no position to be discussing this topic regardless of your "veteran" status.

Having the technological option and capability to use such weapons, morally or otherwise, is a good thing for our national defense.  That's why I support the technology while I am also deeply worried about the character, integrity, and professionalism of those who leverage it.  To include the so-called "whistle blowers" making the rounds in media, especially foreign media, today.

How those tools are being used is a matter for public discussion, and if there is any good from this video above, it's in highlighting that discussion.  I think RPA and war in general is something the American people should certainly discuss and consider a thousand times more than they do currently, so I will give credit to these three insomuch as their offerings further that discussion.

But using these tools as directed, according to the video, weighs on your conscience and your soul and your heart?  Okay, guys, you joined the military knowing full well what you were getting into.  If you were asked to do something unlawful, you should have just said no.  If you didn't say no, then you lack character and as such, I can't trust anything you are trying to tell me now that your service has ended and you're getting mainstream air time and a tiny bit of fame.  Or perhaps you were asked to do something lawful that you thought was morally wrong?  Welcome to public service, where you serve a majority and not yourself.  You took the public's money, so you are expected to do the lawful bidding of that same public, whatever you might personally think, excuse me, feel...

So you drank yourself to sleep?  That's hardly limited to the drone community, or even to those who claim to have a suffering soul.  It's not even limited to the military although those in uniform likely have a higher rate of alcohol consumption.  At any rate, your choice to drink yourself to sleep is a choice you made.  Just like it was your choice to join the military and to not refuse to do things that you now claim weigh on your soul.

And really, three sensor operators make the bullshit claim (yeah, I said it) that they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from taking a very few shots from thousands of miles away?  I realize that in our politically correct, fraud-riden, touchy-feely reality, you're not supposed to ever question somebody claiming PTSD.  Well, I am questioning it.  I know killing and I know people who kill, and far more than the kids in this video.  They may not like something, and it may make them uncomfortable, and their lives might suck, but I suspect their claimed PTSD is not actually PTSD but rather is a convenient scapegoat for the mental problems and life choices they brought with them to the job.

And the technician, working on computer networks rather than pulling a trigger or firing a laser, also claims PTSD and claims to have nightmares?  Get out of here with that bullshit.  Soon the guy making box lunches for crews is going to claim PTSD in hopes of pity and a public payout.

I also found it interesting that the technician took a shot at the President for violating the Constitution, but offered no evidence of any violation.  This video is like an alphabet soup of disconnected and rambling buzz words.  Maybe that was poor editing on NBC's part.  Who knows.

There is a real discussion that needs to occur on this topic.  So far, however, I'm not impressed with the spokesmen who have taken center stage.  And the truth is, Americans don't give a shit about hearing it.  Still, that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be had.

So, grudgingly, I acknowledge that at least these three are out there having the discussion for better or for worse.

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  1. After watching the video, I was going to ask you for your thoughts about “killer drones” in warfare so I would have better perspective about what I watched... Then I read your article/response to the video, and got exactly what I was hoping for: a much better perspective. Thanks Rick!